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Virtual Student Staff Training Roundtable

Recorded on Monday, June 15, 1:00pm PT / 4:00pm ET

Facilitated by Chett Miller, Luke Verdi, and Chrissy Galli

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Chat Transcript

00:29:54Taylor Roby

hi friends! University of Texas - San Antonio here!

00:30:00Rodney Pegues

Chasity from Georgia State

00:30:07Crystal Durham - NAU

hello everyone! Checking in from Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff

00:30:11Liz Feldman

Hi everyone! Liz Feldman, Student Development Coordinator at Iowa State

00:30:12Noah Rogers

hello everyone! Noah Rogers from Virginia Commonwealth University

00:30:13Alycia miller

Hello! University of Pittsburgh

00:30:14Jennifer Wood

Hi from Miami University Ohio

00:30:15Beckie Harper

Hi Chrissy!

00:30:17Courtney Brown

Courtney from the University of Georgia!

00:30:18Jared Lindorfer

Washington State University

00:30:19Matthew Altendorf

Hi NIRSA colleagues- Matthew from Ohio State University

00:30:23Amy Roberts

Good afternoon from the University of Ottawa in Canada!

00:30:23Nicholas D'Amato

Nick D'Amato- UMass

00:30:26Brian Veverma

hello from Georgia Southern!

00:30:28Andy Bruni

Hi all! Andy from the University of Missouri-St. Louis

00:30:33Greg Durham

Greg Durham (not related to Crystal Durham, y'all) - Creighton University. Omaha, NE.

00:30:35Amanda Knutson

Hi everyone, Amanda from CSU, Chico

00:30:36Daniel Yen

Hey Guys! Dan Yen from Rider University in NJ

00:30:37Nick Donahue

UW Superior

00:30:37Michael Migliaro

Hello from The University of Alabama

00:30:38Drew D'Elia

Good afternoon, Drew from Rowan University.

00:30:39Brittney Jacobs

Joining from Oklahoma State Univ.

00:30:42Max Miller, Swarthmore College

Happy Monday! Max Miller, Swarthmore College.

00:30:43Maygan Williams

Good Afternoon! Maygan from South Alabama

00:30:43Lindsey Logue

Hi from University of South Carolina Beaufort!

00:30:44Noah Kramer

Hey everyone!Noah Kramer - University of Minnesota Duluth

00:30:45Shelby Smith

Good afternoon! University of Vermont

00:30:47Betsy Blagys

Hi to everyone.. From Fairfield U

00:30:47Courtney Copp

Hi there! Courtney from University of Arizona!

00:30:48Ethan Cobb

Hey everyone! Ethan from Arizona State University here.

00:30:55Natasha Davila

Natasha- Colorado State University

00:31:01Jeff Kingery

Hi everyone, Jeff Kingery from Case Western Reserve in CLE, OH

00:31:02Benjamin Nelson

Ben - Minnesota State University, Mankato

00:31:03Mike Jones

Hi everyone! Mike from Indiana University here

00:31:07Christian Miller

Howdy Everyone! Christian Miller with Texas A&M University

00:31:07Leslee Peterson

Hey everyone - Leslee calling in from Portland State University

00:31:08Marie Vanbuskirk

Hi from Oakland University - North of Detroit, Michigan.

00:31:14Jackie Huff

Jackie Huff - Miami University , Ohio

00:31:24Michael Thomas

Hi everyone! Michael Thomas, Berea College, Kentucky

00:31:32Chris Geary

Chris from Indiana University joining in - hello!

00:32:26Aaron Brooks

Hello from the University of Akron in Akron, Ohio

00:32:26Brenna Lacey

Brenna Lacey - Missouri Baptist University

00:32:34CJ Miller - USF Koret

Hi folx! CJ Miller from University of San Francisco

00:32:54Johanna Valencia

Hello Johanna from Texas Tech University

00:32:54Andrew Reddish

Hi All -- Andrew Reddish, Sacramento State

00:33:11Allie Bogard

Hi y’all - Allie Bogard, Montana State University

00:34:43Mike Dominguez

hello all Mike Dominguez, Sonoma State

00:37:57Monica Towner


00:38:08Max Miller, Swarthmore College


00:38:55Maygan Williams

Ideas for engagement during training

00:39:03Brittney Jacobs

Staff engagement during virtual training

00:39:04Crystal Durham - NAU

tools to facilitate virtual training; what topics fit best for virtual training

00:39:08Chris Geary

Learn what tools people are using for developing online training

00:39:13Beckie Harper - Saint Mary's College


00:39:17Andrew Reddish

Length of trainings, how long is too long?

00:39:17Leslee Peterson

How to build staff community virtually.

