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Become a leader of collegiate recreation

Member expertise and commitment greatly contribute to the advancement of Association goals through leadership activities. Appointment or election to a leadership position within NIRSA is an honor and a privilege.

With a position comes responsibility to fulfill duties and obligations in the highest professional manner, while upholding the mission, vision, goals, objectives, and ideals of the Association.

Serving in a leadership position provides members with an opportunity to further develop professional skills and network with colleagues across the country.

Leadership Opportunity Positions Available Annually Previous NIRSA Experience Necessary Applications/ Nominations Due
NIRSA Board of Directors 2 Yes September 27, 2016
NIRSA Member Network 10 Yes September 27, 2016
NIRSA Assembly 14-23 No April 25, 2017
NIRSA Foundation Board 2 Yes January 17, 2017
NIRSA Services Corporation Board 2 Yes January 17, 2017
NIRSA’s Board of Directors of the Council for the Advancement of Standards in Higher Education (CAS) Varies Varies by position April 21, 2017
NIRSA’s Strategic Values Commissions Varies Varies by position January 17, 2017
NIRSA Small Programs Advisory Council 6 Varies by position March 28, 2017
NIRSA Collegiate Recreational Sports Professional Registry Commission Varies Yes April 29, 2016
NIRSA State/Provincial Directors Varies No Varies
NIRSA State/Provincial Student Leaders 1 per State/Province No Varies
Engagement Coordinator Varies No Open
NIRSA Championship Series Chair 1 Yes January 17, 2017
NIRSA Flag Football Rules Book Editorial Board Several every other year Varies by position January 17, 2017
RSJ Editorial Board Several Yes January 17, 2017
NIRSA School of Collegiate Recreation Faculty 2 Yes January 17, 2017
2019 Annual Conference Program Committee Chair 1 Yes March 8, 2017
NIRSA Triventure: NIRSA’s Aquatics Institute, Fitness & Wellness Institute, and Recreation Facilities Institute Committees 24 Preferred, not required October 12, 2016
NIRSA, NIRSA Foundation & NIRSA Championship Series Committee and Work Teams Many No January 17, 2017
NIRSA News Contributing Author Unlimited No Open

NIRSA Board of Directors

“Strategically driving and positioning the Association”

The Board of Directors’ role is to function as the visionary leadership group that strategically positions and drives the Association. The Board is responsible for strategic planning, exercising fiduciary and legal responsibilities, establishing policy, and serving as sole shareholder of NIRSA Services Corporation.

It is a seven person Board comprised of three officers in the Presidential Track positions (President, President Designee, and President Elect), three At-Large Directors, and a Board-elected Annual Director. The Presidential Track and At-Large Director positions serve a three year term. Recruitment and applications are due September 27, 2016.

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NIRSA Member Network

“Facilitating communication, engagement, and growth of the Membership”

The Member Network expands and enhances the strong regional network of NIRSA and creates numerous opportunities for member involvement and leadership development. The Member Network’s focus is on outreach, engagement, advocacy, local constituent communication, nurturing and developing Members regionally, networking, grassroots growth of the field, overseeing the State/Provincial Directors and Student Leaders, and facilitating regional education opportunities.

For each region there is one Regional Representative and one Regional Student Leader. There is also a NIRSA Student Leader position. Recruitment and applications for these positions are due September 27, 2016.

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NIRSA Assembly

“Thinking for the future”

The NIRSA Assembly is a forward-thinking group that serves as a think tank for the collegiate recreation profession. The Assembly is an important mechanism for germinating ideas, developing leaders, and sharing knowledge; member engagement in the assembly is meaningful and important to the growth and development of the field of collegiate recreation.

Appointment terms run from July 1 to June 30. There are multiple positions available each year, both two year and one year positions. Assembly applications are currently closed. The application process will reopen again in the spring of 2018.

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NIRSA Foundation Board

“Supporting the future of recreation sports”

The NIRSA Foundation is a charitable organization that supports the mission of NIRSA. Through fundraising and stewardship efforts, it works to enhance the effectiveness of collegiate recreational sports by providing members meaningful opportunities for scholarship, research, and personal and professional development. It publishes the biannual Recreational Sports Journal, administers several scholarship programs and supports other programs consistent with their mission.

An eleven member board governs the NIRSA Foundation, which includes the designated representative from the NIRSA Board of Directors and NIRSA Executive Director. Board members serve a three year term.

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NIRSA Services Corporation Board

“Supporting the Vision and Mission of NIRSA through enterprise”

The NIRSA Services Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of NIRSA, was formed in 1999 to develop, guide, and implement marketing opportunities through collegiate recreation.

NSC builds custom marketing opportunities for forward looking companies to tap into the passion and authenticity of the student athlete in the recreation center.

NSC also offers the NIRSA Championship Series, regional and national tournaments for sport club and intramural athletes. Applications are currently being accepted. Deadline to apply is January 17, 2017.

