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Campus Recreation and Orientation Virtual Roundtable

Recorded on Thursday, May 28, 9:00am PT / 12:00pm ET

Facilitated by Pam Watts, presented with
Kathy Bayless, Executive Director, Campus Recreation, Indiana University
Kelly McPherson, Events Coordinator, Campus Recreation Virginia Tech
Melanie Payne, Director of First Year Experience Programs, Indiana University
Chad Zoller, Assistant Director, New Student and Family Programs, Virginia Tech

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Chat Transcript

00:33:10Kathryn Bayless-IU

Hi folks!!! So good to “see” colleagues we missed being with at the annual conference

00:42:14Pam Watts

Any questions for Kelly and Chad?

00:42:46Kate Y - UVM

What other thoughts do you have in mind for RecFest? I heard Zoom, but have you had other ideas pop up?

00:43:47Liz Feldman

Are you requiring students to attend this kick off or is it optional based on their comfort level? How do you engage students who don't want to attend in person?

00:45:51Kathryn Dunn - Loyola Chicago

We are using Strava (free app that tracks athletic activity) to do a welcome week run. Any member who joins our club and completes a 5k that week will receive a Campus Rec Sticker, IMS shirts to fastest 5ks. We are using the club to like/comment on people's posts and build community.

00:46:22Kelly McPherson- VT

Kathryn, that’s an awesome idea!

00:46:54Kathryn Dunn - Loyola Chicago

Our hope is eventually to include our Club Teams in this- the running club can lead a run, the swim club can lead a swim workout, etc.

00:47:08Kathryn Dunn - Loyola Chicago

(Once we can gather safely in larger groups)

00:47:21Kelly McPherson- VT

Yes! I had a swim on my list this fall, pre-covid, hopeful we still can

00:47:26Stefani Plummer

@Kathryn great idea

00:47:59Kevin George

With in person welcome week/orientation opportunities, are there any barriers financially in restrictions of signing 3rd party vendor contracts with budget concerns? Those experiences create memories/social connectedness, but also could bring on germs/distancing issues.

00:52:34Kathryn Bayless-IU

Indirectly as colleagues…we do not report to Student Life, but the Office of the Provost. GREAT professional however:)

00:54:24Pam Watts

What are some ideas to provide orientation to online students?

00:56:18Dei Reich

Wingate is highlighting different offices/depts. on a weekly basis. Our office has a week in July and we are in the planning stages now. Zoom group fitness, zoom info session, trivia, vitual tour etc

00:56:20Kathryn Dunn - Loyola Chicago

Loyola is doing a virtual resource fair with each department creating a webpage specifically for First Year Students. Ours isn't quite ready to share out yet, but we have specific icons that say "Have a question about XProgram Area?" and when you click it, it automatically opens up an email to send to the appropriate staff member that says "Hi, I'm a First Year Student with a question about [Aquatics/Ramble Outdoors/etc]."

00:58:32Dana Lopez

our students at Wake Forest have suggested quick snip-it videos to showcase Dept (social media) and then hosting virtual open houses

00:59:41Michele Schwitzky

We had 6500 students attend BASH at the REC (Arizona) last year. We don’t know how to connect this year with social distancing and how can we attract students who may not want to do another zoom session.

01:00:06Kevin George

@Pam -For Online Students - Curious if there are opportunities for “takeover” of university social media platforms/accounts based on channels of activities/interest? Maybe someone that knows and is engaged in fitness (staff member or avid participant) has a recorded “tour” of fitness offerings live streamed and then saved video for post viewing? Then do one from sport programs (IM & SC), then all other areas - Outdoors, Aquatics, etc.

01:00:42Pam Watts

@Kevin - great idea!

01:01:40Chris Geary - IU

@Michele - we are struggling with that as well. How do you create a high energy event with social distancing?

01:01:49Kelly McPherson- VT

@michele I am thinking maybe you can rotate smaller groups through? It would make for a much longer- maybe days long event, but you could get many smaller groups through

01:03:14Michele Schwitzky

Good idea, Kelly! Anyone concerned about tabling & social distancing?

01:03:20Chris Geary - IU

@Michele - We are also looking at what types of smaller events we can take to the res halls and other locations.

01:03:42Kelly McPherson- VT

I think being outside is key, you could put cones 6 feet apart leading up to each table to spread people out

01:04:16Michele Schwitzky

More great ideas! Meet them where they are!

01:05:36Kevin George

Does anyone perform post orientation/welcome weekend event “non-attendants” survey on barriers to participate, lack of knowledge based on marketing/communications for the events, what they would like for health & well-being, etc.? As much as we get some excited for those new students that do participate in our orientation and welcome week events, we still have several that “choose” not to attend. Those non-users are the ones we want to capture to promote lifelong healthy habits and the value of making the time in college to build all dimensions of well-being.

