Benefits of NIRSA Associate Membership

Interested in getting your brand in front of the people who make purchasing decisions for campus recreation facilities and programs across North America? NIRSA associate membership is your answer! Make the most of associate membership by taking advantage of sponsorship opportunities.

If you have any questions about NIRSA associate membership, please contact NIRSA Expo and Corporate Relations Coordinator, Kelley Hungerford.

Who should join?

Campus recreation professionals positively influence the lives of millions of students through recreational sports, fitness activities, health promotion, and wellbeing support. Associate membership in NIRSA is available to organizations, companies, or groups whose commercial products, programs, or services are of value to campus recreation professionals or departments.

Becoming NIRSA associate member is the best first step for getting your company’s products or services in front of decision makers and influencers in the field of campus recreation. Want to connect with individual recreation professionals? Specific campus communities? College or university students across North America? Other leading companies connected to college and university recreation? The NIRSA network can help you achieve your business goals!

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How will your organization benefit?

NIRSA is a membership association committed to providing the best professional development offerings, the best networking opportunities, and the best resources for professionals working in college and university recreation. Founded in 1950, the association network has grown to comprise more than 4,000 individuals working on more than 900 institutions of higher learning spread across North America and even around the world. In addition to our influential individual and institutional members, NIRSA also counts ~175 leading businesses as associate members and we’d love to welcome you into the NIRSA family.

NIRSA is a leader in higher education and we are advocates for the advancement of recreation, sport, and wellbeing.

Associate membership is an invaluable first step toward getting your business in front of the people you want to reach to grow because NIRSA members love to share ideas and evolve promising practices with one another. Please read about our 2018-2021 Strategic Plan to find out more.

  • Connect with leaders in collegiate recreation through NIRSA’s online member directory

    • Targeting filters help you find the right point of contact among NIRSA’s network of 4,000+ members
  • Search, monitor, or contribute to NIRSA’s discussion and resource libraries through the NIRSA Connect social network

  • The NIRSA Buyers Guide includes an entry for all associate members and features a direct link to your company’s website

  • Prime location assignments are reserved for  associate member exhibitors at the Campus Rec & Wellness Expo during the NIRSA Annual Conference

  • Your company (and a link to its website) will be introduced and welcomed to the NIRSA membership in the monthly New Members celebration post when you join

  • Associate members have an opportunity to publish relevant updates about their company in the NIRSA news platform (NIRSA does not allow associate members to solicit products or services through this avenue)

    Submit Associate Member & Company Updates
  • Opportunities to partner with the NIRSA Foundation to provide named, corporate scholarships or research support

  • Preferred status is given to associate members for RFPs submitted related to NIRSA events, including the NIRSA Championship Series, the NIRSA Annual Conference, and NIRSA Institutes

  • Eligibility to participate in NIRSA’s Discounts & Rewards program for members

  • Eligibility to submit proposals for educational sessions or sponsored sessions at NIRSA professional development events

  • Eligibility to submit proposals for the Fitness Forum at the NIRSA Annual Conference

  • Eligibility to participate in NIRSA member surveys and access to NIRSA surveys

  • Eligibility to apply for applicable NIRSA awards

  • Eligibility to apply for select NIRSA volunteer leadership positions

  • Eligibility to apply for the professional registry credential

Membership Types & Rates

Associate Type 1-Year 2-Year 3-Year
For profit company $525 $1,000 $1,420
Consultant $350 Rate applies if NIRSA Professional
membership is expiring and are no longer
eligible for PROMB status*
Startup business $350 must show proof of business license*
Nonprofit $350 must show proof of business license*

* NOTE: A discount is not offered for multiple year renewals. This is an annual membership fee and is subject to increase when “for profit” dues increase.

Get the most out of NIRSA’s reach

If you have any questions about NIRSA associate membership, please contact the Expo and Corporate Relations Coordinator Kelley Hungerford.