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Friday, June 19

Latest Updates

American Red Cross: “Considerations for Aquatics Facilities and Lifeguarding”
On May 21, 2020 The American Red Cross released this document to provide guidance on the operation of aquatic facilities, education of lifeguards, lifeguarding rescues and resuscitation, and delivery of American Red Cross courses in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

ACHA Guidelines: Considerations for Reopening Institutions of Higher Education in the COVID-19 Era
On May 7, ACHA issued these guidelines to address the administrative, medical, mental health, health promotion/well-being, and campus-wide considerations in reopening college campuses as the COVID-19 pandemic abates. Campus recreation is specially called out among the “key campus areas.”

Campus Recreation Fiscal Impacts due to COVID-19

Survey Results: Campus Recreation Fiscal Impacts due to COVID-19
On April 15-17, NIRSA conducted a survey of campus recreation department leaders to ascertain the fiscal impacts caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Campus Recreation Response to Covid-19

Survey Results: Campus Recreation Response to Covid-19
On April 1-3, NIRSA conducted a survey of campus recreation department lead staff related to the disruption of higher education caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

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NIRSA Event Updates

  • 2020 Collegiate Marketing Institute is rescheduled.

  • 2020 NIRSA Intramural and Sport Club Institute is rescheduled.

  • 2020 NIRSA School for Mid‑Level Professionals is cancelled.

  • 2020 NIRSA Annual Conference in Phoenix, AZ is cancelled.
    Read the full announcement from the NIRSA Board of Directors.

  • 2020 USTA TOC National Tennis in Orlando, FL is cancelled.

  • 2020 NIRSA Basketball Tournament in Wichita, KS is cancelled.
NIRSA Reopening Considerations
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  • NIRSA Ideas in Motion: virtual peer-to-peer roundtables covering a broad selection of topics.

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