By Kristen Gleason

NIRSA is excited to announce institute faculty appointments and retirements. Both The NIRSA School of Collegiate Recreation and the Student Organizations Institute use a faculty model—as opposed to an open call for proposals—to develop educational content. A small group of faculty members are appointed to design educational content, helping to provide a more focused and intensive learning experience.

NIRSA School of Collegiate Recreation

Todd Bauch, Associate Director of Operations at Portland State University, and Chris Morris, Director of Campus Recreation at Florida State University, retired as NIRSA School faculty members at the conclusion of the 2016 event.

For Todd, serving on the Faculty was both exciting and intimidating. “It was exciting to meet so many wonderful and talented people,” he says. However, it was also intimidating since he “always felt like ‘a thief in the palace.’” He couldn’t believe sometimes that anyone would think he had something of value to contribute and share with his colleagues. “Talent runs deep in NIRSA, and I was expected to provide something of value to challenge others’ beliefs and experiences. My fellow faculty members are a treasure to me and this organization.” He calls serving on the School’s faculty, “one of the best experiences of my career. In the end,” he says, “I did swipe a few things from the palace: insight, experience, and friends.”

Chris says, “The past three and a half years of serving on the faculty has been the most challenging and rewarding of my NIRSA career. It has pushed me to constantly work on ‘stepping up my game’ professionally. The School has been consistently regarded as one of the most impactful professional development opportunities that NIRSA offers. So, as a faculty member, this makes for an incredibly fun and engaged environment. So much work goes into trying to improve the content and curriculum each and every year. These high expectations inspire us as faculty to take it to the next level.”

One of Chris’ favorite things about the School is the format, which gives attendees the opportunity to get into deep discussions about many important topics that impact the profession. These discussions take place as part of the curriculum as well as during unstructured time. “Everyone involved in the School cohort contributes to it being one of the most amazing weeks of the year,” says Chris. “I am especially appreciative for all of the wonderful friendships that have grown out of the school with my fellow faculty members and with the outstanding participants.

Larry Mellinger and Chad Morgan have been appointed to three-year terms to the NIRSA School. They will start working with fellow faculty members Yvette KellJill Sturts, Christie Stewart, and Alison Cross to prepare for the 2017 NIRSA School of Collegiate Recreation Level II, which will be held in late spring of next year.

As a past participant in both Level I in 2004 and Level II in 2014, I appreciate the profound impact that this cohort-based experience can have on professionals,” says Larry, the current Director of Campus Recreation at Elon University. “The School has helped me to form strong professional relationships, many of which have lasted more than a decade, and has had a significant impact on my development as a leader and professional. I am truly honored to accept this appointment and look forward to working with the faculty to continue providing NIRSA members with the opportunity to challenge themselves and each other in this unique environment.”

Larry has fourteen years of professional experience in collegiate recreation, including seven years of classroom teaching experience at Towson University and the University of Vermont. A NIRSA member since 1999, he has presented at several state, regional, and national conferences and has served on a variety of NIRSA committees. Larry is also a StrengthsQuest facilitator and has led more than 25 Strengths sessions over the last five years, including the 2016 J. Michael Dunn Student Professional Development Preconference Workshop.

Chad currently serves as Director of Sun Devil Fitness & Student Activities and Conference Services at the west location of Arizona State University. In his current role, he provides leadership, management, and direction for a comprehensive recreation and conference services departments. For some time now, he has been looking for a way to give back to the Association and help it and the profession move forward. Becoming a faculty member of the NIRSA School felt like a perfect fit for him. “With this appointment I am really excited to connect with the next generation of leaders in our field,” says Chad. “I strongly want to help move our profession forward and am excited about the opportunity to help young professions find their best selves.”

Chad has fifteen years of experience in collegiate recreation. He has served as adjunct faculty at Arizona State University, the University of Central Florida, and the University of North Carolina-Asheville. He earned a B.S. degree in Business Administration, Leisure Sport Management from Elon University. He earned an M.S. in Parks, Recreation, and Tourism Management from Clemson University.

2016 Student Organizations Institute

Jason Zeck, Chief Risk and Compliance Officer for UCLA Campus Life and Assistant Dean of Students within the UCLA Office of Student Conduct, has been appointed to the faculty for the 2016 Student Organizations Institute. He will collaborate with members from ACUI, NACA, and ASCA who are also serving as faculty to develop content for this year’s institute.

Jason received his B.A. from Purdue University and his M.A. from Ball State University. He is a long time NIRSA member as well as a member of the ASCA and URMIA. With his focus on risk management and education, Jason actively engages with many UCLA campus community entities including departments, student organizations, and the Student Risk Education Committee.


For more information about the faculty of the NIRSA School of Collegiate Recreation and the 2016 Student Organizations Institute, please contact NIRSA Director of Professional Development Kristen Gleason.