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NIRSA Elections
NIRSA Elections

Candidate for Canadian Regional Student Leader

Judith Owusuaah
York University

Biography/Summary Resume

Judith Owusuaah currently attends York University in pursuit of her degree in kinesiology and health sciences. Starting off as a referee in her second year, she continued her pursuit in the recreation department by becoming a convener for intramural sports. The following year she was promoted to intramural student assistant of programs and official development, which is the position she currently holds. Judith has attended all Canada region NIRSA conferences and one Region III Conference. She held a presentation at the Student Lead On conference held at Centennial College this past fall. Judith continues to build her experience in recreation through her position as Intramural Assistant, an official for basketball and a minor official at the score tables for varsity games. She also coaches basketball for an all-girls program called Girls Addicted to Basketball (G.A.B.) and officiates volleyball and basketball TCDSB tournaments. Judith aims to continue impacting, influencing and improving recreation not only at York University but region wide.

Please provide a statement of your personal views on the role and contributions of collegiate recreation in higher education. In your response describe how collegiate recreation has influenced your development.

Collegiate recreation provides many students and staff with positive experiences and various opportunities for athletic, personal and professional growth. Community growth and connection are the biggest contributions collegiate recreation makes for each individual. Personally, collegiate recreation has influenced my interpersonal skills the most through interacting with different individuals in a various amount of unique situations. My involvement has positively boosted and strengthened my mental health which is greatly appreciated, especially as a student. Professionally, it has given me the opportunity to learn and grow beyond my expectations and find a field that is suitable for my interests and skills.

Within the context of the NIRSA Strategic Plan, what area/item would you say is a major issue students face today? Please identify a student driven issue that we are currently face today and you would like to address during your term. How will you create solutions in your role on the Student Leadership Team to address it?

An area that students face major issues in today falls within the service item of the NIRSA strategic plan. Specifically, services surrounding the self-care of students, especially those with part-time jobs in collegiate recreation. During my term, I would like to work with other student leaders and NIRSA members to collect different methods of self-care that they find beneficial and use various outlets to share them with students across the region. By creating templates for mental health and self-care programs that can be efficiently put in place for student employees, each institute will see the benefits of having a healthy, energetic, happy and motivated student staff members.

In describing your contributions to NIRSA (i.e. presentations, volunteering, previous leadership roles, etc,), identify how your involvement and experiences meet the position criteria and qualify you to advocate for and serve the students of the Association.

I have been a NIRSA member for two years now and within that time I have attended three conferences. I have volunteered at a Region III Conference and presented at the most recent Canada Region Conference held at Centennial College. Through these experiences, I’ve collected a large amount of information about the unique programming at various institutes and how they manage within their community. I’ve learned different ways to development not only myself in this field but others as well. I would like to serve the student association by pushing for the continuation and growth of such learning experiences and provide opportunities for expansion to those who seek it at each conference.

As a Student Leader within NIRSA, you have the opportunity to leave a lasting impact on the field of collegiate recreation. With a focus on Student Member Recruitment & Retention, and Student Development what skills, talents, and perspectives would you bring to the Student Leadership Team?

I pride myself on my interpersonal, team management skills and work ethic as I use them the most in my current position. As someone who is constantly bridging communication between employees, training new staff and organizing programming, these skills have developed immensely. I want to continue using these skills to encourage others to gain the most out of their involvement and become leaders of their own. I want to share my experiences and encourage others to impress themselves everyday by breaking out of routine and finding new skills, talents and interests of their own.

NIRSA Elections: Judith Owusuaah