NIRSA Services Corporation
The entrepreneurial and economic development component of the association

The NIRSA Services Corporation is a wholly owned subsidiary of NIRSA created to develop, guide, and implement marketing opportunities through collegiate recreation

Entrepreneurial and economic development

The NIRSA Services Corporation Board of Directors provides the strategic direction that guides custom marketing opportunities for forward looking companies to tap into the passion and authenticity of the recreational participant in the relevant, targeted recreation center and outdoor venue.

These marketing opportunities serve nearly 7.7 million collegiate recreational participants and approximately 4,000 NIRSA professional members who manage the recreation center services in higher education. Collegiate recreation programs are positioned to be an attractive, effective platform for brand engagement.

The Importance of the Rec Center

All students are looking to better themselves through higher education. The recreational participant finds competition, fitness, and important leadership opportunities in recreational sports.

The collegiate recreation center is one of the most vibrant and valuable places on any modern campus; quality recreational programs and facilities positively affect student recruitment and retention. 660 higher education member institutions are served by the work of the NIRSA Services Corporation.

NSC Sponsored Programs

NIRSA Services Corporation strives to build long-lasting partnerships that can provide a direct benefit to the association while enhancing your membership value. One goal is to secure more relevant sponsors that support the NIRSA mission, enhance the student experience, and provide more resources for campus recreation departments. In 2016, the NSC Board signed a 7-year exclusive partnership with the marketing agency Riddle & Bloom (R&B) for on-campus activations. The goals of this partnership is to engage with brands that align with the higher education mission, add value to the student experience & provide significant resources to campus recreation departments.

The NSC strives to provide participating schools with the tools necessary to execute a successful program. All programs are focused on requiring less from you and more for you!

Make sure your brand is in front of campus recreation decision-makers.