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Aquatics Roundtable, with Red Cross

Wednesday, April 1, 11:00am PT / 2:00pm ET

Facilitated by Richelle Williams, presented by Tatyana Kiselyov, Red Cross

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Chat Transcript

00:29:49Jenny Lehigh

Hello from Atlanta, GA and GSU!

00:30:10Adam Catli Comeau

Hello from University of Wyoming!

00:30:12Bob Gough

Hello from William & Mary!

00:30:20Meagan Stachurski

Hi from Towson :)

00:30:25Jenny Lehigh

Hi Marcos :)

00:30:31Nick Remmes

Hello from Drake University!

00:30:32Tiara DeLapp

Hello from Emory!

00:30:36Matt Dantism

Hello from Wake Forest!

00:30:46Abi Schaefer

Hello from Duke!

00:30:49marcos ordaz

Hi From Portland State!

00:30:50Jennifer Wood

Hello from Miami University Ohio

00:30:51Emily Wujcik

Hi from Saint Louis Univeristy!

00:30:55Lyncee Bowman

Hi from Virginia Tech!

00:30:56Sarah Shea

Hello from A&M- Commerce

00:30:58Dominique Bookwalter

Hello from MIT!

00:30:59Krista Herring

HI from University of Colorado Colorado Springs!

00:30:59Ben Piper

Hi from UT Dallas!

00:30:59Kaiti Goff

Hello from University of Minnesota!

00:30:59Blake Covington

Blake from UNC Asheville!

00:30:59Cara Green

Hey from University of Houston

00:31:00Eric Becker

Hello from Marshall University

00:31:00Siobhan Goodwell

Hello from UCLA!

00:31:01Victoria Roberts

Greetings from Clemson!

00:31:01Kelsey Winkler

Hi from Boise State!

00:31:01Shelbi Waller

Hello from Stephen F Austin State University

00:31:02Nick Pfeifer

Hello from Penn State!

00:31:02CJ Stancheski

Hello from Texas A&M!

00:31:03Joey LaNeve

Hi from Arizona State University!

00:31:03Lindsey Englehart

Hello UNC Asheville

00:31:04Kristyn Watts

Hello from Notre Dame

00:31:04Jenna Smith

Hello! Jenna from Western University in Ontario, CAnada

00:31:05Spencer Hawkins

Hello from UC Berkeley

00:31:05Jenna Dillon

Jenna Dillon from Virginia Commonwealth University

00:31:06Ed Martig

Hello from Northwestern

00:31:07Anna Champion

Hello! Anna from Auburn University at Montgomery!!

00:31:07Bob Weeks

University of Cincinnati checking in

00:31:07AJ Rooney

Hi from University of California, Davis :)

00:31:07Meagan Stachurski

Meagan Stachurski - Assistant Director for Aquatics & Safety from Towson University

00:31:07Julie Krisch

Hello from Missouri State University!

00:31:08Jared Lindorfer

Hello from Washington State University

00:31:08Chelsea Randolph

Hello from Texas A&M University!

00:31:10Natalie Broder

Hi from ECU! Go Pirates!!!

00:31:10Tara Garside

Hi From Tara - Northern CA Red Cross Rep!

00:31:11Adrianna Del Amo

HAI! University of Maine

00:31:11Terry Huntley

Hello from Purdue University

00:31:12Shannon-Marie Bryant

Hello everyone from UNC - Chapel Hill!

00:31:12Morgan Anderson

Hey from Boston! I am the Assistant director of programs at MIT

00:31:12Yazmin Tang

Hello from Wichita State University

00:31:13Adam Catli Comeau

Adam Comeau, Aquatics & Risk Management Coordinator for University of Wyoming Campus Rec

00:31:14caryn collopy

Hi Caryn from San Jose State.

00:31:14marcos ordaz

Hello from Portland State!!

00:31:15Nathan Brungardt

Piitsburg State University; Hello!

00:31:15Jennifer Cobarrubias

Jennifer Cobarrubias Stanford University

00:31:16Garcia, Carlos Aaron

Hi from Texas A&M

00:31:17Meredith Brood

Hello from Iowa! University of Northern Iowa.

