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Interassociation Health & Wellbeing Roundtable

Thursday, April 30, 12:00pm PT / 3:00pm ET

Facilitated by Pam Watts with presenters from ACUHO-I, ACCA, ACPA, AUCCCO,

Presenters include:

James G. Archibald, Associate Professor of Higher Education Leadership, Valdosta State University (ACPA)

Josh Downing, Director of Recreation & Wellness at Butler University (NIRSA)

Shawnté Elbert, Associate Dean of Health & Wellness, Central Washington University (NASPA)

Janelle Johnson, Senior Counselor, Santa Fe Community College (ACCA)

April Hicks Konvalinka, Executive Director of Housing and Residence Life, University of Central Florida (ACUHO-I)

Kat Marriott, Executive Director, National Consortium for Building Healthy Academic Communities (BHAC)

Sissy Meredith, Vice President & Chief Learning Officer (CUPA-HR)

Rebecca Rampe, Staff Psychologist-Outreach Coordinator, UNCW Counseling Center (AUCCCO)

Sal Rizza, Director of New Student and Sophomore Programs, Southern Connecticut State University (NODA)

Eric Silber, Director of Auxiliary Business Operations at Concordia University at Austin (NACAS)

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Join some of the signatories of the Health and Wellbeing in Higher Education: A Commitment to Student Success ( for an open, informal discussion about the importance of our continued pursuit for holistic campus wellbeing. While COVID-19 has changed some of how we might go about addressing this work on our campuses, it has not changed our why nor the importance of working together. Organization representatives will share both examples of success and questions for the group; as this is a roundtable, participation from attendees is highly encouraged. .

Chat Transcript

00:32:01NIRSA Library

Commitment can be found at

00:32:16Theresa Fuller

Mico is still not clear

00:32:22Theresa Fuller


00:36:12Rose Viau

Pam you are very hard to understand

00:36:13Brenda Boetger


00:36:31Lauren Mickler

sound underwater

00:36:32Theresa Fuller

poor audio

00:36:37Janelle Johnson,ACCA

Pams's mic is not working

00:36:39Becky Anderson

cannot understand

00:36:43Sarah Lewis

your mic is breaking up a lot

00:36:45Karen Hofmann

Your mic needs adjusting

00:36:53Rosabel Ramos

Hi Pam, your mic sounds very choppy

00:36:56Kathi Bacon

can’t understand you at all

00:36:57Linda Knight

Pam Is hard to understand

00:36:58Marilyn Burridge

audio problems

00:36:59Crystal Zavallo

Can't understand

00:37:05sydney` vanderlinden


00:37:46Sharon Cornell

You are very broken up - can't understand you.

00:37:52Gwedolyn Tyson

Didn't get any of that..

00:39:24Karen Moses

What are examples of what resources were in the care package?

00:39:35Teresa Michaelson

HI Becca! Thanks for rep'ping AUCCCO!!

00:41:04Teresa Michaelson

Here at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, we did a Virtual Care Package as well! Here is our version....feel free to use :

00:41:08Karen Robinson


00:41:09Teresa Michaelson

00:41:33Marilyn Burridge

yes!!!! I can hear you well now

00:41:56Becca Rampe AUCCCO


00:43:17Sissy Meredith, CUPA-HR

Oooh the art activities sound great, Janelle!

00:43:47Becca Rampe AUCCCO


00:44:00Mikala Milligan

I love this idea!! I remember reading about that on the ACCA listserve

00:46:18Jeanette Diamond

Dickinson College is offering many resources for employees and students generally. Here is our Work-Life Balance webpage for employees specifically for the COVID-19 challenges we are facing: There is also a webpage from our Women's and Gender Resource Center for blog postings shared to help connect our community: Our Student Life and HR wellness staff have been collaborating regularly to offer virtual options for fitness and wellness as they become available.

00:49:56Karen Moses

These are all great resource options being made available for students. Are students using them? What are the numbers of participants, students accessing these resources? How are you getting the word out about these online resources?

00:54:19Teresa Michaelson

Yes!! Embry-Riddle Aeronautical did the same. We had over 100 faculty/staff volunteer to call all 7056 students. Same response from our students. They really appreciated it.

