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Wednesday, March 25, 11:00am PT

facilitated by Richelle Williams

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Chat Transcript

00:33:49Cara Green

We are closed! Working Remotely

00:33:59Taylor Roby

What kind of activities are you sending to your student staff in order for them to earn hours?

00:34:00Lindsey Englehart

No UNCA is not

00:34:01Elizabeth Lasker


00:34:02marcos ordaz

PSU Closed and working remote

00:34:02Raul Cano


00:34:04Taylor Roby

I’m working remotely for the time being.

00:34:06Joey LaNeve


00:34:09Tricia Hall

Yes, remote

00:34:11Natalie Hawkins

SIU-Edwardsville - Closed / working remotely

00:34:11Adam Catli Comeau

University of Wyoming is remote now

00:34:12Bob Weeks

University of Cincinnati closed and staff working remotely


unlv is remote

00:34:15Ashley Chism

Memphis is closed we are working from home

00:34:18Bob Gough

W&M closed, we are working remotely

00:34:23Jenna Dillon

VCU Is working remote and facilities are closed

00:34:25Mike Wong

closed and working remotely at CSUSB

00:34:27Krista Herring

UCCS closed and working remotely, including student remote work

00:34:28Kristen Hinton

UNT closed and telecommuting

00:34:30Chelsea Randolph

working from home, building is shut down

00:34:32Elizabeth Lasker

UMB remote

00:34:32Andy Laughlin

Iowa State closed, working remotely

00:34:36Abi Schaefer

duke is closed and we are working remotley

00:34:37Kaiti Goff

U of Minnesota closed and almost everyone is remote working

00:34:39Nick Pfeifer

Penn State has been closed since March 16

00:34:41Meredith Brood

UNI is closed. Working from home

00:34:41Woodrow Price

Closed since last Monday

00:34:45Ned Harvey

University of New Hampshire is completely shut down- working remotely and now one can go to campus unless deemed essential

00:34:50Colin Allison

Santa Clara is closed, all spring quarter classes moved online.

00:34:52Natalie Hawkins


00:34:55Raul Cano

If you are working remotely, what are you working on?

00:34:58Meredith Brood

Advertising and still connecting with patrons. Ideas?

00:35:13Krista Herring

Challenges: adjusting to not seeing people and it’s hard for me to turn it off!

00:35:16Jenna Dillon

VCU will be winterizing our pools

00:35:16Jacob Rasmussen

We drained our pool at Toledo

00:35:16Mike Wong

Fewer instances of development with students

00:35:20Andy Laughlin

CPO is still going in and checking

00:35:22Sarah Shea

A&M- Commerce- got approval to go in one hour a day to check pool

00:35:35Krista Herring

UCCS has an essential staff member and he is at the pool and checking the chemicals.

00:35:37Woodrow Price

Out facilities team is still monitoring daily

00:35:38Mikayla Nawojczyk

SNHU's athletic building is completely shut down, currently being taken over by the National Guard for overflow

00:35:40Bill Powe

USM closed we are draining the pool and cleaning (annual maintenance early)

00:35:42Cara Green

UH we are rotating between 4 CPOs to go check every day


checking once a day per Alberta health standards. turned down temp and Cl

00:35:44Rebecca Mabile

Our plumbers do our water quality and they are still on campus-checking in if anything is off

00:35:45Emily Wujcik

Saint Louis University is still having our head of maintenance continuing to check the chem levels. We did drain the hot tub

00:35:45Krista Herring

I know UGA has Brooke going in ever three days to check chems

00:35:46Ned Harvey

UNH is draining today

00:35:53Steven Wright

I still go in once a week only one in building to maintain chemicals

00:35:58Adam Catli Comeau

We are having a meeting regarding water in the facility this afternoon

00:36:01Colin Allison

SCU has a outside contractor that is still coming in for maintaince and chemical checks

00:36:01Mike Wong

Pool is monitored but no plans for draining

00:36:08Blake Covington

UNCA still checking pool chemical levels daily

00:36:12Brooke Freudenhammer

UGA Me and my team (AQ coordinator and maintenance foreman, go in every two days to check pump room and chems

00:36:12Jennifer Cobarrubias

Stanford has facilities coming in (a different person each day)…The pool temp has been lowered and they are keeping chemicals at normal tarps are on.

00:36:16Maxwell Miller

Could people say what college/university they are from when they’re responding or speaking for follow-up if needed?

00:36:21Bob Gough

Water Quality... we turned off the chemical controller, are keeping the pumps running due to the HVAC integration. Signs are up to alert to the danger. building is locked.

