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Youth Programs Roundtable

Recorded on Friday, June 12, 9:00am PT / 12:00pm ET

Facilitated by Abby Van Note and Marissa Engel

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Chat Transcript

00:30:28Jacob Pridemore

University of Maryland, Baltimore

00:31:58Abby Van Note-Wisconsin

00:32:39Abby Van Note-Wisconsin

00:34:05Terri Shannon

Miami University, Oxford, oh

00:34:54Nick-The Ohio State University

we looked at virtual but little to no interest from families through our survey here at Ohio state. We have provided a list of resources on our website.

00:36:39Crystal Durham - NAU

we were told by university admin that we couldn't do virtual camp; we are sending out a weekly list of themed activities via email to our parents to try to help with the mental burden

00:37:42Jacob Pridemore

for those doing virtual camp, are you recording the sessions to have a record of it, in case any issues arise?

00:37:49Jordan Garcia - CSUF

What are everyone’s numbers looking like for virtual offerings with day camps starting to reopen?

00:39:08Ethan Cobb - Arizona State

At Arizona State, we are recording each session and storing it in our network drive. There is always at least 4 full-time staff members on each session.

00:39:24Nick-The Ohio State University

Here at OSU we are being deployed else where on campus. I was told my time was better spent helping other areas. expecually with hire freeze

00:39:36Lauren Dudziak

at Columbia U we have yet to receive approval to do anything virtually

00:39:40Jacob Pridemore

we were finally approved for the camp this week, but only have 2 weeks to purchase all supplies to deliver to families

00:39:47Adam-Western Washington University

We are getting the ok on a case by case basis, each offering has to have a self supporting budget

00:39:55Lauren Dudziak


00:40:04Samantha-Kennesaw State

We were planning work with a third party group to provide the counselor staff/programming for our camp. This third party group said virtual programming was not something they could accommodate. We did not ask up our chain of command due to this information from the third party group.

00:40:05Jean Holt, Old Dominion University

We're not doing virtual camp, but starting next week we will send out a weekly newsletter with activities they can do at home, a cooking video and recipe from Aramark, and a "Where Are They Now" that will focus on former counselors. I have an alumni FB group with past counselors and they have provided information on what they've been doing since they left camp, their favorite memory of camp and a current photo.

00:40:54Ethan Cobb - Arizona State

In conjunction with our virtual camp, there are learn at their own pace options. We have uploaded a series of "how to" videos to our YouTube page and shared that with families.

00:40:57Jen Wood - Miami University

what are you charging for the virtual camps?

00:40:58Adam-Western Washington University

We have experimental offerings through a free/low cost initiative that WWU is hosting: Western C.A.R.E.S (

00:41:12Nick-The Ohio State University

we also sent hand written letters to all campers on the "first day of camp" to let them know we are thinking about them and the info for our virtual resources

00:42:21John Merryman- Arizona State

We are wrapping up week 3 of virtual camp today. We do an hour of camp everyday with each day having two scheduled activities. Thus far, our most popular activities have been kahoots, scavenger hunts, and other types of games, as well as show-and-tell activities. Other activities have included arts-and-crafts, fitness activities, and some kind of wellness/safety presentation.

00:43:13Adam-Western Washington University

$- Free for 1 hr, volunteer led to $195/week-4 days, 2hrs per day is our range so far

00:47:22Abby Van Note-Wisconsin

Any creative programming activities?

00:49:07Adam-Western Washington University

SEA Discovery Center (WWU owned aquarium in Poulsbo, WA) is packaging their curriculum for online this summer as well: (

00:49:23Adam-Western Washington University

We have not tackled sports or recreation activities yet

00:50:15Ethan Cobb - Arizona State

Another ASU person here. We have had some group fitness type of activities presented for kids to participate along with. We have put together "how to" videos for many sport and rec related skills and have those on our YouTube page.

00:54:04Jacob Pridemore

are there established staff:camper ratios for virtual camp?

00:54:14Jacob Pridemore

established standards*

00:55:13Jacob Pridemore

thank you!

00:56:49Abby Van Note-Wisconsin

USU required we use Webex because is more secure than zoom

00:57:07Crystal Durham - NAU

we just wanted to be a resource to our families

00:58:05Crystal Durham - NAU

exactly! it's about keeping us in their minds all summer

00:59:07Nick-The Ohio State University

my bad. internet crashed

01:00:37Crystal Durham - NAU

we have been tasked with brainstorming revenue generating ideas for the department as a result of the pandemic affecting budgets. Do any of you who do year-round programs find that they are profitable?

01:00:43Nick-The Ohio State University

we will be able to start back up In sept. with restrictions

01:00:54Abby Harvey Georgia Tech

We will be opening on July 6th for a reduced size camp for the Georgia Tech community

01:01:22Bruce Parkin

In Ontario (Canada) we have guidelines now and can run programs. Significant restrictions are in place.

01:01:47Bruce Parkin

We are not running program, but I could share the Province of Ontario document - if there is interest in it.

01:02:04Adam-Western Washington University

Unsure through at least Fall, WWU is doing blended schedules for the whole University, we will likely have much less space available with additional space restrictions, looking into partnering with local schools to operate at their sites.

01:05:04Abby Harvey Georgia Tech

Facemasks are going to be our biggest challenge that I foresee, the CDC doesn't recommend wearing them during physical activtiy but we are requring every child to bring their own facemasks for arts and crafts and board game times when they will not be physically active. All staff will carry hand sanatizer on them as well

01:08:02Bruce Parkin

In Ontario, groups are limited to groups of 10 (campers and leaders). Camps are to be split into cohorts of 10 (so different rooms in a facility could each be used). Cohorts stay the same for the camp (ie all week). Equipment isn't shared between groups, social distancing is in effect still. Campers would be screened before attending. If interested I can share our provincial information. It's a lengthy document)

01:08:06Jean Holt, Old Dominion University

Abby - are you just for GT faculty this year or was this your policy prior to COVID-19?

01:09:17Nick-The Ohio State University

are you seeing a demand from families to sign up for camp knowing that there will be many restrictions.

01:12:45Nick-The Ohio State University

for us swim lessons in beginning levels parents will be required in the water with our instructor on the pool deck giving instruction to parent to help child.

01:14:21Nick-The Ohio State University

for our school year camps we will be reducing our compacity by 50 percent which will be only 20 campers

01:16:29Nick-The Ohio State University

for fall we are planning to make up craft kits that each camper will get and be able to take home the markers, crayons etc to reduce sharing of these craft items

01:20:59Jean Holt, Old Dominion University

The talk in VA is that K-3 will go in-person and 4-12 will go virtual. It would be difficult for us to offer programs during the academic year. We don't have The ohio State facilities :)

01:21:43Abby Harvey Georgia Tech

We are limiting to one entry into the building and making drop of a "drive through" model where kids will be temperture checked in their parents car and can only get out once approved by staff, that way parents cant drive off if the kids are sick.

01:22:39Abby Van Note-Wisconsin

Abby are you just taking kid's temps or parents too?

01:22:45Abby Harvey Georgia Tech

I have a conference room connecting to my office where we will be keeping kids in isolation if they display any symptoms at camp, it has a TV and I can social distance but still be there if the child has any needs while waiting for their parent to pcick them up

01:22:54Abby Harvey Georgia Tech

We are only taking the children's tempertures

01:24:14Bruce Parkin

Thank you for all of the information!

01:24:20Abby Van Note-Wisconsin

01:26:48Adam-Western Washington University

Please post a link to the conference.

01:29:03Jean Holt, Old Dominion University

If you have an idea or would like to facilitate an upcoming caucus or forum please email