00:55:28Mikala Milligan

Lander University did the same thing! Same response as well

00:58:04Rachel Boldman

McHenry County College (Crystal Lake, iL)—we’ve re-deployed lots of non-student-affairs staff, even cafeteria employees, as “Navigators” in every single course. Navigators work with the course instructor to connect students to resources on and off campus. It’s been really fun to see the initiative grow and see people who are usually not in student-facing roles THRIVE as Navigators! It’s been good for employees’ wellness too!

00:59:19Leah Bank

Who on your campuses spearheaded the phone chain/calling initiatives?

00:59:48Shawnté Elbert - NASPA

VP of Enrollment Management for CWU

01:00:32Sissy Meredith, CUPA-HR

That is awesome, Rachel. Fantastic work at McHenry County College!

01:00:36Josh Downing - NIRSA

VP of Student Affairs

01:01:21Rose Viau

Same, and my back is hurting terribly! :)

01:02:06Janelle Johnson,ACCA

Hello to everyone and to any ACCA members that are participating today.

01:02:21Josh Downing - NIRSA

Here’s a helpful article

01:02:30Sal Rizza- NODA

Hi Leah, we've had two different phone calling campaigns. Our Dean's office initiated calls to students who were reported by faculty (through a reporting form) as to not have connected to a class. 400 calls were made by the student affairs staff to check in. For incoming students, my office collaborated with residence life, admissions, transfer services and advising to call our confirmed students to check in with them. We tapped our student workers (orientation leaders, resident advisers etc...) My office has overseen the logistics.

01:03:23Linda Knight

WE try to never say balance - we always use harmony. Balance sets us up for failure, but harmony looks different each day.

01:03:42Becca Rampe AUCCCO

We use harmony too!

01:04:06Sissy Meredith, CUPA-HR

Ooooh, I really like the term, harmony!

01:04:35April Konvalinka, ACUHO-I

i use harmony too, work life harmony

01:06:36Sissy Meredith, CUPA-HR

Attendees, how are you doing? How are you navigating through the last few weeks?

01:07:24Lauren Mickler

What kind of virtual initiatives have you launched?

01:08:04William Hurley - NACAS

Hanging in there, Sissy! Tired of looking at the same walls :)

01:08:37Sissy Meredith, CUPA-HR

I hear ya, @William Hurley! If these walls could talk...or maybe they are?!?!

01:09:09Jaymie Cox-Garcia

@William - I'm in the process of painting my walls. :)

01:09:11Crystal Zavallo

Hanging in there! I miss the students and the "hustle" of campus. My office is so quite these days with everyone being remote

01:09:20Josh Downing - NIRSA

All good! I’ve done a number of times:):)

01:09:57William Hurley - NACAS

Best of luck, Jaymie! I live in an apartment that wouldn't be too happy with such drastic alterations..

01:10:15Linda Knight

Here us the virtual wellness site at William & Mary, feel free to use anything you see that might help you out.

01:10:19Teresa Michaelson

Sissy, creating fun games and activities to virtually play with staff has helped a lot. But I miss sharing the same space with them....I miss the hustle of campus too.

01:10:22Sissy Meredith, CUPA-HR

Missing others has been the number one 'miss' for most I hear from. It's hard not too actually seeing others on a regular basis [and without face masks].

01:10:32Jaymie Cox-Garcia

William - Temporary wallpaper? Perhaps on a canvas?

01:10:49Mamie Murphy

at PBSC we are leading movement breaks. The manger send us the zoom or skype link and our team leads a 10 min movement break

01:10:58Brenda Boetger

Gannon University had their engineering groups make face shields on their 3D printer and donated to hospitals. Also, our health science groups donated all of the PPE supplies to local hospitals.

01:11:04William Hurley - NACAS

Not a bad idea, Jaymie! Might be time to bust out some art supplies.

01:11:23Sissy Meredith, CUPA-HR

The fun games and activities are great ideas, @Teresa! Helping to step back and do some fun mind breaks is so key!

01:12:04Josh Downing - NIRSA

01:12:10Jennifer Kennymore - U of FL

We created a virtual student union for the University of Florida:

01:12:22Sissy Meredith, CUPA-HR

It's been great to hear how institutions are leaning in COVID-19 research, making face shields and masks, and putting the 3D printers to work!

01:12:22Brenda Boetger

Our Res Life is having a face covering contest to see who can make the best face covering.

