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State of the Industry Roundtable

Thursday, May 7, 1:00pm PT / 4:00pm ET

Moderated by Pam Watts presented with Derek Hottell, Laurie Braden, and Jeff Calhoun

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Chat Transcript

00:33:27Pam Watts

Great to see so many of you! Please feel free to post your questions in the chat

00:36:03Sabina Saksena

Cytilife is doing that with Duke and other campuses… giving you real time availability of equipment and utilization

00:44:07Leslie Dulle

I don't believe we will even know what enrollment will look like until Universities make their final decisions about opening/ being remote, etc..

00:45:23brennan shirk

In regards to BUDGET as we head towards July 1, KRUActive is a virtual fitness platform that has invested to create a customized campus channel for each college and university for sharing campus fitness programming to students and staff. Your customized channel and the KRUPlatform can be licensed to your community and alumni to create revenues to ADD to your recreation center budget!! We are currently working with several colleges and the potential revenues look AMAZING!

00:47:47Kelley Hungerford - NIRSA HQ

00:48:14brennan shirk

My contact email is if you are interested in learning how KRUActive can assist you please email me and I am happy to discuss your needs and see if KRUActive is a good solution for you

00:50:12Pam Watts

if others who provide cleaning/sanitation supplies want to share their contact info in the chat it will be saved with the recording

00:50:14Leslie Dulle

Pam what is the name of Trever's business. I missed it

00:50:31Chris Allison

Would love to share about, remote digital recreation, and laying a foundation to use esports as you move into the future (while also considering health and wellness of "gamers")!

00:50:44Kelley Hungerford - NIRSA HQ

CFE Services

00:50:46Pam Watts

CFE Services

00:51:49PAMELA Hightower

InnoSoft Clients/ Fusion Family, we are joining as many of your webinars as we can and are available to brainstorm and help you make the most of the tools you already have. We have created videos, a dedicated webpage to assist you, and increased our remote availability for Zooms to help you configure. Here is a link to see our latest moves to assist you most specifically with capacity tracking, contactless payments, and access control, and upcoming Zoom and Virtual integration with program registration and attendance tracking.

00:52:13brennan shirk

As Ryan mentioned with F45, KRU also does a revenue partner program. We offer professional fitness content to coincide with your own fitness content so this can be an immediate solution for offering seamless transitions between virtual classes and group classes once recreation centers re-open

00:52:15ryan mueller

Ryan Mueller with F45 Training. or 805 452 2935. Would love to hear from you and what you are dealing with to offer virtual solutions, and if F45 can be a good fit for your team!

00:53:27Leah Hall Dorothy

00:53:53Leah Hall Dorothy

Trevor’s website

00:54:26Leah Hall Dorothy

CRE Hygiene Solutions

00:55:00Trever Cummins

00:55:04Sabina Saksena smart and safely opening Rec Centers and Athletic areas

00:55:16Bill Carlson

For facilities with climbing walls, Head Rush Technologies, who makes the TRUBLUE auto belay put together a list of suggestions for climbing gyms getting restarted. This can certainly apply here.

00:55:40mark Urlage

Once facilities open, I assume it is going to be super important to find ways to get students and staff safely socializing again- re-engaged in your beautiful centers. Connecting students with other students with creative exercise programs. Would facilities be open to customized programs on Expresso bikes like we created with the Fall Frenzy? We would be willing to activate a special college facility challenge when appropriate.

00:56:39brennan shirk

KRU is currently offering FREE registration and access to the entire KRU platform complete with PowerMusic, Billy Blanks, INDURO Virtual, just to name a few. Contact me for your campus affiliation code for immediate access to virtual professional fitness videos and customize your own channel to begin streaming, live streaming, and offering on demand videos of your instructors! We encourage engagement for your students, staff and community. Once registered you will see campus channels that we are onboarding and working with to create great content!

00:56:51Stefani Plummer

@Mark Urlage we would!

00:57:05Sarah Clem

Sarah with CHAARG here! CHAARG is a female focused health + wellness group that is run by students on different campuses. As a national community,  we are really focusing on online workouts through different platforms [zoom, etc] + how we can collaborate with rec centers on promoting the classes they are offering virtually + increasing engagement amongst students for those classes.

