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NIRSA Voting & Elections

NIRSA membership votes annually, via electronic elections, to fill positions on the NIRSA Board of Directors and Member Network, as well as on any proposed Bylaws’ amendments.

Election Timeline

  • December
    Candidate slate announced as well as proposed Bylaw Amendments

  • January 16
    Elections launch
  • January 29
    Elections close

Meet the Candidates

Board of Directors Candidates

President Elect

At-Large Director

Member Network Candidates

Region I Representative

Region III Representative

Region V Representative

Region II Representative

Region IV Representative

Region VI Representative

Canadian Region Representative

NIRSA Student Leader

Region I Student Leader

Region II Student Leader

Region III Student Leader

Region IV Student Leader

Region V Student Leader

Region VI Student Leader

Canadian Region Student Leader

Proposed Amendments to NIRSA Bylaws

For the 2020 elections, there are two proposed amendments.

Review the proposed amendments

Paper Ballot Requests

In the event that you do not have access to an email account, as long as you are a current NIRSA Member, you may request a paper ballot for the 2019 NIRSA Elections by following the process outlined below:

  • Submit a written request for a paper ballot to NIRSA Headquarters, 4185 SW Research Way, Corvallis, OR 97333

  • Requests must be postmarked by December 30, 2018 to ensure you receive your ballot by the opening of elections

  • Completed ballots must be returned to NIRSA Headquarters and received by January 12, 2019

Note: Late ballots are not valid and will not be included in the voting process.

Recruiting & Applying

The recruitment and application process for the leadership positions occurs in late summer through early fall in preparation for slating candidates to stand for election.

Apply to Serve!

If you would like more information about serving NIRSA in a leadership capacity, please contact a member of the Nominations & Appointments Committeeor the Member Network.

For more information about NIRSA voting & elections, contact the NIRSA Senior Director of Professional Development, Mary Callender.