01:13:36Teresa Michaelson

Hi Karen! Hi April! GO UCF :)

01:13:38Jeanette Diamond

Staff at Dickinson College are mostly working remotely - but as a result of the need for masks, staff members who could sew made masks for our workers who remained on campus to serve the students who had to stay on campus for various reasons, supporting social distancing requirements. This was a wonderful voluntary act and was greatly appreciated by employees working on the campus grounds and buildings to support the students.

01:15:22NIRSA Library

Kat - can you drop the link the chat?

01:15:28Keira McGlone, BHAC

Staying Calm and Well in the Midst of COVID-19:

01:15:37NIRSA Library

Thanks, Keira!

01:15:40Gabby Dixon

Lots of video content going on at UCF! I am part of our Student Care Services Team and we are also doing live videos every week. They seem to be going really well

01:15:46Keira McGlone, BHAC

Sure thing! You're welcome!

01:16:58April Konvalinka, ACUHO-I

Recreation and Wellness at UCF also hosts daily fitness classes for anyone

01:17:11Sissy Meredith, CUPA-HR

CUPA-HR COVID-19 resources site for helping keeping everyone safe, healthy and informed: [also includes webinar information - free to public]

01:17:34Ximena Iglesias join us

01:17:46Kat Marriott - BHAC

01:18:17Stan Shingles

Pam, I would like to share our Recreation Movement success in the community

01:18:33Keira McGlone, BHAC

Also, evidence-based resources:

01:18:55Darcie Burde

01:19:02Rachel Boldman

Can someone compile the links in the chat and send them out to participants?

01:19:20Karen Hofmann

UCF CAPS has created many videos, webinars, links on their social media (Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter)

01:19:41NIRSA Library

The chat will be posted alongside the video recording. You'll be able to find it on NIRSA's Ideas in Motion Page:

01:20:06Mindy McDowell

Students WILL come back! At William Peace University in Raleigh, NC, our university president did an Instagram Live session (outside of his comfort zone :)) during which he asked students what they wanted to see and did a walking tour of campus. It was touching to see how well it was received by our students who had to leave campus abruptly and simply missed their school.

01:20:25Karen Hofmann

UCF CAPS also collaborated with their communicaitons/ media department to do Instagram live Mindfulness Mondays each Monday at noon for all the campus.

01:20:44Joe Cassidy

01:21:27Pam Watts, NIRSA

If you have any burning questions, type them in now and we'll try to get to them before the top of the hour

01:22:16April Konvalinka, ACUHO-I

UCF housing and residence life also hosts Live Learn Belong virtual sessions to replace the in person campus visits, tour of residence halls, and answering questions live.

01:22:58Joe Cassidy

Wake Forest is really enjoying our participation in Recreation Movement challenge. Hope it will continue throughout the summer.

01:23:03Gabby Dixon

What platform do you all feel has been most effective in connecting with students?

01:24:44Joel Arancibia

Hope everyone is staying safe and not losing their sanity working remotely! Greetings from FIU in Miami

01:25:53Joel Arancibia

We also have several virtual offerings for students and anyone interested. Posting link here

01:26:25Becca Rampe AUCCCO

A lot of us have been encouraged to use Tik Tok, not sure if others are using but connecting students there to then getting them to join us on other platforms

01:26:36Gabby Dixon

Thanks! I was just curious what people are finding success with! :)

01:26:40Sissy Meredith, CUPA-HR

Yes, Shawnte! Upskilling and Reskilling are definitely necessary!

01:26:41Josh Downing - NIRSA

A little bit more about BUBeWell at Butler U.

01:26:44Shawnté Elbert - NASPA

This is a perfect time for professional development!

01:26:49Kat Marriott - BHAC

All I know is that students DO NOT use Facebook!

01:26:55Tara Lahnen

Thank you this was great.

01:26:55Teresa Michaelson

Thank you everyone!!

01:27:04Kathleen Huber

Thank you all - appreciate your time and efforts

01:27:10Teresa Prendes-Walls

I've been encouraging my staff to Let’s move away from the message of “Surviving Covid” and more toward just new ideas and opportunity to open our lives to a new dimension of interacting. Love everyone's ideas!

01:27:10Sissy Meredith, CUPA-HR

Thanks everyone - wonderful being with all of you!

01:27:11Lindsay Garber

Thank you Everyone!!

01:27:18Amy Arrindell

Thank you all.

01:27:20Heather Lopez

Thank you!

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