For those of you that have CHAARG Chapters already on your campuses -- we’d love to connect with how the Chapter can promote things the rec center is offering + how to increase engagement during this time.

For those who don’t know a lot about CHAARG -- you can learn more here:

You can reach us at if you want to connect!

01:00:14brennan shirk

Lastly, once your channel has been created KRU has a complete catalog of synch music right music that is high quality and available in 15, 30, and 45min soundtracks for all genres of fitness programming! You can also work with single tracks. We encourage multi-department collaboration with the marketing departments, alumni, media (video / I.T), and music departments so students can contribute music to the music channel for the fitness instructors!

01:00:21Leslie Dulle

We are also finding we are engaging some non-typical participants

01:01:07Carolyn Erickson

When you return, would you consider outside classes while you can (weather) to enforce social distancing but still create community?

01:01:34Derek Hottell

Yes - that is definitely something we are considering

01:01:39Stefani Plummer

@Carolyn...i love that idea!

01:01:48Stefani Plummer

we will use our roof!

01:01:49Sherry Woosley

Sherry Woosley (, company website is Would love to talk to anyone interested in student surveys, student data, what we're learning about student experience in the remote environment, and how we could help.

01:03:01Ken Wolters

Core Health & Fitness has a roundtable series partnering with some on this call engaging discussion around these kinds of topics and some solutions to consider as a part of reopening. We are happy to share more info with anyone interested in joining or hearing previous sessions.

01:03:19Marc Iturriaga

Marc Iturriaga from Bonobo Consulting - helping recreation foster a sense of Belonging - where students and participants feel Invited, Welcome and Included in your programs, facilities, and opportunities.

BELONGING in Sport and Recreation can have stronger recruitment and retention of participants leading to:

- Sustainable revenue through membership sales and program registration

- Higher participation rates and word of mouth marketing

- Diverse programs and opportunities

- Stronger connection to community

Essentially, we help institutions shift the lens to PEOPLE over place and programs leading to transformative, sustainable change. We'll help you serve your current students plus understand how to connect and engage with who isn't engaged with you who want to be. contact info:

01:03:19Bill Carlson

For those with climbing walls, auto belays can help contribute to social distancing on climbing walls in the new normal. If anyone would like to discuss I can be reached at

01:03:23Andrea Snead

So true @Derek, I have 2 high school boys in my home and they are looking forward to collegiate activities

01:03:47Carolyn Erickson

Would you consider students buying their own small accessible equipment so they can still do classes that require equip and so they do not have to share equipment.

01:04:25PAMELA Hightower

IS anyone considering "checking out" fitness gear to students? My local gym does that and it was really helpful during this time

01:04:36Stefani Plummer

@Carolyn, yes we spoke today about possibly requiring students to bring their own GX equipment, basketballs, etc.

01:04:59Max-Swarthmore College (he/him)

Are there any companies putting together a discounted package for college students that can be shipped to their house? (Foam roller, yoga mat, resistance bands, etc.)

01:05:37John Brey

It would be great to hear from all sizes of schools as to what travel to Regionals or conferences like your partners at AB?

01:07:51Trever Cummins

@Max, yes Commercial Fitness (CFE Services sister company) has put together a package of foam rollers, bands etc that can be used as ‘checkout’ or shipped directly to students. You can email me at and I’ll make sure it gets routed correctly if you are interested

01:08:05John Brey

Have the Regionals been postponed or cancelled. This information would allow us to shift our budgets to do some of the swag items Laurie talked about sooner then later.

01:08:13Chuck Rogers has just reopened and been declared an Essential Business to help provide fitness centers with access to replacement padding and parts so equipment can be cleaned properly before opening. Website is user friendly with 1000’s of pics for easy order confirmation.

01:09:17Janice DeMonsi

@John I believe some are cancelled. We have a travel freeze and I do not think that will be lifted for the fall. Region VI is still on to date but I will not be able to attend

01:09:38Max-Swarthmore College (he/him)

Region 1 Conference has been canceled for 2020.

01:09:47Derek Hottell

Region 2 has been cancelled for 2020 as well

01:09:49Jerrod Jackson

Only Region VI is currently still on.

01:10:04Allie Bogard

@jerrod beat me to it

01:11:20Jason Darby

The freezes to travel budgets for the upcoming year was a large factor is us deciding to postpone the Region II Conference.

