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Member spotlights are a key feature of NIRSA’s news and a great way to shine a national (and even international) spotlight on outstanding individuals, programs, or initiatives.

If you have someone or something you would like to see featured in the NIRSA news,  pitch us your idea.

Types of articles

NIRSA publishes articles on a wide variety of topics related to collegiate recreation. But most articles fall into one (or more) of these general types: member spotlights, commentary and views, and program or initiative features.

NIRSA is proud to offer members a platform to spotlight their outstanding colleagues.

Whether it’s a longtime NIRSA member who is retiring from the department, an up-and-coming GA who has a bright future in the profession ahead of them, a colleague who’s been recognized with a campus or community accolade, or someone you want to recognize for another reason entirely, we are happy to collaborate with you to celebrate their excellence.

We consider proposals for articles that express an opinion on issues and policies affecting campus recreation as well as those that explore—through the author’s personal experience—some aspect of the broader collegiate recreation community.

We publish first-person pieces on topics including the job market and the hiring process; the graduate-school experience; professional challenges in research; new trends in exercise and recreation; publishing, teaching, and service work; academic culture; and balancing work and family life.

Tell us about your program’s success stories!

Has your program recently celebrated a milestone? Or have you introduced a new program that went even better than you expected? Maybe your welcome week helped start the school year off on the right foot, or the annual shutdown and spring clean of your facilities has afforded your team an opportunity to revisit its values. Whether you are bringing back an old favorite for your campus or trying something for the first time, share your successes with your NIRSA colleagues across North America.

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Pitch us your ideas

Have an idea for an article? Tell us about it!

Send us an email outlining your idea and a proposed timetable for when you would like to see the article go live. We will respond with a few questions for your consideration, and a proposed timeline for your draft submission. Most articles are ready for online publication within about one week from the submission of the initial draft and accompanying images. The timeline may vary depending on the nature of the article.

Once article drafts are submitted, our editorial team will review them for clarity and house style. Contributors will then have an opportunity to review and make any final changes, corrections, or updates to the revised draft.

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Recent articles

Hiring and staffing during the pandemic

In the November/December 2021 issue of Athletic Business Magazine, writer Michael Popke catches up with three NIRSA members to discuss hiring and staffing campus recreation programs and services during a pandemic.