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Exploring Belonging in Collegiate Recreation Webinar

Wednesday, May 20, 8:00am PT / 11:00am ET

Facilitated by Marc Iturriaga, presented with Larry Mellinger

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In this webinar, we will discuss how focusing on Belonging – where students feel Invited, Welcome, and Included – can lead to stronger recruitment and retention of participants leading to healthier, more active, and engaged students. For more on this topic, see the recent Athletic Business article.

Chat Transcript

09:01:12Anthony Fillippino

You are on.

09:40:39leslie whitmer

can you share the survey with us

09:44:17Marc Iturriaga

Ill make sure Larry has an opportunity to send out if possible

09:47:06Anthony Fillippino

Sorry, have to run. I will take anything, like the slides, you want to send.

09:49:20NIRSA Smartboard

Reposting a great question from the Q&A so it's captured here in the chat too 'As with many campus recreation programs across the country, we have to respond to serious budget cuts in our departments. What are some ways to apply Act, Belong, Commit while also trying to cut costs across the board?' (Per Marc, some of this will be addressed in the next section.)

09:49:34NIRSA Smartboard

Feel free to post more questions and thoughts here in the chat for the panelists to consider

10:10:54Mallory McPherson-Wehan

This was incredible! Thank you so much. I feel very inspired

10:10:57Stefani Plummer

such a timely presentation! Thank you~

10:11:14Luis Banda

Thank you all for the great information!

10:11:43leslie whitmer

excellent-thanks very much-very well done-good food for thought

10:13:20Katie White This

was really great, thought provoking about how we can think differently. Thank you Marc and Larry.

10:13:35Bre'una Keeton

Thank you so much for presenting on this topic. I have learned so much from you both and will definitely be following up to discuss the topic of belonging further. So incredible! Thanks again.

10:13:46Madison Kinder

Thank you for all of this info!

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