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NIRSA Rec Day 2020

Join the world as we celebrate
NIRSA Recreational Sports & Fitness Day

Tuesday, February 22, 2022

Every year, on the day commemorating NIRSA’s founding — February 22, 1950 — we like to gather together with schools, companies, and associations across North America to celebrate campus recreation.

On this day we remember the vision set in motion by Dr. William Wasson and his esteemed colleagues at the first NIRSA Conference: To celebrate health, activity, competition, and inclusivity.

Will you join us in celebrating recreational sports and fitness?

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Rec Day is important to St. John’s University because it gives a chance to remind our entire campus community of all the amazing opportunities to be involved in sports and fitness that exist at our incredible institution!
Shaun Fean, St. John's University Campus Recreation
This is important to us because we want to highlight to students the different wellness opportunities they have on campus, while simultaneously building a stronger community amongst our students. We want to remind Toreros that they always have access to these great opportunities.
Matthew McIver, University of San Diego
Rec Day is our opportunity to show that fitness can be achieved an many different ways. Outdoor Recreation is a way to move/exercise without having to go to a gym or play competitive sports. We educate participants through experiential adventures.
Ed Baltes, Kennesaw State University
Rec Day is important to Princeton University Campus Recreation and our community because it reminds us to take pause – to acknowledge and celebrate all of the ways one can engage and invest in health and well-being. Recreation is for everyone – always, in all ways!
Sarah Shouvlin, Princeton University
National Rec Day is important to Cedar Crest College, so we can continue promote the health, awareness and participation of sport and recreation on our campus!
Kellina Yarrish, Cedar Crest College
Rec Day is important to my organization because we strive to provide students with an inclusive and fun environment daily. Rec Day gives us the opportunity to show our amazing facility by providing this event.
Jenna Volpe, University of West Georgia

Get Your Gear — in Your School’s Style

Order your school’s Rec Day gear. Once again we’ve partnered with Club Colors to help equip your Rec Day participants with this year’s design. Please download the order flyer and reach out directly to Club Colors.

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Official Logo Files

If you’re promoting Recreational Sports & Fitness Day on your campus, be sure to grab the latest logo files. The files come in a variety of formats, including vector for easy re-coloring.

NIRSA Rec Day Logos on Dropbox

Tip: Be sure to share your good works! Tag your Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram posts with the official hashtag, #RecDay2022

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have additional questions, please contact us.

National NIRSA Day began on February 22, 1999 during the 50th anniversary of NIRSA: Leaders in Collegiate Recreation (view the official proclamation).

This day soon evolved from a birthday celebration to something much larger: a day for all colleges and institutions across the United States to actualize the mission of our Association.

Now every February 22 is both a celebration of NIRSA’s history as well as a reflection on the values that keep us moving forward.

It’s not uncommon to hear universities refer to February 22 as either “NIRSA Day” or “Recreational Sports & Fitness Day” (Rec Day for short). No matter what you call it, the important thing is to celebrate it!

Anyone can participate! Most of our participants are universities and colleges within the United States and Canada.

However, even companies can join in the celebration by making time for their staff to learn the benefits of ongoing health and wellbeing.

You can purchase your promotional items for Rec Day 2022 soon. We’re still working out the details but will post here when ordering information is available!

Not at all. Most schools celebrate on or around February 22, but that’s not a hard rule. Other schools choose to celebrate on a day or two before/after February 22, depending on what’s convenient for their calendar.

We’ve even been delighted to learn of schools that celebrate an entire week!

National Recreation Day is important for us here at YSU to help students in their assistance by providing recreational programming to meet their diverse needs. We hope that this week will help provide a sense of belonging and sense of purpose to our students.
Youngstown State University
Rec Day, or RecWell Day as we call it, is a great way to showcase all of the different types of programming our department does. It not only increases students’ awareness but also opens their eyes to how we impact their well-being. It’s a day to show to everything we do.
UNC Greensboro
Rec Day has proven to be a fun and relaxing event for our participants and staff. It provides an opportunity to be active for those participants who may not otherwise make physical activity a priority and for other participants who enjoy displaying their competitive nature.
University of Tennessee Knoxville/RecSports Department
Rec Day is an opportunity to showcase all of the great programs and resources our department provides to the rest of the University and Community.
University of Maryland, Baltimore - URecFit

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