00:36:21Joey LaNeve

Pool tech is monitoring pool and we are vacuuming once a week to stay on top or organics (outdoor pool)

00:36:24marcos ordaz

At PSU our CPO has been going in and doing already scheduled repairs (UV light replacement)

00:36:28Kaiti Goff

At Minnesota pur pool chemistry is managed by facility management of the University. All of the heaters are turned off and we are shocking a pool that needs it right now. No plans to drain

00:36:28Debbie Roberts

still keeping it up checking every few days

00:36:29Beth Fisher

We have a facility mechanic go in daily to do checks on pools and plants for the ice rinks.


CPO essential staff is managing pool, new system allows us to monitor remotely

00:36:50Craig Merkey

Pool operator going into check everything

00:36:50Autumn Cleverley

Cincinnati, Has drained the leisure pool and hot tub. to conserve chemicals for the lap pool.

00:36:51erik daly

Lafayette College pool is taken care of by a third party who goes in everyday

00:36:54Jenna Dillon

Our university is continuing to pay students, even if they are not working

00:37:10Frances Caron

University of California, Riverside - Fulltime pool tech still going in and accepting chemicals deliveries as needed. We also have our systems set up to monitor remotely.

00:37:33Bob Weeks

UC maintenance is still in most of the week to monitor things, and when they aren't in other maintenance staff take a picture of the chemtrols and send to him, so he can review it and make sure things look good still.

00:38:01Laura Fitzgerald


00:38:03Bob Weeks

Lol, no

00:38:12Mike Wong

At CSUSB there are no plans for reopening yet.

00:38:21Bob Gough

We are looking toward June 1 for the start of summer school

00:38:22Taylor Roby

we signed a telecommute agreement through the end of May

00:38:22Woodrow Price

no word yet

00:38:23Adam Catli Comeau

At UW we do not have a reopen date at this time

00:38:24Meredith Brood


00:38:26Krista Herring

Earliest we could re-open is May 16th

00:38:39Renee Lamoureux

University of Calgary in Alberta has programs cancelled until June 30th

00:38:48Alison Fisher

Everything is closed until April 30

00:38:57Ashley Chism

Our academics is staying all online until August, Campus Recreation is closed until further notice, I have canceled all programs through May.

00:39:00Joey LaNeve

no reopen date but we are planning for mid-may. Completely depends on state of things as we approach summer


Tentative date for mid April, fairly certain it will be extended

00:39:05Rebecca Mabile

Weber State cancelled all events until May 10th, so I don't suspect we will reopen before then, but our President's Council is making decisions about summer semester today

00:39:10Nick Pfeifer

Penn State will remain in remote work mode at least until the end of the semester, which is May 8

00:39:15marcos ordaz

PSU - no reopen date yet¶All Spring term programming (swim lessons) cancelled

00:39:18erik daly

Lafayette colege has cancelled all on campus events until May 6th

00:39:21Maxwell Miller

Swarthmore College - All athletic facilities are closed until further notice (Field House, Fitness Center, Pool, and Indoor Tennis Center).

00:39:23Brooke Freudenhammer

UGA -No reopen date as of now

00:39:27Cara Green

Houston is only on stay at home til lApril 4, so we are planning for that right now

00:39:29erik daly


00:39:31Ned Harvey

University of New Hampshire (UNH) rec facilities are closed "until further notice" at this point. Everything has been canceled through the end of May and we're hoping to open for our Summer season on June 1st

00:39:43Woodrow Price


00:39:58Aaron Watkins

Same as Adam

00:40:07Krista Herring

UCCS: all classes are online and then school decided to also have everyone work remote so until they allow people to work on campus again we cannot open the facility

00:40:10Tricia Hall

Stanford - All of CA Shelter in Place until April 7, no re-open date

00:40:11Craig Merkey

Still pending will be evaluated as we move forward

00:40:18Jennifer Cobarrubias

Stanford does not have a set date yet however no students are allowed back on campus for Spring Quarter

00:40:30CJ Stancheski

Texas A&M University is also tentative reopen for April 8

00:40:40Maxwell Miller

At Swarthmore College if our facilities would open, they would be on reduced hours, similar to a semester break (6:30am-7pm).


all online classes, graduation date postponed at csuf tentative open date after spring break. students were paid through April 5

00:40:43Meredith Brood

UNI has classes online for the remainder of the semester and summer courses. We are closed until we are told we can open.