00:31:19Colin Chambers

Hello from California State University, Chico

00:31:19Stephanie Stewart

Hi Stephanie from The University of Rhode Island

00:31:19Kathy Obuszewski

Hi from Case Western Reserve University

00:31:20Jennifer Pageot

Hello From UMaine Farmington!

00:31:20Jeffrey Schmitt

Jeff Schmitt Univ of West Florida

00:31:24Brooke Freudenhammer

Hello from The University of Georgia! :)


Hello! Brittany Morriss from the University of Louisiana Lafayette

00:31:25Holly Smith


00:31:26Zach Talstein

Go Bucks!

00:31:27Samantha Steel

Sam Steel from UNLV

00:31:28Austin McGuire

Hello from Montclair State University!

00:31:29erik daly

Erik Daly Lafayette College Easton, PA

00:31:29RJ Britton

Hello from Wichita State University

00:31:31Zane Hugo

Hello from the University of Iowa

00:31:31Eric Simmons

Hello from UTM

00:31:33Nicole Feno

Hello from University of Nevada, Las Vegas!

00:31:39Christine Scollay

Hi from Syracuse University

00:31:40David Francis

Hello From Iowa State University!

00:31:42Sandra Peppel

Hello From West Virginia University

00:31:48Jolie Telios

Jolie Telios from American Red Cross!

00:32:04Emmanuel Akogyeram

Hi, NC State

00:32:13Lance Morrison

Hello from UC Berkeley

00:32:18Nayeli Trejos

Nayeli Trejos American Red Cross

00:32:31Lindsay Wigderson

Hi from UNC Greensboro

00:32:42Ashley Chism

Hello From University from Memphis

00:32:53Cody Demas

Hi from University of Illinois

00:33:01Jacob Rasmussen

Hi from The University of Toledo

00:33:13Autumn Cleverley

@robert Weeks and me from University of Cincinnati !

00:33:39Chelsea Dolly

Hi from Indiana State University

00:34:45Shari Landmark

Good Afternoon from Sunny SDSTATE in Brookings, SD.

00:35:04Zachary Loomer

Hi from Long Beach State

00:35:21Andrew Yorkey

Hi from Santa Barbara

00:35:44Alejandra Gomez

Hi All Alex from Cal Poly Pomona

00:35:50Shana Kessler

greetings from Central Washington

00:36:28Rebecca Mabile

Hello from Weber State University :)

00:40:23NIRSA Smartboard

Richelle, please post those documents Tatyana mentioned she would send you to NIRSA Connect so all members have access :)

00:40:47Richelle Williams

Will do!

00:41:40caryn collopy

Good information. Looking forward to Tatyana information.

00:42:28Zachary Hammerle

Are WSI blended learning classes doing provisional as well?

00:42:49Nick Remmes

What date range is included in eligibility for the 90 day lifeguard extension?

00:44:00Bob Gough

Encourage everyone to be flexible with the in-person trainings. In Virginia this week, the Gov. made a change to our stay-at-home order. We are now staying at home until June 1

00:44:19Stephanie Stewart

We have a WSI class that started but could not finish. What is your direction with this? Should we just finish it next fall when we have those students back on campus?

00:44:36Zachary Hammerle

That’s great news thanks all!

00:44:48marcos ordaz

Since this 90 day extension has just been announced, what is the policy for if they expired a few days ago, after the shelter in place started?

00:44:52Samantha Steel

We want to do read aloud of the Longfellow stories for water safety month. Are we able to do this without violating copyrights or ARC policies?

00:45:13Adrianna Del Amo

I missed those dates for the date range is included in eligibility for the 90 day lifeguard extension. Did anyone get it?

00:45:21Cody Demas

Are all WSIT/LGIT academies temporarily put on hold or are those still being conducted in locations where shelter in place orders have not been issued?

00:45:22Veronica Chevalier

Feb 17 - June 15

00:46:54Hailey Clarke

Is having to submit for the 90 day extension only for the States or do Canadian’s also need to submit these requests?

