Student resources help you stand out from the crowd

When graduation gets close, and it’s time to think about the future, it’s good to have friends on the inside. NIRSA offers many tools and programs for students whose goal is a career in the collegiate recreation profession. Participating in NIRSA activities and seeking professional education through NIRSA events is a great way to stand out as a new leader in the field.

Do you want a career in collegiate recreation? If so, it’s good to have friends on the inside.

As graduation inches closer, remember NIRSA’s tools and programs are here to help you start planning your career. While on your way to that well-earned diploma, consider participating in NIRSA activities and professional education events.

Making the choice to learn and grow with NIRSA is a statement of your commitment to collegiate recreation, helping you stand out as the rockstar in the field that you are.

Awards & Scholarships

Student members may qualify for a number of special awards and distinctions.

Student Leadership Team

The Student Leadership Team is composed of Student Members from each of NIRSA’s regions. These movers-and-shakers make sure the Student Members of their region are always in the know about the latest happenings with NIRSA. Student leaders are indispensable players in the growth of NIRSA Membership.

The Student Leadership Team, in conjunction with State Student Leaders and NIRSA engagement coordinators, also facilitates opportunities for students in collegiate recreation.

Mentor Program

Mentors help us push beyond our comfort zone.  So why not converse with someone outside of your inner circle, someone with different experiences and a different perspective? Take this opportunity to gain insider tips on how on your dream gig.

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Career Resources

Just like finding the right source for a term paper, finding the right resources while building your career can be daunting. Don’t go on a wild goose chase for career sources, when NIRSA has what you need, right at your fingertips. NIRSA is committed to helping students grow—both personally and professionally—on the way to finding a great career.

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Get Involved

Networking is important, but so is having fun. With leadership experiences through NIRSA, you can have both. Build skills, confidence, and your résumé while networking with collegiate recreation professionals and peers. There are many opportunities for student members to participate in NIRSA events, promote NIRSA programs in your communities, and take part in student-led educational workshops. As the association is propelled by the energy of our burgeoning professionals, student members are also valuable members on NIRSA Committees & Work Teams.

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