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Virtual Roundtables
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Risk Management, Part 4

Friday, May 15, 9:00am PT / 12:00pm ET

Facilitated by Erin Wells, Drew Loso, Chad Lowe, & Sarah Shea

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Chat Transcript

00:31:36Erin Wells

Happy Friday!!!!

00:33:28Erin Wells

Ask any questions here that you may have!!!

00:34:59Matthew Gordon

I would love to know what everyone is thinking about face coverings in their spaces (all the time, only for some activities in the space, etc.)

00:36:18Stefani Plummer

@matthew, personally not a fan but I don't believe it will be my decision. I believe at least the staff will have to wear them.

00:36:32Chad Lowe-Ohio State

00:37:19Courtney Berntsen

We are providing PPE equipment to students if they need to provide a spot (but members will also be required to wear them). Otherwise, if students want to wear them, we have the supplies for them. But they don't have to wear them

00:37:26Dean Smith

Employees are currently required to wear a mask

00:37:40Karen Howell

If face masks are required.what happens when someone wants to drink water while exercising

00:37:50Devon Wilde

We have been instructed to have them as "part of the uniform" for student staff, so they are required. They are not required for patrons.

00:39:47Stefani Plummer

Is anyone who is student fee based only, planning to just open to students FIRST? We allow Faculty/Staff to use, but I am wondering if we are restricting access, what it looks like when F/S are in the facility when students are the ones who pay.

00:39:56Molly Haduch

This is still in progress, but staff will most likely be required to wear them at University of Michigan across Student Life. Our Divisional Leadership is taking the lead on procurement. I don't know what will be asked of patrons in the rec center. I can't imagine we would want patrons exercising intensely in masks.

00:39:58Robert Weeks

@Devon Wilde, if they are being considered part of a uniform, is your institution purchasing them for staff?

00:40:54Davetta Lackey

We will be purchasing masks for students. Patrons will not be required to wear masks

00:41:30Devon Wilde

At the moment, our institution is not purchasing them, but us as a Rec Sports department are purchasing them for our students. There has been discussion throughout campus of our safety department purchasing them later on... (which would help with budget!)

00:41:54Hailey Hester

GSU- we have mass purchased for staff already

00:42:35Julia Neal

UAkron is definitely buying in bulk for across all areas of the university

00:43:54Hailey Hester

GSU is thinking about temperature checks for staff and patrons

00:44:22Staci Snyder

at UCLA, we will take guidance and lead from what the university as a whole recommends or requires. However, the city of Los Angeles does require them right now, so whenever we get the green light to open if the city still requires them, I assume we be required to have all our staff have them. Currently however the university is providing them to all essential staff who are making visits while the campus is closed

00:44:54adrianna del amo

UMaine is only allowing students and members during phase 1 as well

00:45:05Joey LaNeve

ASU is similar to you Erin

00:45:25Erica Chandler

For those planning on doing temperature checks, have you found any good products you plan to use?

00:45:34Rhonda Powers

Northern Arizona will only be serving current members during Phase I

00:46:09Anna Champion

What if you are open to the community (non-faculty/staff)? Are you still opening to students and/or Fac/Staff first?

00:46:25Stefani Plummer

Sorry if this has been discussed, but how are people providing care (ventilations during CPR) in this new normal?

00:46:31Hailey Hester

Temperature devices are sold through McKesson medical about $68 per touchless device

00:46:40Kristen Alexander

is anyone thinking of a virtual traiing?

00:47:05Kristen Alexander

maybe a video showing how to enter or the pathway?

00:47:10Stefani Plummer

@kristen, we most likely will be creating videos that we can use beyond this new normal

00:47:29Hailey Hester

GSU is looking at having to open the week before real opening to try and phase in sessions for Bag valve mask training and universal program trainings for the fall

00:47:34Kristen Alexander

@Stefani what school are you?

00:47:34Molly Haduch

I would love that too please. :)

00:47:38Devon Wilde - would be so helpful! Thank you!

00:47:42James Alexander

00:47:44Rebecca Harper

add me please

00:47:45Max, Swarthmore College (he/him) —— Thanks Erin!

