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NIRSA Ideas in Motion

Safe and Smart Re-Opening this Fall

Recorded on Wednesday, June 3, 9:00am PT / 12:00pm ET

Facilitated by Sabina Saksena, presented with Felicia Tittle and Chris Poilicastro

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Chat Transcript

00:31:11Ross Rodriguez

Hi Heidi!

00:31:56Freddie Lipata

Good afternoon! Lunch time for us in Charleston.

00:32:15Heidi Hurley

HI Ross! Nice to see you

00:44:41Matt Dunigan

Can you share that link Chris?

00:47:58Chris Policastro

00:48:21Matt Dunigan


00:51:30Roger Watson

Chris what is the cost per year for rec center?

00:54:15Chris Policastro

Hi Roger, I don't have that information on hand (my boss does haha). I will ask Sabina if she would like to share costs.


What is this system called?

00:55:46Roger Watson

Chris thanks and yes what is system called would be helpful? could you put a Sabrina contact information

00:55:56Chris Policastro

Cytilife, Inc

00:56:24Chris Policastro


Thank you Chris!

00:57:21Roger Watson

thanks Chris

00:57:36Timothy Hawk

Hi Folks - you can also write to me at

00:58:06Roger Watson

Chris do have check in system like fusion or just use cytilife?

01:00:26Sabina Saksena

This system is called Smart Re-Opening from Cytilife.

01:00:52Jami Brossette

same here

01:01:58Chris Policastro

Roger, we do have Fusion as well

01:05:46Rodo Leone

is there any maintenance cost?

01:06:02Rodo Leone

annual cost?

01:07:04Dan Wrenholt

What is your re-opening timeline and how long would this take to install?

01:07:15John Brey

You talked about having this work directly on the pieces of equipment but in order to do that, the manufacturer would have to have an open API. There are several manufacturers that don't offer that option so how do you plan on working on each piece of equipment?

01:09:47Dan Galvin

what are the IT requirements for sensors and interfaces?

01:10:07Chris Policastro

Hi Dan, our re-opening timeline will begin (essential staff in hopefully beginning of July and members come back mid August). It took several months of organize the implementation

01:10:08John Brey

you talked about asset management for the piece of equipment, that would take an open API.

01:10:47Matt Grimm

just ballpark. how much does each sensor run?

01:10:56marie turchiano

How much money is this?

01:10:57Tom Giles- FIU

Are the text alerts customizable?

01:11:30Doug Curry

Is there an annual fee?

01:11:57Sabina Saksena

yes the tex alerts are configurable to your needs/budiness rules

01:12:09Sabina Saksena

Annual fee for support from year 2

01:12:09Dan Wrenholt

Awesome! Thank you Chris

01:12:53Tom Giles- FIU

Thank you!

01:13:23Doug Curry

Thanks Sabina.. Could you give me a ballpark of what that annual fee is?

01:14:08Stefani Plummer

Thank you for the information. The $25,000 cost is automatic or school-size dependent? what are the additional costs? I think we need a better picture to pitch to those above us.

01:16:04Mike Chadee

I'm assuming the sensor only tells you if the equipment is in use (i.e. somebody is sitting/standing on it) but it doesn't track the actual usage of the equipment (it can't track mileage/hours/etc.) I think that's what John Brey was getting at.

01:16:10Sabina Saksena

01:22:24Chris Policastro

my email is

01:22:33Kevin George

This seems fantastic but tough to consider when budgets are frozen and each purchase is being micromanaged

01:22:43Kevin George

We are asked to give up possibly some 3rd party platforms

01:23:42Kevin George

Could this be done in conjunction with student unions partnerships to bundle?

01:23:49Kevin George

or Athletics

01:25:51Tom St John

Thanks for the info.

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