01:11:33John Brey

thank you all on the cancellations as I said the information would allow us to change our budgets to help with some of you. I would really like to hear what other ideas you might have for those things

01:11:44brennan shirk

As a way for alumni and community to give to their college, KRU offers each subscriber (Alumni / Community member) a 70% discount. So the $19.98./mo to the entire platform AND your customized channel is only $5.98!! We give $2 per subscriber back to the college for their admin and marketing. This works as a great partnership! An example is 500 subscribers becomes a $1000/mo revenue for your facility!! The can do this while offering students and staff access to the platform. The opportunities and revenues are endless. It really is a perfect business model as it is a win-win-win for everyone.

01:12:01Ken Wolters

we're partnering on that step challenge as well as one in Michigan to donate Schwinn bike for winner(s)

01:12:16ryan mueller

@Max-swarthmore college - yes, F45 offers small equipment packs, that go in conjunction with our workouts, but can be used for other workouts as well. I can be reached at or 8054522935 if you have any questions/want to see the equipment list.

01:13:34Clint Menefee

Great point Pam! I am healthier for this.

01:14:24Mary Catherine Martinez

I have worked out more after the pandemic than in the previous few years :) The virtual programming is soooo much easier for me to join!

01:18:23ryan mueller

As an aside and Curtis’s comments about nutrition, the F45 Challenge App provides meal plans and Nutrition, an accountability tracker, access to blogs from certified nutritionalists, workouts and sports specific training - all on demand.

01:18:31Carolyn Erickson

My Zone competition between campuses across the country... They would totally do it

01:19:01ryan mueller

And maybe a virtual workout with Mark Whalberg lol!

01:20:50Marc Iturriaga

Bravo @Chris Allison - that bridge is ESSENTIAL if Rec chooses to be facilitators of esports.

01:23:29John Brey

I would be happy to be on a group chat about what we can do as a group to help support Regionals now that they will be cancelled for this year.

01:23:32Adam Pruett

Maybe Physical Fitness Scoring that then gets you add ons or upgrades in various games??

01:23:54Ken Wolters

A partner of ours, Holofit, has a cool device for a VR experience on stationary equipment

01:24:33Nora White

VR workouts could be a great bridge

01:24:36Mackenzie McIntyre

Our students at Xavier love the Expresso bikes for gaming and working out together in the rec!

01:24:39Greg Durham

Trying to find ways to connect enthusiastic Fifa players with your enthusastic soccer players on campus might be a solid first start

01:24:55Josh Downing - Butler University

Gaming and TikTok is that generations social network. Huge opportunities!

01:25:19MC Martinez - Innosoft Fusion

Recreating a TikTok dance is definitely exercise, lol!

01:26:11Chris Allison

I am going to repurpose our weekly help webinar for a discussion on this next Thursday - brainstorm some ideas together. Feel free to join at ! for anyone that wants to connect!

01:27:31Erin Sanders

@chris what time?

01:27:36Andrea Snead

I think something that also is missed is esports is quite ethnically diverse.

01:27:58Stefani Plummer

@Andrea great point!

01:28:00Leah Hall Dorothy

Yes Andrea

01:28:42Chris Allison

Yeeeees^^ Video games cross social, gender, ethnic, etc. divides in an unprecedented way :)

01:28:56Stefani Plummer

@Jeff great point. we "plan" to film our classes so people can attend in person or in their res hall with their roommates

01:29:03Leah Hall Dorothy

Great point! and there is such a sense of community in the gaming industry - we need to learn from them

01:29:19Amy Thompson

My first IHRSA call. Thank you for all you are doing to support colleges. If IDEA can help you, please reach out

01:29:22Ken Wolters

Roundtable series with next session on mental health & wellbeing next week:

01:29:25Amy Thompson

NIRSA call

01:29:59Kelley Hungerford - NIRSA HQ

Please let us know if another roundtable like this would be helpful to you!

01:30:11Ken Wolters


01:30:28Roger Watson

Thank you.

01:30:43Chris Allison

Thanks for the input on esports and wellness!!

01:30:44Matt Schuster

Thank you All! Be safe

If you have an idea or would like to facilitate an upcoming caucus or forum please email