00:47:34alex sperling

does the 90 days start when they expire, or when the course record is submitted?

00:48:17Catherine O'Kane

Alex its when they expire

00:48:36Tara Garside

yes 90 days from their individual expiration date

00:48:46Catherine O'Kane

at least that's what they said in the beginning

00:49:39Siobhan Goodwell

can you add those #s for us?

00:49:45Ashley Chism

Nayeli can you post write the # for us

00:50:11Tara Garside

#CentennialSwim #RedCrossWaterSafety #SavingLivesStatsHere #NotOneMoreDrowning

00:50:19Siobhan Goodwell

thank you!

00:51:10Cara Green

@SarahShea- Based on my experience, do Blended!

00:51:15Holly Smith

any fee for the provisional course for FA/CPR/AED other than the $50 to post/offer it?

00:51:16Kathryn Dunn

Go blended!

00:51:20Jennifer Wood

blended so much better

00:51:20Adrianna Del Amo


00:51:26Richelle Williams

Blended 100%

00:51:32Catherine O'Kane


00:51:33Nathan Brungardt

blended learning will save you payroll hours

00:51:45Beth Albers


00:51:57Lyncee Bowman

blended all the way!

00:52:15Mike Stagg

@HollySmith the fee for the provisional course is equal to the cert fee for the regular course.

00:52:19Siobhan Goodwell

blended also leaves time to include more site specific orientations during the normal class time

00:52:24Holly Smith


00:52:50Siobhan Goodwell

i would also suggest having your instructor go through the blended learning online modules

00:53:07Mike Stagg

the $50 you are referring to is only if you wanted to post those classes on

00:53:08Meagan Stachurski

Blended will save you with payroll. They need to make sure to have printed the Blended Learning manual

00:53:46Bob Gough

I was slow to try blended learning and it is awesome

00:54:00Rebecca Mabile

My instructors were all more comfortable starting with in-person courses then doing blended learning. They all felt like they had a better grasp on the teaching material that way.

00:54:06Krista Herring

For the Provisional Course do we have to pay to have it posted/offered or if we don’t have a need to have it posted on the RC website as an available class can we create a provisional class (like for our internal staff needing to re-up their certs/get certified)?

00:54:24Krista Herring

Without having to pay the posting fee?

00:54:48Jenna Smith

I’m from Canada - the Lifesaving Society is issuing an extension, they can message me and I’ll get them the info

00:54:50Natalie Broder

90 day extensions, does the certified individual need to request their own?

00:54:54Adam Catli Comeau

I would recommend doing in person at least once before switching to blended, I believe it allows instructors to become more comfortable with the material.

00:54:57Jennifer Wood

CPR Pro can also being extended 90 days, right? Because we certified other staff in our building

00:55:10Mike Stagg

yes CPRO is extended as well

00:55:20Siobhan Goodwell

Along those lines does the ARC recognize Canadian RC LG certs?

00:56:18Autumn Cleverley

Any guidelines on when we should restart learn to swim after the stay at home order is lifted?

00:56:51Samantha Steel

I would like to be included in that conversation as well about videos

00:56:57Mike Stagg

@KristaHerring you don't have to pay the posting fee to if you aren't actually going to post your courses there

00:57:18Krista Herring

Thanks Mike! #myrepisthebest

00:57:27Natalie Broder

is there a place with step-by-step on how to request a 90 day extension for LG certs?

00:58:02Mike Stagg

@NatalieBroder yes there is. If you go to and login you will see it under our COVID19 resources

00:58:05Bob Gough

I would like to direct link info as well

00:58:18Jillian Dolciato

@Natalie - step by step was in the most recent iconnection

00:58:47Adam Catli Comeau

00:59:04Adam Catli Comeau

Here is the link!

01:00:49Meagan Stachurski

I have a question that I do not want to forget to ask but this is not for ARC personnel - Any schools currently using non-colored codes? Curious if I could be sent your Emergency Action Plans if you are. We are doing a reassessment of our current procedures.

01:01:36Sarah Shea

We got rid of codes last semester. We went to plain speak.