00:40:43Alison Fisher

At the University of Regina (Canada) we have moved all classes online until Sept 1, we are closed until May 1 which will likely be extended

00:40:47Bob Gough

All classes at W&M online for the rest of the semester. All on-campus buildings (including Rec Center) are closed. We are looking at June 1 to reopen buildings for summer session one

00:40:50Lindsay Wigderson

UNC Greensboro does not have a re-open date

00:41:05Colin Allison

Same boat as Stanford, no reopen date until after shelter in place order is lifted. Then university will decide

00:41:10Ned Harvey

UNH is online through the end of Spring Semester- Summer is unknown right now

00:41:31Beth Fisher

U of Guelph has sliding re-opening dates. Changes every week. Likely closed until June 1st. Winter exams are all online through April.

00:42:10Christine Scollay

Syracuse University has opted to do summer one classes online. No word on when staff can return to campus.

00:42:18Raul Cano

No re-open date. There are 4 professional staff in our facility so 2 of us will start going each day effective tomorrow

00:43:21Jenna Dillon

Keeping students engaged with the program and with their skills, Planning for the return of students, planning for Fall trainings, virtual swim lesson resources, virtual safety topics, virtual hiring

00:43:23Sarah Shea

Working on online trainings for student staff to do at home for paid hours.

00:43:38Renee Lamoureux

we are going through all of our administrative paperwork. Reviewing our policy and procedure manual and updating all similar documents


I meet with my students once a week with face time, manual update, online training and seminars, zoom meeting with pro staff 2 times a week.

00:43:48Nathalie Cotton

Stanford University Aquatics here! Currently re-building that big aquatics employee manual!

00:44:04Miranda Buiter

SIUE Aquatics GA here, I currently work with my staff one on one and help them get set up for after graduation, preparing them for the summer and helping them find job alternatives currently. I have also been working on re-evaluating our training process and our LG/SI Manual

00:44:10Craig Merkey

Sent out AOAP weekly today for in-service training options for current student staff to keep them engaged.

00:44:21Mike Wong

At Cal State San Bernardino some projects that we are focusing on are: Aquatics Manuel Review, Summer Group Lessons marketing, future-in-service planning, and other marketing materials.

00:44:24Natalie Hawkins

No pool: virtual programming through social media and staying engaged.

00:44:35Bob Gough

Loaded my staff manuals on Google, gave the Aquatic Supervisor student staff a few paid hours to review and edit

00:44:45Ashley Chism

My boss wants us to log in our calendars every hour what we are doing to show we are productive.. I will be working on Safety videos for social media, planning in-services, and updating our staff manuals.


Prep for summer and fall, manual and operational plan updates, reviewing and maintaining staff documents (creating how-tos, online trainings, shift paperwork), marketing for programing, assigning and monitoring student staff remote work

00:45:19marcos ordaz

Creating DRY LAND WORKOUTS¶and following MySwimPro on Youtube

00:45:22Lindsay Wigderson

Lots of admin work and planning for the summer and fall semester, hiring via zoom, reaching out to students individually and having zoom calls every other week to check in. updating manuals, etc.

00:45:26Anike Oladeji

Currently working on hiring new head lifeguards, looking at what hiring is going to look like, and a lot of manual work and re working the swim lesson program

00:45:37Bob Gough

using student staff to help compile stats for annual report

00:45:53Emily Wujcik

SLU - working on facility EAP, having students create and post short workout videos as well as motivational posts, and looking to move in-services online

00:46:08Cara Green

Can we create an idea share space for everyone who is doing remote training?

00:46:49Richelle Williams

@cara that would be great

00:46:52Taylor Roby

I have a list of stuff I’ve developed for my students and I would be more than happy to share. email me at

00:46:58Craig Merkey

Here is the link for the online trainings from the AOAP Weekly:

00:47:03Taylor Roby

I’d also love to see your plans/what you’ve sent to your kiddos.


I have assigned linked in learning topics to my students 3 assignments

00:47:31Krista Herring

UCCS has given access to LinkedIn Learning to all staff, including students, we’ve asked student staff to find a few courses they are interested in and then sending over the courses with why they want to take them, and after completion they are providing a self-reflection on what they thought of the course for LinkedIn Learning

00:48:13Krista Herring

If you have access to LinkedIn Learning for students we have created a procedure process for getting students paid for their time spent there - if you email me I can send you the document

00:48:33Frances Caron

University of California, Riverside - We developed an entire leadership training program for our students from LinkedIn Learning.

