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Advancing campus recreation through focused and committed service

As a diverse organization with many areas of focus, NIRSA is led by a variety of volunteer commissions, committees, and work teams.

These rotating leadership groups are made up of NIRSA Members committed to exploring a particular issue or area of study relevant to the needs of our organization.

NIRSA Commissions

NIRSA Commissions are specially appointed volunteer leadership groups that are formed to assist and guide the work of the NIRSA Board.

Commissions can be formed at any point throughout the year for varying terms of service when the NIRSA Board identifies the need for input or investigation by members with certain areas of expertise.

NIRSA Advisory Councils and Task Forces

NIRSA’s Councils and Task Forces engage professionals with extensive knowledge in a particular aspect of campus rec to advance the work of our association.

NIRSA Task Forces are special appointments of subject matter experts and thought leaders who assist the NIRSA Board of Directors with gathering information and generating options & alternatives to address a particular issue.

NIRSA’s Advisory Council members have extensive knowledge and experience in the particular area of focus for the Council so to provide guidance with developing and implementing NIRSA initiatives.

The Esports Task Force, comprised of both NIRSA and NACA members, has completed their charges and NIRSA is now reviewing the potential for continued work in this programming area. Visit the NIRSA Esports Community on NIRSA Connect for resources and discussions.

NIRSA Committees & Work Teams

NIRSA’s action-oriented committees and work teams represent the many strengths and specialties of our organization.

They provide our Members with important information on hot-topic issues, organize events and opportunities within our organization, and facilitate NIRSA’s many programs and initiatives.

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Learn how you can get involved with a NIRSA Commission, Committee, or Work Team or how to apply for other NIRSA leadership positions.

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