01:04:21Cara Green

Plain Speak at UH too

01:04:50Meagan Stachurski


01:04:51Bob Gough

Thank you!!!

01:04:53Lindsey Englehart


01:04:53Chelsea Randolph

Thank you!

01:04:54Shannon-Marie Bryant

Thank you for all of the info :)

01:04:54Kelsey Winkler

Thank you!

01:04:55Morgan Anderson

Thank you!

01:04:55Zachary Hammerle

Thank you all for this!!!!

01:04:56Lance Morrison

thank you

01:04:57Zane Hugo


01:04:58Natalie Broder

thanks so much!!!

01:04:58Ben Piper

Thank you!

01:04:58Mark Miller

Thank you!

01:04:59Jennifer Cobarrubias

Thank you!!! :)

01:04:59Lyncee Bowman

Y'all rock!

01:05:01Meredith Brood

Thank you!!

01:05:01Zachary Loomer


01:05:01Stephanie Stewart

Thank you!!!

01:05:01Samantha Steel


01:05:02Adrianna Del Amo

thank you!! =D

01:05:04Max Holloway


01:05:05Abi Schaefer

thank you!

01:05:08Shelbi Waller

Thank you@

01:05:11Adam Catli Comeau


01:05:16Debbie Miles-Dutton

Thanks ARC


Thank you!

01:05:35Garcia, Carlos Aaron

Thank You!

01:06:23Daniel Hill

Go Siobhan!!

01:06:49Melissa Evers

Siobhan - are you able to pay your staff for the virtual inservices?

01:08:19Natalie Broder

We’ve been doing them as non-mandatory due to internet access difficulties since many students have gone back to hometowns (where connection may not be available, or be slower), also students are struggling with the transition to online classes

01:09:30Meagan Stachurski

Thank you for the information @Natalie!!

01:09:42Siobhan Goodwell

@melissa Evers, yes fortunately we are able to pay them for this time

01:09:43David Francis

We have essentially started a class on canvas, no required, and students are able to track points that we then convert into hours.

01:09:45Frances Caron

We are doing madatory virtual meetings and inservices. All are paid. Some are leadership focus utilizing a training program I put together utilizing LinkedIn Learning and Zoom Discussion. Others are virtual content - reviewing videos, scenarios, etc. Staff also video content themselves and submit videos (CPR, FA) for training review. We do policy and procedure review online. We also do EAP review and have one person start the EAP and each staff member adds one line to it.

01:09:50Natalie Broder

Same David

01:09:58Meagan Stachurski

I am thinking of having them each submit a song for a playlist they can use during work during the day!

01:10:02Zach Talstein

in general OSU is doing a lot of paid virtual trainings with students in order to keep their HR accounts active. Students who don't work within 100 days are automatically terminated.

01:10:09Meagan Stachurski

add fun and more serious content

01:10:10Lisa Molloy

Rather than a formal in-service based on skills, we’ve offered a general Zoom call for staff to join and connect with each other. Working on paying students during this time so the informal opportunity has seemed appreciated.

01:10:26Debbie Miles-Dutton

Yes to Natalie’s comment. Our UCSB students are pretty swamped with emails and with start up of remote class schedule. We are able to pay them for remote inservice and other online trainings directly pertinent to their job. At this time they are not mandatory.

01:11:17Jennifer Cobarrubias

We are working on our “on shift assignments” for when our staff do come back. They will have multiple assignments that they can work on when they are not on stand to refresh them on things.

01:11:43Sean Duffy

At uOttawa, no mandatory sessions but we have set up videoconference check ins using Microsoft Teams - mostly to give updates, as well as a survey to help link students with possible online professional development opportunities

01:12:29marcos ordaz

Quizes on google forms

01:12:33alex sperling

GROUPME and texting

01:12:46Siobhan Goodwell

you’re on mute

01:12:57Kelsey Winkler

Boise State, we have been told not to make anything mandatory as we cannot pay the students beyond essential work. We’ve been doing GroupMe check ins with everyone

01:13:08Frances Caron

Social media groups and google websites for staff in addition to group me, Facetime, Zoom, etc.

