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NIRSA Board of Directors

NIRSA Board of Directors 2020-2021

David Davenport
President (2018-2021)

David Davenport
Austin Peay State University

Cara Lucia
President Designee (2019-2022)

Cara Lucia, Ph.D
Elon University

Mila Padgett
President Elect (2020-2023)

Mila Padgett
University of South Carolina-Aiken

Jocelyn Hill
At Large Director (2018-2021)

Jocelyn Hill
American University

Derek Hottell
At Large Director (2019-2022)

Derek Hottell, Ph.D
Virginia Commonwealth University

Nigel Harris
At Large Director (2020-2023)

Nigel Harris
Kennesaw State University

Andrea Snead
Annual Director (2020-2021)

Andrea Snead
University of Central Florida

Brian Smith
Annual Director (2020-2021)

Brian Smith

Pam Watts
Secretary (non-voting)

Pam Watts
NIRSA Executive Director

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About the NIRSA Board of Directors

As NIRSA continues to embody our leaders in collegiate recreation moniker, the association’s Board of Directors is fully committed to providing the visionary and practical guidance needed to achieve our higher goals. While this includes developing strategic initiatives for the future of our organization, the Board also holds fiduciary and legal responsibilities, establishes policies, guides the Executive Director, and serves as sole shareholder of NIRSA Services Corporation.

The Board is currently working to ensure the successful progression of our strategic plan. This includes developing efforts and initiatives inspired by our strategic values — Health & Wellbeing; Equity, Diversity & Inclusion; Leadership; Service; Global Perspective; and Sustainable Communities — and assembling special committees to activate these values on NIRSA Member Institute campuses.

Professional and student members are encouraged to join in the conversation as the Board continues to guide our organization in how — and why — NIRSA can best build healthy campuses and communities.

The NIRSA Board of Directors comprises three officers in the Presidential Track (President, President Designee, and President Elect), three At-Large Directors, and a Board-elected Annual Director.

Nomination, Application and Election Process

Members interested in serving in a leadership position on the Board are encouraged to review the position descriptions for Presidential Track, At-Large Director, and Annual Director.

How to Get Involved

The Nominations & Appointments Committee recruits nominees, reviews applications and supporting materials, and determines the slate of candidates for the At-Large Director and Presidential Track positions on the NIRSA Board of Directors.

Candidates interested in serving in a Board position, are asked to submit an initial application, consisting of a resume and a completed initial interest form on October 7, 2020. The committee will then invite finalists to submit the full Board of Directors application package, which will be due on November 6, 2020.

The final slate of candidates will be approved by the current NIRSA Board and announced in mid-December. Electronic elections will occur January 14-27, 2021 with results announced in early February.


If you have questions about the position description or election process, please feel free to contact any member of the Nominations & Appointments Committee.

If you have questions about the application and supporting materials, please contact Mary Callender at NIRSA Headquarters.