Who wasn’t searching for quarantine programming a few weeks ago, right? Recently, at California State University- Sacramento we coordinated a trick shot competition and a number of other campuses were able to join-in on the action! This was not only a fun and creative way to engage our campus population but also collaborate with other Universities for some fun extramural competition.

So, along with some colleagues from Trinity University, University of New Hampshire, Texas A&M University-College Station, and Grand Canyon University, we’ve compiled a video of the top trick shots and now we want your help finding the winner!

Watch the short video and cast your vote for the best trick shot of the bunch.

Trickshot Finalists Video

Pick your favorite

Be sure to cast your vote for your two favorite videos by commenting at the bottom of the video before June 15. Every individual is given two votes. Be sure to include the names and institutions of the participants you are voting for:

  • Christian Tactacan, from Sacramento State (0:01)
  • Jonah Starr, Grand Canyon University (0:07)
  • Kyle Anderson, Trinity University (0:24)
  • Michael Villalpando (0:33)
  • Jaden Werley, Texas A&M University (0:41)
  • Ben Abikhaled, Trinity University (0:51)
  • Maxx Anderson, University of New Hampshire (1:17)

Thanks to colleagues

Special thanks to my counterparts Nick Heiar, Director of Intramural Sports at Texas A&M College Station, Kristen Harrison, Associate Director of Athletics for Recreation and Sports Camps at Trinity University, Beth Goldenberg, Sports Clubs Coordinator at the University of New Hampshire, and Zach Erdmann, Intramural Sports Manager at Grand Canyon University, who helped make such an amazing video.

  • For more information about Sacramento State University Intramural Sports & Staff Development, don’t hesitate to contact me.
  • If you are interested in highlighting your campus or a NIRSA member’s achievements on your campus, pitch us your ideas.

Andrew Reddish is currently the Assistant Director, Intramural Sports & Staff Development at Sacramento State University; you can email him at reddish@csus.edu.