01:13:09Meagan Stachurski

i have been using groupme as well!

01:13:10Lyncee Bowman

^^^^same @kelsey

01:13:12Adam Catli Comeau

I have been emailing and texting to check in on my students wellbeing

01:13:17Jared Lindorfer

Slack and Zoom

01:13:20Eric Becker

Meet your Pet thread through our staff groupme. Staff loved being able to show off their pets

01:13:22Richelle Williams

Band APP is great

01:13:49Meagan Stachurski

Eric - we did that too! I love showing off my dog!

01:13:51Kelsey Winkler

Love that @Eric Becker!

01:14:02Sean Duffy

does anyone have good links for individual land workouts that would help maintain swimming skills while not in the pool? any ideas?

01:14:11Samantha Steel


01:14:31marcos ordaz

@Sean MySwimPro on youtube

01:14:54Debbie Miles-Dutton

check out USA Swimming and USMS

01:14:57Rebecca Mabile

Sean I get dryland for swimming skills stuff off of the USMS website. I think the articles section of the website is open to everyone

01:15:02Meagan Stachurski

Sean - I reached out to athletics coaches for land training. Maybe reach out to club swim or varsity swim contacts if you have it?

01:15:05Meagan Stachurski

have them*

01:15:08Julie Krisch

@sean effortless swimming on fb has some stuff and they are geared toward triathlon swimmers

01:15:17Mike Stagg

just a suggestion that some folks in Utah are doing to keep staff engaged is offering them the Red Cross blended learning lifeguarding content and having them go through it at home and counting it as inservice training. The blended learning content is available free of charge and is about 7 hours long.

01:15:25Blake Covington

@Sean my swim pro on youtube

01:15:26Cara Green

We have been posting Baby pictures and doing a "guess who"

01:15:40Meagan Stachurski

Marco Polo is a great app for videos!

01:16:04Jacob Lodge

@sean and

01:17:24Bob Gough

Thanks Jacob!

01:17:29Lance Morrison

UC Berkeley created a free Slack account for social, general communication. Staff members are posting pictures of pets and in-home meals they are cooking. We are exploring it further. This week we launched a channel that enables people to discuss, educate and practice CPR skills in their homes.

01:18:07Jennifer Cobarrubias

Stanford sent out a google doc (Completely optional) that let them vote and put what they would want to do together…I.e. virtual game night, Bake something together etc.

01:19:54Joey LaNeve

love the FSU Staff <3

01:20:35Nick Remmes

House Party is another great app to have students connect with each other. They can play games through it and everything

01:20:35Meagan Stachurski

where are the breakout rooms? zoom

01:20:42Jared Lindorfer

Yes only zoom

01:20:51Meagan Stachurski

Got it! Thank you :)

01:20:54Jared Lindorfer

You have to be the host to assign rooms

01:20:55Adam Catli Comeau

I believe it is under host options

01:21:30Bob Weeks

Does anyone know what your school plans to do for summer session and how that will effect your facilities?

01:21:37Natalie Broder

I also have a “Connect2” Scavenger hunt in the works so my students know where to find references in COnnect2. my email is if anyone wants any docs from me!

01:21:38marcos ordaz

Breakout rooms:

01:21:39marcos ordaz

01:22:01Meredith Brood


01:22:08Debbie Miles-Dutton

more info about the quarantine quiz please

01:22:13Sean Duffy

hiring and spending freeze coming. no details yet

01:22:32Meagan Stachurski

Sean - so sorry to hear that!

01:22:42Jared Lindorfer

Compiling lists to send to finance team

01:22:43erik daly

yes the fiscal implications are at the forefront of all of our conversations

01:22:58Bob Gough

Our opening date moved from June 1 to June 10 (at least) We don't know what summer school will look like yet. It will take a few weeks to get the pool back online

01:23:11Adam Catli Comeau

Getting weekly averages for work study students

01:23:42Zane Hugo

At Iowa we've done the same as Minnesota. Tracked everything under a special line for lost income including events, rentals, and lessons.