00:47:45adrianna del amo

00:47:48Davetta Lackey

00:47:50Danielle Anderson -- virtual training info would be great

00:47:51Chris Muller

00:47:52Curtis Sink

00:47:54Brenna Lacey

I would welcome additional resources for training students to specifically enforce the social distancing and if you will allow those who claim to be roommates, etc, to be within 6ft of each other or if you’ll be strictly enforcing it with every individual

00:47:55Erin Sanders

00:47:56Kristen Alexander

could you maybe share with me?

00:47:56Mike Valentine

Please send to

00:48:00Drew Meadows

I would love that also

00:48:07Shelly Radtke

please add me too,

00:48:08Courtney Berntsen

I would love that as well!

00:48:10Daniel Perdue

00:48:11Jeff Kingery Thanks Erin!

00:48:13Courtney Berntsen


00:48:16Easton Henrikson

00:48:17Rhonda Powers

00:48:19Staci Snyder

Would love to see that as well Erin,

00:48:25Karen McAllister-Kenny as well please

00:48:25Wendy Johnson

Erin, i would realy like that too. - Associate Director Wellness Center

00:48:27Adam Pruett - please send my way too! Thank you!

00:48:28Karen Howell

00:48:29Chad Lowe-Ohio State

HI Everyone, could you email Erin at

00:48:30Erica Chandler

00:48:36Chad Lowe-Ohio State

for the student training document

00:48:36joshua Deekens

I am developing a return to work training with some Covid specific stuff but most of it is a reminder of things that all staff already know. PPE, blood borne pathogens etc...

00:48:38Amanda Simmons Thank you!

00:48:46Kathryn Dunn

00:48:48Amy Campbell

We would be interested in receiving the online staff training module thank you!

00:48:52Jimmy Heiner - Staff training document please

00:48:56Julia Neal - UAkron

00:48:59Dustin Stashko - Thanks so much!

00:49:03BGSU-Chris Ballard

00:49:04Stephanie Fung

00:49:05Megan Ridley

00:49:12Mike Dominguez

00:49:12Emily Wujcik

00:49:27Kristen Alexander

00:49:45Justin Ellerbe

How are your departments managing space capacity with users? What sort of reservation processes/planning are you all doing to stay within max capacity within each area in your facilities?

00:49:46Stuart MacIntyre

00:49:47Lindsay Wigderson, thanks!

00:49:55Mark Ritter

00:50:11Raymond Mencio

00:50:13Stefani Plummer

what about places that are just plum HOT?! Temperature checks can be off. I had to stop by the hospital and had two significantly different temperatures between coming from outside to again inside

00:50:20Justin Cato

00:50:33Gabor Jerkovits

Please add me as well.

00:50:40Tzu-Lin Toner

00:50:41Julia Neal - UAkron


00:50:56Drew Cantwell

00:51:03Julia Neal - UAkron

I thought about that too, we are not hot, but even if you do a pre-workout, your temp is elevated.

00:51:34Laura Munroe

00:52:03joshua Deekens for supplies has been great

00:52:04Jessica Dehn

People could also take Tylenol to lower their temp prior to leaving the house - so our university has directed us not to rely on this

00:52:11Dean Smith


00:52:41Tzu-Lin Toner

00:52:46Joey LaNeve

ASU has ordered Hepa filters for all of our pocket masks and BVM for all first aid kits. All of our staff are CPRO and have been for the last 15 years

00:53:03Hailey Hester

HEPA is on AHA

00:53:08Hailey Hester

on their recommendations

00:53:38Joey LaNeve

Compressions are still aerosol generating so if you are doing compression only CPR you still want to cover the face with some kind of cloth or mask

00:54:02Erin Wells

00:54:13Melissa Khampha

00:54:15Megan Ridley

What type of wipes are you all providing for patrons? We have used Performance Wipes in the past, but they must remain wet on the surface for 10 minutes before they kill COVID-19.

00:54:35Erin Wells

00:55:15Hailey Hester

00:55:24Hailey Hester

Where they talk about HEPA filters AHA

00:56:06Rachel O'Mara

If you use an N95, we have been told you need a physician evaluation and fit test. Are others getting the same information?