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NIRSA’s Board of Directors of the Council for the Advancement of Standards in Higher Education (CAS)

“Setting the standard for quality in higher education.”

This is a key leadership position on the Council for the Advancement of Standards in Higher Education (CAS) Board of Directors as NIRSA’s representative. CAS promotes standards in student affairs, student services, and student development programs to maximize the quality and effectiveness of higher education. CAS is comprised of 42 member organizations each of which is represented on the CAS BOD by one or two board members.

The role of NIRSA’s CAS Director and Alternate Director is to represent NIRSA’s interests regarding the establishment and revision of the Collegiate Recreation Program Standards. The Director and Alternate Director are also expected to attend each semi-annual meeting of the CAS BOD, advocate for NIRSA and its initiatives, engage in the business of the Council, and communicate the relevant interests and initiatives of CAS to NIRSA.

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NIRSA Strategic Values Commissions

“Embedding NIRSA’s Strategic Values in the daily professional lives of members”

These Commissions are charged with developing concrete plans—through concrete objectives that support the Association’s Strategic Plan, pursuing measurable goals, as well as developing and delivering useable resources—within their respective value area (see NIRSA’s six strategic values) for the benefit of the collegiate recreation profession and the Association. Additionally, Commissioners may be asked to provide leadership and guidance for the Association in these vital areas of campus recreation.

Commissioners are appointed by the NIRSA President and typically serve for three year terms. Each Strategic Values Commission has two co-chairs that serve three-year terms. The size of the Commissions generally range between eight and 12 members, including the co-chairs. One or two appointments are reserved for emerging professionals to support NIRSA Leadership development. Terms begin after the Annual Conference.

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NIRSA Small Programs Advisory Council

“Advising NIRSA on the enhancement of benefits and resources for Small Program members”

The Small Programs Advisory Council provides the Association and its membership with advice and direction on opportunities and issues specific to the needs of small program campus recreation professionals.  Furthermore, the Council serves in an advisory capacity to vet and assist NIRSA HQ Staff with bringing value to this segment of membership in a way that drives membership and participation growth.  The focus of the group will be to advise staff on the implementation of the small program strategic plan tactics that were developed from the Small Colleges and Community Colleges Task Force recommendations.

The Small Programs Advisory Council, comprised of six professional members and NIRSA HQ staff, is appointed by the NIRSA Executive Director.  The Council consists of knowledgeable professional members with extensive experience in small program campus recreation administration.  Council members are representative of a variety of academic perspectives and serve two year terms, which begin in May. Applications are currently closed. They will reopen in spring of 2018.

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NIRSA Collegiate Recreational Sports Professional Registry Commission

“Providing oversight and stewardship of the Professional Registry”

The Collegiate Recreational Sports Professional Registry Commission (Commission) is the governing body for the Registry of Collegiate Recreational Sports Professionals (Registry). The Commission sets and reviews policies for application, renewal and appeals. It periodically reviews the criteria for Continuing Education Units (CEUs) and values for Professional Involvement Credits (PICs), and insures the Collegiate Recreational Sports core competencies are keeping pace with the evolution of professional practice. Through these efforts, the Commission works to insure the Registry program will continue to provide a useful and relevant framework for guiding the career-long professional development of Registry members.

The Commission consists of five members as follows: three NIRSA professional members; one faculty member in recreation or an allied field, and one Partner Organization member. Learn more about applying.

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NIRSA State/Provincial Directors & Student Leaders

“Serving at the heart of our member-driven Association”

Each State and Province has a Director and Student Leader. These positions are key to maintaining NIRSA’s focus as a member-driven association as they are a vital link between NIRSA members, the Member Network and other leadership groups.

They communicate with members via newsletters, state workshops and meetings, and support membership recruitment and retention. They are appointed or elected for office by NIRSA members, the timeline and process for elections varies by State/Province.

For information about these positions, contact the Member Network representative for your region.

NIRSA Engagement Coordinator

“Engaging and enhancing the NIRSA membership on campus”

NIRSA Engagement Coordinators play an important role in the success and activation of the professional and student membership within NIRSA. It is their primary responsibility to promote membership and involvement across their campus/institution. For more information about these positions, please contact your Regional Representative or Regional Student Leader or submit an Engagement Coordinator Form.

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NIRSA Championship Series Committee Chair

“The only campus non-varsity sports series of its kind”

All NIRSA extramural events and Sport Club Championships, including Flag Football, Soccer, Tennis, and Basketball, are under the umbrella of the NIRSA Championship Series.

The NIRSA Championship Series events support fostering student development, commitment to the larger learning community, and emphasize leadership and excellence.

The chairs oversee the NIRSA Championship Series work teams, including assessment of championships, standards of competition, student/professional development and brand management, which set the standards for all NIRSA Championship Series events. A chair must commit to serving a three year term of office (2nd Vice Chair, 1st Vice Chair, Chair). Applications are currently being accepted. Deadline to apply is January 17, 2017.

