NIRSA Team at Headquarters

If you have any questions about the products, programs, or services offered by NIRSA, please reach out to any member of the NIRSA Team at Headquarters.

COVID-19 Update

In an effort to help minimize exposure to and spread of COVID-19, the Team at NIRSA Headquarters is participating in social distancing by encouraging remote work for the near future. We can still be reached during normal business hours by email and phone.

Pam Watts
Pam WattsExecutive Director
541-766-8211 x860
NIRSA Headquarters Administrative Organizational Chart
Kevin Bellis
Kevin BellisAssistant Director of Finance
541-766-8211 x870
Elishea Borin
Elishea BorinExecutive Assistant
Simon Bravo
Simon BravoCommunications Director
541-766-8211 x863
Dennis N. Carpenter II, IOM
Dennis N. Carpenter II, IOMNIRSA Senior Director, Membership & Programs
Cory Granholm
Cory GranholmCreative Director
541-766-8211 x848
Megan Granholm
Megan GranholmMember Services Manager
541-766-8211 x858
Kristen Gleason
Kristen GleasonDirector of Professional Development
541-766-8211 x855
Christine Haluzak
Christine HaluzakDirector of Membership
541-766-8211 x847
Chelsea Hansson
Chelsea HanssonLeadership Programs Coordinator
541-766-8211 x875
Rachel Hart
Rachel HartBilling Coordinator
541-766-8211 x853
Kim Holmes
Kim HolmesDirector of Philanthropy
Emily Hughes
Emily HughesDirector of Corporate Relations
541-766-8211 x841
Kelley Hungerford
Kelley HungerfordExpo and Corporate Relations Coordinator
541-368-5856 x878
Nazifa Islam
Nazifa IslamCommunications Coordinator
541-766-8211 x852
Nicole Jackson
Nicole JacksonNational Sport Programs Coordinator
541-766-8211 x849
Sarah Leskovec
Sarah LeskovecMember Relations Manager
541-766-8211 x866
Valerie McCutchan, CRSS
Valerie McCutchan, CRSSDirector of National Sport Programs
541-766-8211 x864
Lauren McKinnis
Lauren McKinnisDirector of Marketing
Erin O’Sullivan
Erin O’SullivanDirector of Advocacy and Strategic Partnerships
541-766-8211 x844
John Raskauskas
John RaskauskasProfessional Development Coordinator
541-766-8211 x867
Brittany Rejda
Brittany RejdaAssistant Director for Professional Development
541-766-8211 x845
Ryan Rejda
Ryan RejdaTechnologies and Network Services Manager
541-766-8211 x861
Sierra Smith
Sierra SmithDirector of Events & Experiences
541-766-8211 x862
Joe Williams
Joe WilliamsSenior Director of Finance
Nick Zumbrun
Nick ZumbrunProfessional Development Coordinator
541-766-8211 x859
Heidi Hurley
Heidi HurleyDirector of Corporate Relations and Business Development
541-766-8211 x851
Karin Birkland, SHRM-SCP
Karin Birkland, SHRM-SCPSenior Director of Human Resources/OD
541-766-8211 x846
Mary Callender, CRSS
Mary Callender, CRSSSenior Director of Operations
541-766-8211 x857