00:39:18Matthew Altendorf

I'm looking to hear from those of you that have already opened to see what challenges you've had so far

00:39:21Liz Feldman

Wondering what priorities of trainings are for folks during this time

00:39:31Jennifer Wood

how to keep students engaged during virtual training


Best practices to adapt a in-person training to virtual to make it engaging and not a lecture

00:39:42Courtney Brown

This will be my first time moving to virtual training so any tools to use and how to keep them engaging

00:39:42Andrew Reddish

How to keep virtual training engaging

00:39:56Daniel Yen

how to adapt things you have to do in person to virtual

00:40:25Mike Dominguez

new engaging technology

00:42:26Crystal Durham - NAU

full-time staff will probably have to work some shifts as facility managers here

00:42:31Liz Feldman

ISU - Full time staff have assigned shifts to be of support to students in terms of cleaning and working with patrons

00:42:33Greg Durham

We're not seeing the same level of student applications given the apprehension around working in areas with elevated risk. Pro staff is almost certainly going to be filling in at desks.

00:42:46Chris Geary

We have been talking about it in our All Staff meetings so we know that we will need to jump in as needed

00:42:58Andy Bruni

Full time staff will be working on the floor to help with cleaning and patron interactions

00:43:00Chris Geary

We have let student staff know about it via our intent to return surveys

00:43:16Allie Bogard

Full-time staff at Montana State are helping in Operations/Front desk shifts currently. Do not foresee this continuing past August 1/into the Fall semester.

00:43:20Jared McCauley

Full Time Staff at TTU has been assigned to be "Professional on Duty".

00:43:20Courtney Brown

We are still waiting to get our final FY 20-21 budget to know how impacted our student staffing budget will be. We have thrown around professional staff having to cover some student staff shifts.

00:43:23Traci Smith

We are relying primarily on students to reopen our facility but we are opening with reduced hours. If full-time are needed then we will work floor shifts as needed. We have been fortunate to keep a majority of our students employed during COVID

00:44:21Aaron Brooks

At Akron, we are looking at a 20%+ budget reduction which includes loss of pro & student staff positions, pro staff taking over responsibilities of student staff, and are looking at transitioning all non-essential trainings to be online

00:44:43Jillian Dolciato

Full time staff will operate the building during our soft open before we have student workers.

00:44:52Andrew Reddish

Planning to have student staff cross train to help fill in gaps in other departments (than the dept that they were hired for). We sent out a Qualtrics survey to see if they're open to that

00:45:23Jonathan Johnston - A&M Commerce

Same Andrew

00:46:07Jonathan Johnston - A&M Commerce

We emailed out to all student staff in other areas who had previously said they would like to stay around for summer.

00:46:26Mary Barnhart

We have a proposed reopen date of July 6. Similar to TTU, we are going to have a professional staff on site to help all hours we are open. This person is going to support the student staff with checkin, cleaning and conflict management. We want to prevent our students from being put in situations where they are having to de-escalate situations or conversations around “this person is not wearing a mask” or “this person is too close to me”

00:47:12Aaron Brooks

We will also have our students cross-trained in other positions in an effort to maximize the students and being able to give them hours with the loss of student positions

00:47:38Jackie Sherman

University of Florida - We started opening the facility with full-time staff only for the first two days, now we have students fully staffed during our open hours. We have at least one full-time staff member on site whose role is specifically to assist with patron needs or any conflict management that could come up. We trained student staff that was able to commit to returning, which includes cross training those who work other program areas. Training was all virtual.

00:47:54Crystal Durham - NAU

anyone having issues with wanting to get students cross-trained but the Facility Operations staff having too many people who want to return to work within that program area?

00:48:11Erin Wells

UT Austin - We are cross training students to work at our flagship facility that we will open first

00:49:54Andrew Reddish

Crystal: We will try our best to accommodate all who want to return. It may not be in their top choice department, but we at least want to give them opportunities

00:50:23Jackie Sherman

In response to Crystal's question - At UF we chose to bring students back by priority of the amount of hours they could commit to working weekly. So we specifically chose students who could commit to at least 15 hours per week, and then worked from there.

00:50:34Jillian Dolciato

Doing biweekly individual check-ins with students, weekly if needed, as well as monthly social staff bonding for those who are interested.

00:50:38Aaron Brooks

I've been holding weekly virtual "drop-ins" on Houseparty for my students to stop in, like they would do if I were in my office. They have been very well received and my students love being able to interact face to face

00:50:46Matthew Altendorf

Don't have a lot of data on results yet, but we have had our director send video messages to students. Particularly communicating updates and engaging in conversation about protests and racial equity. We find that our students like to hear from a source making big decisions

00:52:05Max Miller, Swarthmore College

Are you able to share a link to this presentation or will the actual presentation link be made available through NIRSA Connect?

00:53:49Max Miller, Swarthmore College

To clarify, I know it is being recorded, but can you share the slides?

00:54:23Chrissy Galli

hi max - I’m happy to share the slides! Please email me at

00:55:30Andrew Reddish

Qualtrics for everything!

00:57:10Leslee Peterson

Will anyone do some type of beginning of the year all-staff training virtually?