01:23:51erik daly

we are planning for programs but we cant give dates so it makes registration difficult

01:24:34Sean Duffy

spring/summer university semester will be online for us. so future staffing and program registration challenges will follow as well

01:25:07Adam Catli Comeau

Gotta goto a staff meeting now, always good to see everyone! Have a great rest of the day

01:25:28Rebecca Mabile

We had to refund all swim lessons but the university is paying all of my employees for the hours they would have worked, so we are closely tracking the impact, and we may have very scaled back hours when we reopen to make up for it, depending on how long we are paying employees with out bringing in revenue.

01:25:34Debbie Miles-Dutton

Same with UCSB, tracking revenue loss, Admin leave cost, any additional supply costs with Covid19 tag

01:26:20Samantha Steel

we put all folks that were registered for classes into the next available class (whenever we reopen) and offered refunds upon request. there is a hiring freeze and only allowing essential spending. once we reopen we will only run programs if we are breaking even on staffing and additional cost

01:26:25Kelsey Winkler

Boise State is encouraging all our patrons to transfer registrations or extend memberships as much as possible

01:28:06Autumn Cleverley

We drained our leisure pool and hot tub to conserve chemicals! Lowered our chorine levels in the lap pool

01:28:52Jennifer Cobarrubias

We turned our heat down to save money

01:28:53Lizzie Milkas If you want to join a Microsoft Team group to continue these discussions!

01:28:55Troy Lukas

@ben piper if you want to shoot me an email I can give you some guidelines.

01:29:32Kelsey Winkler

Just keep checking your 5 basic tests to keep everything in line (pH, Free Chlorine, Total Chlorine, Total Alkalinity, and Calcium Hardness) and change set points to lower levels

01:29:39Ben Piper

thanks everyone.

01:29:50Stephanie Stewart

At URI we lowered the temperature in all of the pools. We also are completing a lot of work orders in locker room space.

01:29:55Cody Demas

at university of Illinois we are doing the same as @rebecca mabile and paying our students for hours they would have otherwise worked and canceled all programming efforts through May 15th. I am currently issuing refunds for all spring swim lessons and am doing so through CSI, but we do not store payment information of any kind with any transactions, so I have been making a ton of refunds over the phone and some have elected to wait to perform a refund on site once we re-open the facility. A question I had for everyone is does Fusion offer an easy way to issue refunds or do most of you store encrypted payment info to make it easy to issue refunds?

01:29:58Jared Lindorfer


01:29:58marcos ordaz


01:30:03Anna Champion


01:30:06alex sperling

would love one for operations, one for programming/staffing

01:30:08Abi Schaefer

yes please!

01:30:11alex sperling

could easily do 2 per week

01:30:17Stephanie Stewart

You could also lower the chlorine setpoint levels

01:30:18Adrianna Del Amo

PLEASE! It is so great connecting with other aqua folx

01:30:21Jennifer Wood

Weekly is great

01:30:25Jared Lindorfer

I like the splitting it up by topic vs just aquatics

01:30:30Stephanie Stewart

Weekly would be great!

01:30:38Catherine O'Kane

agreed 2x a week would be good because there are so man risk management topics!

01:30:39Meagan Stachurski

I would love weekly!

01:30:49Stephanie Stewart

Thank you for putting this together.

01:30:49Debbie Miles-Dutton


01:30:51Meagan Stachurski if anyone wants to chat further about anything!

01:30:57Garcia, Carlos Aaron

Same time next week

01:30:58Jared Lindorfer

Good luck people!

01:31:01Adrianna Del Amo

thank you richelle :)

01:31:09Emily Wujcik

Thank you!!

01:31:09NIRSA Smartboard

Stay up to date with roundtables, including NIRSA Coffee Hours:

01:31:10Bob Gough

Thank you everyone!!!

01:31:11Jennifer Cobarrubias

Thank you everyone this was great!

01:31:19Jennifer Wood

Thank you!

01:31:10Bob Gough

Thank you everyone!!!

01:31:11Jennifer Cobarrubias

Thank you everyone this was great!

01:31:19Jennifer Wood

Thank you!

If you have an idea or would like to facilitate an upcoming caucus or forum please email