01:06:03Mandy McGhee - IU

Promo items and an engaging activity are always key to attracting students to your table - trying to think through how to entice engagement with new parameters is the key. Plus making sure students ... and our employees ... feel safe.

01:07:15Aaron Brooks- The University of Akron

I'm curious how many people will be able to afford promo items due to severe budget cuts across the country. How can you entice them in, if we can't afford the promo items we've always relied on in the past?

01:08:35Pam Watts

T-shirts and food will always be attractive to students!

01:08:47Kathryn Dunn - Loyola Chicago

Have to run. Thank you Kathy and the IU team, Kelly, and Chad for your insight!

01:09:25Melanie Payne, Indiana University

stretched budgets may call for PRIZES and DRAWINGS rather than "everyone gets one" but can still have swag insentives

01:09:31Stefani Plummer

@Aaron There will still be a budget impact, but we have discussed actually giving away recreation equipment (will help in people bringing their own equipment)-We won't be able to give away AS many, but possibly the weight of the item will make it more enticing.

01:09:44Stefani Plummer

@melanie YES~

01:10:01Kevin George

The problem is when you give to all that attend - they are a walking billboard/ad for your department….

01:10:50Kevin George

Which it can become a talking point and they can be Rec ambassadors/educators/marketers as participants - they love the “swag"

01:12:51Chris Geary - IU

Anyone doing creative virtual events like variations on the 5K?

01:13:02Mike Chadee

We are looking for solutions for incoming students to sign-up for a time slot to come to campus to pick up ID, syllabi, etc. We would need to limit the number of students coming to us in each slot, etc. Any recommendations for platforms that could help us achieve this? We've considered Doodle but interested if anybody has used anything else.

01:14:13Kevin George

@Mike - Texas A&M has been using imleagues for check-in registration and attendance to use fitness spaces. I’m unsure if you have a platform like Fusion/CSI/Active that could potentially do that.

01:15:02Melanie Payne, Indiana University

@Mike we are looking at WHEN TO WORK for scheduling. I wonder if there is value in it for what you are talking about

01:16:16Mike Chadee

Thank you Kevin and Melanie!

01:16:20Melanie Payne, Indiana University

You could probably also create jus a Qualtrics thing similar to a survey where they see what is available and pick a time/date

01:16:21Amy Rask

@Mike I've used SignUpGenius before. Only great if you don't need it to link to other platforms that would do SSO or something like that.

01:22:10Joe Cassidy

Colleagues - What ideas do your institutions have for in person activities for engaging students in activities with social distancing and other appropriate health and safety measures?

01:22:42Derek Timourian

We are looking like some social distanced team building activities (e.g. photo scavenger hunt around campus). Anybody have some other solid ideas for social distanced team building?

01:23:56Kevin George

Virtual team building/ice breakers from Michelle Cummins

01:23:58Anthony U of Central Arkansas

Second attachment is from local hospital's wellness center.

01:24:19Chris Geary - IU

@Kevin - IM leagues is a great idea for registering for a time slot (league) and then checking students in as they arrive. Could be used to host multiple mini-recfest type events outdoors.

01:24:36Joe Cassidy

campus-specific/based geocaching

01:25:06Anthony U of Central Arkansas

Another meeting. Any Qs about us,

01:25:19Linda Clauss

There are a few online sites that have escape rooms. They are pretty basic/low key. But we did a few remotely with our staff teams prior to graduation and they liked them as team builders. You have to get everyone on Zoom and then do a screen share and only one person "drives" but the student staff groups were really engaged.

01:26:32Melanie Payne, Indiana University

@Linda Clauss -- do you have a couple urls we could explore for those?

01:26:50Amy Rask

@Linda I have done two virtual escape rooms and they are awesome. Here is where I did mine:

01:27:04Linda Clauss

01:27:12Hailey Hester

pokeman go

01:27:14Joe Cassidy

Pokémon Go

01:27:15Linda Clauss

thanks for sharing Amy ^

01:27:46Aubre Jones

Thanks for sharing many great ideas today!

01:27:54Hailey Hester

there is a version of that for outdoors you can easily build your own, I think the AEE or adaptive rec had a webinar on it

01:28:03Kevin George

01:28:04Adrienne / Northwestern U

This was the best roundtable yet. Super informative and helpful. I can’t wait to share with my co-workers.

01:28:31Michele Schwitzky

Great conversation. Thank you!

01:28:35Debbie Marinoff Shupe

I so appreciate these opportunities. thank you all for sharing

01:28:49Gareth Cunningham

Thanks everyone!

01:28:52Janice DeMonsi

Thank you - great conversation!

01:29:00Chris Geary - IU

Take Care everyone!

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