00:49:27Adam Catli Comeau

That’s great to hear! I hope that we can get LinkedIn Learning available for student staff here at UW

00:49:42Cara Green

We are also updating our SOPs

00:50:44Lindsay Wigderson

this is an article from campus rec magazine:

00:51:17marcos ordaz

Find the error fix the error training videos:

00:51:24Raul Cano

We are working on updating Manual, daily/weekly duties, evaluation of staff, updating interview questions

00:52:11marcos ordaz

no pool = no excuses:

00:52:22Rebecca Mabile

I've been working on updating our safety audit program for all of our fitness center staff. Adding scenarios, updating refresher training, evaluating how I train safety team staff.

00:52:57marcos ordaz


00:53:01Beth Fisher

Great professional development resources on Facebook. Lifeguard Authority.

00:53:09Maxwell Miller

It is important to make sure that if a student is coming back to work that they have a place to stay either on-campus or off-campus.

00:53:09Krista Herring

We’ve done the same - go home if you need! You always have a job whenever we re-open!

00:53:25Maxwell Miller

It is important to make sure that if a student is coming back to work that they have a place to stay either on-campus or off-campus. Make sure that you are on the same page with Residence Life.

00:53:52Bob Gough

At W&M we can have students work remotely if we can justify the work. All students are required to be off-campus.

00:54:17Bob Gough

Does everyone know about the 90 day Red Cross cert extension?

00:54:57Beth Fisher

Other great free webinars going on through Lakeview Aquatic Consultants.

00:54:58Jason Darby

Southern Miss - We can work GAs but are only allowed to have our GX instructors work by making videos from their own homes for distance engagement, but it will be paid on the backend. No other student employees can work.

00:55:06Maxwell Miller

There may be costs that will be billed to your department associated with a student moving back to campus in order to work.

00:55:35Maxwell Miller

I want to see the trash you create :-)

00:55:43Bob Gough

The red cross extension is available through a free online class. go to "take a class" link on the Red Cross website

00:55:49Sarah Shea

90 days extension link....

00:55:49Rebecca Mabile

Paying students--I have my two student managers working remotely. The others can't work but our HR department is allowing us to pay them for the hours they would have worked if we hadn't closed.

00:56:07Meredith Brood

Did anyone have LG classes planned and have changed to elearning?

00:56:09Linda McKee

University of Minnesota is paying all student employees based on their average weekly hours through the end of our current semester (May 12). We have been very lucky with the University's transparency and communication.

00:56:10Raul Cano

No student workers at this moment working (not even remotely)

00:56:11Maxwell Miller

Is there any remote programming that anyone is promoting related to aquatics?

00:56:21Taylor Roby

we are not allowed to hire at the moment.

00:56:23Krista Herring

Not interviewing at this point in time since we don’t have a re-open date.

00:56:30Tricia Hall

Stanford on hiring freeze

00:56:33Ned Harvey

UNH is on a hiring freeze

00:56:36Kristen Hinton

hire freeze

00:56:36Cara Green

we ar not allowed to hire

00:56:37Alison Fisher

We are on a hiring freeze and have been asked to hold off on interviews

00:56:38Laura Fitzgerald

SBU hiring freeze

00:56:39Natalie Hawkins

No hiring…..unknown if funding will be available for Fall

00:56:41Raul Cano

not hiring at this moment

00:56:41Linda McKee

Hiring freeze on all positions, student and professional at U of MN

00:56:43Emily Wujcik

SLU is not able to hire

00:56:44Mike Wong

Currently would like to hire but can not yet at CSUSB

00:56:45Joey LaNeve

hiring freeze

00:56:46Woodrow Price

Accepting applications only

00:56:48Sarah Shea

We are allowed to hire, but haven't figured out the best way.... A&M Commerce

00:56:50Taylor Roby

summer is going to be TOUGH

00:56:50Jennifer Cobarrubias

Stanford can interview but we can’t officially hire them yet

00:57:03Colin Allison

Santa Clara is on a hiring freeze, can't move forward on any position until campus re-opens. Makes planning for reopening slightly difficult.

00:57:58Colin Allison

Currently trying to ID which current student staff would be moving back into the area if we're allowed to reopen and who would be willing to work.

00:58:05Bob Gough

LG New hiring: interviewing via Zoom, will have to complete in-water tryout when we get back

00:58:08Matt Edmonds

Ryerson University in Toronto is in the same position as Guelph: we can move through the dry parts of interviewing process (nothing in-water) online, but are not able to provide offers.

