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Assessment Roundtable

Recorded on Thursday, July 2, 9:00am PT / 12:00pm ET

Facilitated by Chris Washington, Jason Miller and Jason Vlastaras

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Chat Transcript

00:30:37Stefani Plummer

Love the waiting room workout! I got it done :)

00:38:13Mike Dominguez

What types of communication are working best to reach out to Sport Club officers? Too many emails become spam.

00:40:56Christian Washington

So far with our Sport Clubs, we are using Group Me to communicate, since officers are a shorter group. Mainly the presidents/vice presidents

00:50:48Erin Patchett

we have not reopened yet and likely won't until right before fall; so currently, still mostly about numbers/engagement and satisfaction; just a tiny bit about how our virtual services are impacting people (so self-reporting around stress relief, community, etc). definitely trying to keep it low key due to burnout. as we expand what we are operating/offering, I think we will slowly get back into more learning outcomes. (Colorado State)

00:54:00Stefani Plummer

@Erin, can you share how you ask the question and what numbers (likes?)

00:55:02Stefani Plummer

@April can you share a document you use?

00:55:43Erin Patchett

I will be hopping off the call shortly for another NIRSA mtg. ;) But if anyone wants to see what Stefani has asked, will you shoot me and email and I'll get it to you later today or early next week?

00:55:47Stefani Plummer

yes please @april

00:56:05Heather Kite

yes, interested in the PDF guide, @April

00:56:25Adrienne Gossett

Highly interested as well @April

00:57:07Marc Iturriaga

what about asking how participation in our programs and services affects connectivity and sense of belonging with peers and the institution as a whole.

00:57:44Marc Iturriaga

connectivity and sense of belonging speaks to just more of physical well being.

00:58:03Leslie whitmer

can you post here please- Leslie Embry Riddle

00:58:24Erin Patchett

thanks all!

00:59:06April Lovett

Hi all, I'll put that together really quickly (it's behind an FSU privacy wall on a website) and get it to the chairs to email everybody

00:59:32Jason Vlastaras

That would be great, thanks April!

00:59:52Stefani Plummer

We also have to remember that assessment is to determine what learning is happening/satisfaction is met. But good assessment will also show where we come short and we have an opportunity to grow. I think sometimes I see departments frame questions so they get positive responses instead of being courageous to see where they need to grow. I get it...justifying funds, etc. but we want to know fact (like was said), not fluff!

01:00:10Marc Iturriaga

and asking them to quantify it. by participating I have meet x number new people.

01:01:45Marc Iturriaga

sense of belonging is an outcome. we should measure it.

01:01:58Marc Iturriaga

and often connects to institutional goals and outcomes

01:02:34Christian Washington

@Stefani completely agree, which is why many of our assessment methods have been more towards improvement instead of expansion/growth

01:03:11Stefani Plummer

One of our outcomes..."foster healthy relationships that cultivate community and demonstrate a sense of belonging to the community" This season is going to make it harder to do but I want to TRY and then assess it appropriately. I am just struggling!

01:03:59Stefani Plummer

@Christian i like that!

01:08:57Eugene Sessoms

Marc's point is well made. One of the things I think we do that sabotages our effort is we try to use too higher order language. Let's just ask the questions in simpler terms that leave little to personal interpretation.

01:09:11April Lovett

sense of belonging is hard to measure, we have adapted this validated scale to do pre and post measures with targeted programs (i.e. the Work It Out Black Male mentoring program):

01:09:27April Lovett

But, it's hard because it's still so subjective.

01:09:29Stefani Plummer

@Marc great points!!

01:10:38Leslie whitmer

thanks April for sharing/ Leslie ERAU

01:11:17Stefani Plummer

are we taking credit for the connectivity because they met people in line outside our event?

01:12:21Marc Iturriaga

yes! great point Jason.

01:13:09April Lovett

Yes @Christian! Implementation Fidelity is a hot topic here

01:13:44April Lovett

Also a big thing to think about in regards to IEP if your department contributes to them at your institution

01:14:36Jason Miller

IEP = Individualized Education Plans

01:14:52April Lovett

Thank you!

01:15:03April Lovett

Or here, institution effectiveness plans, but same!

01:15:25Jason Miller

There's also the concept of IWPs = Individualized Wellness Plans

01:16:11Marc Iturriaga

01:16:32Marc Iturriaga

oops. sorry all meant to sent privately. please disregard

01:17:50Stefani Plummer

@Christian how can we get on that listserve??

01:19:41Christian Washington

@Stefani you can Google SAAL Student Affairs Assessment Leaders and basically sign up for a membership to join. Free of charge. Once they add you a member, you should be able to be added to the listserv

01:19:51Glen Kemper

April, Thanks for sharing

01:20:04Marc Iturriaga

great resource!

01:22:53Marc Iturriaga

belonging is the issue. why do marginalized groups feel like the don’t belong in our programs and opportunities? how are they being invited in a way that is meaningful to them?

01:23:23Marc Iturriaga

how are they being welcomed and included? how are the co-creators of their experiences?

01:24:08Marc Iturriaga

and this is for all students who don’t feel like they belong?

01:24:36Stefani Plummer

@Christian thanks! signed up :)

01:24:54Christian Washington

@Stefani no problem!

01:25:40Liz Feldman

Are the sports and events culturally relevant and interesting to those folks? We can't expect different students to have the same interests necessarily

01:26:06April Lovett

Yes, Jason. Disaggregation is critical.

01:26:28Marc Iturriaga

we program AT with assumptions. we need to get more people involved in the process.

01:27:36Christian Washington

Good point Liz.

01:28:59Stefani Plummer

@Liz YES! Our team here has done a great job of looking into different sports that are done predominantly in countries students are from. Some are received better than others but we are learning some new sports and incorporating them into our schedule.

01:29:52Stefani Plummer

Gotta run! Let's do this again...I always get some great nuggets! :)

01:30:52Leslie whitmer

Thx to all! leslie ERAU Happy 4th!

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