00:57:25Jonathan Johnston - A&M Commerce


00:57:47Andrew Reddish

Sac State: We will host our annual August All Staff Training (3 hours in length) virtually

00:58:04Liz Feldman

We are discussing maybe doing our training through Canvas, an online module platform, or moving it to spring in person

00:58:11Jillian Dolciato

We've created a canvas course for our employees. So, anything that can be done virtually, they will do via canvas and once completed, we will record a certain number of payroll hours.

00:59:40Nick Donahue

Canvas course with video session and quizzes

01:00:15Alycia miller

also using Canvas with video sessions

01:00:19Sarah Moskal

For those that use Canvas - is that a paid service or free?

01:00:32Matthew Altendorf

For those of you familiar with virtual trainings, what are the best ways to check for understanding that isn't just a simple multiple choice?

01:01:00Tara Gilkey

How do you keep long virtual training engaging?

01:01:02Chett Miller

Canvas is a paid service that often times is licensed at the University level

01:01:12Greg Durham

@matthew - I found that open answer questions have helped me get a better understanding of where are students are in their understanding of material.

01:02:07Matthew Altendorf

@Greg - Do you find that students take time to answer those? My worry is that they'll breeze past it.

01:02:11Liz Feldman

We currently use different options including having students submit videos, discussion posts responding to peers, and submitting 1 page essay responses, and quizzes

01:02:40Luke Verdi

Hi Tara, at UMD we have found success with utilizing breakout rooms that have a guided/structured discussion where students can use their voices (often with other students that help to facilitate the conversations).

01:03:08Jillian Dolciato

@Matthew, we will be administering our quizzes/checks as part of the in-person hybrid part of our training. This will also check their retention of the virtual content.

01:03:19Deonte Screven

At Tulane in New Orleans, we are exploring using content on LinkedIn Learning to facilitate the virtual trainings for return to work.

01:03:20Greg Durham

@matthew - It happens, we just don't accept that answer, then we go over that content again with the student. So do they want to do it right the first time, or do the module over again :)

01:05:17Tara Gilkey

Thanks, Luke!

01:05:47Jillian Dolciato

We created shells for each of our department areas so we can push out info to all students and just individual areas as well.

01:06:04Chris Geary - Indiana

Captivate also provides a fair amount of flexibility in creating the modules and adding interactivity - drag and drop, multiple choice with ability to correct incorrect responses so they don’t leave thinking they got it right.

01:06:17Leslee Peterson

We have used D2L (similar) - it is good because you can track who completes it and create and run quizzes. But, it is not very engaging unless you make video-based training.

01:06:22Matthew Altendorf

Ohio State uses a training software called Cornerstone On Demand (licensed at the university level) I have found it pretty challenging to use and very detailed. We also use Camtasia to be able to create videos, but the software is really useful if you are trying to film a screen (train to use Fusion as an example)

01:08:45Liz Feldman

Generally for us if it's introductory it can be online. If it's advanced, or a detailed process it will be in person

01:11:19Aaron Brooks

All of our introductory trainings, onboarding, and anything that is not skill based has moved to Brightspace, our platform for online classes.

01:13:10Jonathan Johnston - A&M Commerce

Were the virtual onboarding and introductory trainings for staff done before COVID or just as a result of COVID?

01:13:26Aaron Brooks

I hate brightspace. It's very boring and does not really allow for any type of engagement of the student. It's very prehistoric

01:13:51Jackie Sherman

Training for new skills - We had our pro staff that oversee the appropriate areas create videos about the main duties for each position. Students had never worked in those areas had to watch those videos prior to attending the Zoom training that all staff attended prior to return. This training mainly went over new COVID related skills such as cleaning, capacity limits, rotations, screening upon building entry, etc.

01:13:53Matthew Altendorf

We have done a department-level virtual onboarding for several years now and will continue. Onboarding for job-specific tasks are done in-person

01:14:29Aaron Brooks

I did my onboarding virtually for my specific staff pre-covid, but our department put all of those intro & onboarding trainings post covid

01:17:14Jonathan Johnston - A&M Commerce

Thank you for responses! We have a department student staff onboarding and training but it has always been in person thus asking about virtual before covid.

01:18:10Betsy Blagys

are you paying your students for virtual training? if yes, flat rate or hourly based on how long you think it will take?

01:18:40Greg Durham

We launched GROW via Canva - We had the 1-on-1 meetings via ZOOM.

01:18:44Andrew Reddish

@Betsy: Yes, paying staff. All staff need to complete a Virtual Work Agreement first, then will be paid hourly

01:18:52Aaron Brooks

for the onboarding we pay them for an hour of work at their lowest pay rate.

01:19:24Jonathan Johnston - A&M Commerce

as we also have university required trainings that are online, we pay by hour and their primary pay rate.

01:19:25Greg Durham

01:23:27Chris Geary - Indiana

Thank you so much for putting this together!

01:23:30Deonte Screven

Thanks yall!

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