00:58:09Jason Darby

Any students on the call searching for GAs or professional jobs, be patient in the process. Some are swapping to virtual interviews but many are on a hiring freeze. Stay in contact with who you’ve been interviewing with and they will be happy to give you updates on where they are in that process. It is just as frustrating for them as it is for you, I promise! Best of luck to any of you interviewing.

00:58:11Craig Merkey

Job postings will be going up this week, we just started a new recruiting software. Interviews will be online and hiring will be dependent on re-opening, so more looking at resumes and applications to be prepared.

00:58:33Jenna Dillon

We are allowed to hire. Planning on doing interviews and having them take an on-line quiz with scenarios.

00:58:51erik daly

Lafayette College is holding group interviews but we have no start date.

00:59:44Ned Harvey

what kind of skills tests to people do for hiring?

01:00:05Joey LaNeve

@ Ned Basic rescues and CPR knowledge

01:00:14Autumn Cleverley

@Ned Harvey Basically all the rescues and CPR


UNLV has paused all hiring until we have a firm reopen date. Plan is to start doing online interviews once we have a firm date starting 2 weeks out

01:00:18Anike Oladeji

@Ned normally we run through scenarios to see how they handle situations and work on team work

01:00:25Adam Catli Comeau

300 yard swim, 2 minute tread, brick retrieval test, active rescue, head splint spinal hold & entry, adult cpr scenario

01:00:28Richelle Williams


01:00:37Rebecca Mabile

@Ned we do a 300yd swim, brick tow, active and passive rescues, spinal holds, and a first aid and cpr scenario

01:00:38Emily Wujcik

Same ^^

01:00:56Lisa Molloy


01:01:19Emily Wujcik

We do have a first aid worksheet (just front and back) that they complete that gives me a better understanding of their skills

01:01:40Joey LaNeve

Hire for personality, Skills can be taught!

01:01:49Bob Weeks

@Brooke, how far out are you building the schedule? Can you make a shorter term one with staff who've already passed, and then incorporate new guards in as they pass the skills? Then they could pick up sub shifts until they hit the weeks they'd be on the schedule for.

01:01:57Maxwell Miller

Re: to Brooke - If you’re building out a schedule with new staff pending a skills test, I would schedule those new staff when you or your other staff can cover their shifts if they do not pass the skills test. (I hope this makes sense)

01:02:25Beth Fisher

Once we plan to re-open, I am running practice sessions for returning staff and new hire candidates to get in the water where we are not actually evaluating people.

01:02:52Ned Harvey

Thanks everyone!

01:02:56Bob Gough

500 yard swim, 200 free, 200 breast, 100 choice, active, passive rescues, inline stabilization, 10 minute tread

01:04:28Ned Harvey

UNH is 13.5 feet and I require all staff to be able to get to the bottom. Even my swim instructors.

01:05:05Beth Fisher

Does anyone have a plan to have time to be back in the facility before opening to the public, to allow for dates to do in-water try outs?

01:05:17erik daly

Lafayette is 13.5. All guards need to be able to make a deep water submerged save in the well.

01:05:18Nick Pfeifer

At Penn State, as long as their skills are somewhat adequate and they seem like they have good character, we hire them. With as many student employees as we need to hire to be properly staffed, we don't have a lot of ability to be super picky in who we hire. But we do make them go to the bottom of our dive well during the interview process, that is not negotiable.

01:06:38Ned Harvey

@ Nick I'm in a similar position at UNH. Can't be too picky so i have them do the Lifeguard Pretest and then base off character

01:06:43Raul Cano

We always have trouble hiring lifeguards. We cannot afford to be very picky, as long as you have certification you are hired

01:06:53Ned Harvey

We review skills during in-services each month


We are firm on LG prerecs at UNLV. We will work with students on LG skills if they are a little shaky

01:07:26Adam Catli Comeau

We have monthly in-service as well as semester CPR audits

01:07:42erik daly

we don't have many LG options but we can't compromise the swimmers.

01:07:46Ned Harvey


01:07:53Cara Green

We did until pro staff was mandated to work from home

01:08:02Kristen Hinton

We do a skills screening before even considering an interview

01:08:25Beth Fisher

Was anyone planning on participating in the World’s Largest Swimming lesson event on June 18th? Do you plan to still go ahead with is event?

01:08:26Bob Weeks

Autumn listed what we require from new hires for skills at UC, but we give them multiple chances. We just instruct them to review what they didn't do well and come back to demonstrate it another time. Often, they don't come back if that happens.