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NIRSA Flag Football Rules Book Editorial Board

The NIRSA Flag & Touch Football Rules Book & Officials’ Manual was first published in 1983. Its purpose is to provide a standardized code of Rules, interpretations and officials’ mechanics for the sport of flag and touch football, and is sold through the NIRSA Education & Publication Center. The NIRSA FFB Editorial Board is responsible for updating and revising the biennial publication and has 12 members, serving staggered two-four year terms. The NIRSA Flag Football Editorial Board terms begin in May.

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NIRSA Recreational Sports Journal Editorial Board

“The RSJ is the premier scholarly journal for the profession of collegiate recreation”

The Recreational Sports Journal is the scholarly publication of the NIRSA Foundation. Its purpose is to provide a source of empirical, theoretical, and applied research to the field of recreational sports.

The RSJ Editorial Board has 18 NIRSA members, serving staggered three-year terms, who review articles as assigned by the editor. Editorial Board terms begin in May.

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NIRSA School of Collegiate Recreation Faculty

“A unique teaching opportunity helping to develop future leaders of the collegiate recreation profession”

The NIRSA School is designed for professionals at two primary levels in their careers. Level I focuses upon those professionals in recreational sports with less than five years of full-time experience. Level II is designed for professionals with five or more years of full-time experience.
The faculty team design curricular offerings and to offer an intensive program providing participants with professionally challenging sessions to further develop their competencies. The Faculty consists of six members, serving staggered three-year terms. Applications are currently being accepted. Deadline to apply is January 17, 2017.

Applicants to the NSCR Faculty must meet the following minimum criteria:

  • At least three years continuous NIRSA membership in the professional, professional life, retired, emeritus or associate member category.
  • Agree to maintain NIRSA membership through NSCR Faculty term.
  • Demonstrated presentation/teaching experience, and recognized teaching abilities. (List presentation/teaching experiences and include support letters, thank you letters, etc.)
  • Minimum of five years at a managerial and/or administrative level in a recreational sport, corporate, or public setting.


  • Experience supervising full-time employees.
  • Preferred: Graduate of the NSCR (Level 1 or II) or past participant of the NIRSA Executive Institute.
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2019 NIRSA Annual Conference Program Committee Chair

“The leading education and networking event in collegiate recreation”

The Program Committee Chair is critical to a successful Annual Conference as this person provides leadership to the Program Committee.

The Chair coordinates the planning of all education sessions and works with the local Annual Conference Host Committee, NIRSA Board of Directors, NIRSA staff, and other stakeholder groups involved in the Annual Conference program. This is a three-year position, consisting of a year each as chair-elect, chair, and consultant.

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NIRSA Triventure: NIRSA’s Aquatics Institute, Fitness & Wellness Institute, and Recreation Facilities Institute Committees

“Delivering relevant, interesting and useful programmatic content to members”

The NIRSA Triventure comprises three institutes under one roof.  Attend any educational session, facility tour, or social—regardless of specialty area.

NIRSA Triventure Committees ensure that the professional development event delivers relevant, interesting, and useful information on the specific program area to our Members. These committees work to recruit, review, select, and schedule dynamic presentations for the institutes.  Committee members also assist with recruiting and planning facility tours, preconference activities, and on-site responsibilities at the Institute to make sure everything runs smoothly.

Annual recruitment for NIRSA’s fall institutes committees occurs each summer.  These one year positions include committee members for the Aquatics, Fitness & Wellness and Facilities Institutes.

For more information about the event, visit the Triventure web page. Visit the Committee and Work Team Application Page to apply.

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NIRSA, NIRSA Foundation & NIRSA Championship Series Committees & Work Teams

“Share your knowledge of a specific topic by serving on a committee or work team”

Committees and work teams do focused work on a particular objective to advance the Association and the profession. Serving on one of the NIRSA, NIRSA Foundation or NIRSA Championship Series Committees or Work Teams is a great way to give back to the Association, gain fluency in a particular topic, and network with other colleagues, click here to see a full list. Terms run for one year. Terms will begin on May 1, rather than post-NIRSA Annual Conference

If you would like to serve on a NIRSA, NIRSA Foundation or NIRSA Championships Series committee or work team as a member or chair, you will need to submit a Committee and Work Team Application (formerly the Committee Preference Form). The online application is available in the fall and due by January 17, 2017.

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NIRSA News Contributing Author

“Get published in the NIRSA News and the NIRSA Know”

NIRSA publishes member-generated articles on a wide variety of topics related to collegiate recreation. While most articles are member spotlights, commentary and views, or program/initiative features, NIRSA also considers other submissions. If you have someone or something you would like to see featured in the NIRSA news, pitch us your idea.

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