01:08:26Miranda Buiter

SIUE- We have biweekly inservice traning that focuses on skills and topics, and then usually we transition to issues in the pool and relevant future potential issues depending on weather and season (midwest makes it fun being sporadic as it is)

01:08:30Joey LaNeve

We started deep cleaning as soon as we closed. We will reclean before we open

01:08:34Lindsay Wigderson

at UNCG - we were going to deep clean the pool until our staff were told they would get paid without working their normal shifts

01:08:59Craig Merkey

Our Maintenance & Operations Staff are going through all of our buildings to do this in all areas. Prior to this when we were open, our Fitness center staff were wiping things down several times a day, plus what our users wiped before and after use.

01:09:00Bob Gough

Building Services staff (housekeeping) is conducting deep cleaning. Enviro Health and safety will work with Facility Mgt to deep clean every building on campus over the next 2 months.

01:09:49Amanda Simmons

At VCU, our housekeeping crew continues to work to clean all of our facilities, spaces, equipment, etc. We are trying our best to continue to give them hours, as we have quite a few full-time housekeepers that we would love to still give hours to over our closure. Our maintenance crew is also working on-site, and will handle most pool cleaning.

01:10:07Raul Cano

Custodial is doing our deep cleaning

01:10:23Adam Catli Comeau

We also have full time custodial staff who are still cleaning

01:10:28Laura Fitzgerald


01:10:33Christian Lawrence

interesting article on how long surfaces may be infected:

01:10:34Colin Allison

We're very fortunate, our cleaning and janitorial service is handled by a 3rd party service. Univerity facilities has communicated to them the additional cleanning needed. Before we'd reopen, we most likely will go in and clean up touch points and ensure it's all taken care of.


full time custodial

01:10:40Kaiti Goff

Custodial staff has not been considered “essential” at U of Minnesota so we are doing what we can

01:10:49Mike Wong

We at CSUSB use a contracted custodial staff

01:11:19Brooke Freudenhammer

at UGA our Maintenance Foreman is going in and updating all the daily, weekly and monthly cleaning tasks. Our custodial staff is still there

01:11:52Ned Harvey

UNH has full time custodial

01:12:15Jenna Dillon

Our group exercise program is doing virtual workouts


We are going to do First Aid Friday’s for videos. Our students will be creating and posting on SM weekly. We also are working on swim lessons topics we have parents do from home.

01:13:06Abi Schaefer

duke is sending out dry land workouts to our masters team weekly and modified workouts for non masters groups. We are using our masters coach to push this content

01:13:17Bob Gough

Our department is partnering with the Wellness Center to provide programming:

01:13:30awittwer is doing 10 am dry land workouts PST

01:14:42Jennifer Cobarrubias


01:14:45Lizzie Milkas

FSU DSA has a virtual hub where for student to access -

01:14:53Garcia, Carlos Aaron

Here is the link to the disinfectant

01:15:02Kaiti Goff

If you need a laugh or a smile, Minnesota Swimming is posting “fish out of water” posts. It’s pretty funny

01:15:16Garcia, Carlos Aaron

01:16:19Maxwell Miller

01:16:26Adam Catli Comeau

01:16:34Maxwell Miller

I included William & Mary’s link on my page.

01:16:56Bob Gough

Thanks Max!

01:17:04Adam Catli Comeau

Pete DeQuincy’s youtube channel is a good resource for drills, i believe he has some dry land activities

01:17:22Craig Merkey

Pete's skills are great for the staff!

01:17:48Adam Catli Comeau

Met him at the NIRSA Triventure in November, great guy!

01:19:22Jenna Dillon

It would be great if the Red Cross could release the whales tales posters so parents can review water safety with their children

01:19:25Kathy Obuszewski

When it comes to dry land, do you have liability concerns if not with a fitness training. I have swim coach certs but I am not a personal training.

01:20:13Beth Fisher

Perhaps tips for creating your own first aid kits at home. What else can you use at home for bandaging? Care for common home injuries.

01:24:11Beth Fisher

We are also going to send water safety tips out to our families who are registered in our swim programs.


do do those Red Cross extensions apply to Canadian Red Cross anyone know?

01:25:30Adam Catli Comeau

Unfortunately I have to goto a staff meeting now, it was great talking to everyone!!

01:25:51Richelle Williams

@morgan, I don't know. I will ask and get back to you

01:25:56marcos ordaz

Long Fellow Whale Tales:

01:26:49Frances Caron

Policies/procedures are great to do online. You can do google forms for quizzes (watch what you ask in google forms for liability).

01:30:20Lizzie Milkas

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