00:56:15Stefani Plummer

@megan we are working with our custodial team to get a spray that has a shorter dwell time

00:56:27Hailey Hester

also her eis the publication by 20 Doctors on HEPA:

00:57:00John Brey

Here is a product that I have researched that might be of great help to you clean your facilities.

00:57:27Robert Weeks

At University of Cincinnati, every staff member in our EAP that responds to a code is certified in Red Cross CPR Pro

00:57:31Kristen Alexander

there is an American Red Cross Mental Health COVID training out there, that we are requiring for all staff. It is free if anyone wants it!

00:58:19TJ Hill

At Colorado State, all staff that respond in our EAP are CPRO as well

00:58:46Bob Riddle

At Appalachian State University we train all of our Lifeguards and Facility Supervisors to CPR/AED for the Professional Rescuer, All of our Professional Staff are CPR for the Professional Rescuer Trainers

00:58:47Amanda Simmons

At VCU, our Facility Operations Attendants have CPR for the Lay Responder, however, we transitioned our Facility Managers last year to CPR Pro.

00:59:33Lindsay Wigderson

when we transitioned to all staff being CPRO a few years ago, a major selling point was consistency of care across the facility

00:59:53Daniel Perdue

reservations on the hour.

00:59:56Daniel Perdue

IM leagues

01:00:03Matthew Gordon Harvard University

Fusion Reservations is the plan

01:00:06Rebecca Cegledy

Calculating spaces on the 144 sq ft per person and then taking into account equipment in spaces for capacity numbers. We are looking at either using our Fusion software court reservation system for building capacity registrations for 1 hour 15 minute time slots (no locker room access during phase 1) with 30 minutes in between to get staff reset and cleaning high touch points. Or we will do a first come first serve then one in one out. We have only one main entrance so it is easier for us to control.

01:00:09Kathryn Dunn

Fusion programs

01:00:33Max, Swarthmore College (he/him)

@Rebecca - Does this include your building staff, too?

01:00:51Laura Munroe

I am one of the Co-Chairs for the NIRSA Work Team for Re-Opening. It would be greatly appreciated if you would send me your institutions opening plans for use by this work group. If your plan is already on the shared Google doc no need to send. Thanks in advance!

01:00:53Stephanie Fung

at uc davis we have talked about repurposing the IM scoreboards, to put in bigger spaces like weight room to visually display the number of people in that area at that time. putting one possibly in the front near the front desk as people in the building.

01:01:31Jessica Dehn

We are looking at reservations but don't have a system. Found this one that has a free option or relatively cheap paid options.

01:01:41Davetta Lackey

Connect2 to keep track of the capacity and posting the count so the patron can view

01:01:47Devon Wilde

Laura, is the shared google doc of ideas on NIRSA's website?

01:01:55Rebecca Cegledy

We are basing capacity on fitness areas only. Our staff would be covered by the hallway and main entry and office space.

01:02:45Stephanie Fung

24 hour fitness has a similar video too

01:02:54Chad Lowe-Ohio State

@Devon - [Tuesday 12:23 PM] Lowe, Chad

01:03:02Frances Caron

Fusion allows you to set access times for people based off reservations. Their app is also great if you need to move away from a hand scanner.

01:03:37Daniel Perdue

excellent idea!

01:03:42Devon Wilde

Thank you!

01:03:59Max, Swarthmore College (he/him)

Looking to use Qualtrics for registration

01:04:59Trey Knight

Looking to use Fusion and there new/upgraded features to inform capacity, publish capacity, reservations, etc. Also looking at the tool in Microsoft 365 called Bookings.

01:05:58Amanda Simmons

At VCU, we have discussed using the "Program Registration by Schedule" feature for registration time blocks. Discussing doing 1.5 hour time blocks.

01:07:16Erin Wells

01:07:42Stephanie Fung

01:08:32Rachel O'Mara

UH is looking at using Fusion Group Fitness Check In system as our reservation process for capacity and clearing the facility on the :50

01:08:42Colin Chambers

For anyone using connect 2: (if you don't do it already) have you considered using the counts to post the live counts on your website?

01:09:18Chad Lowe-Ohio State

@Colin - Yes, at OSU we plan to use that feature. Working towards making sure the Counts are accurate and adjusting the capacities as well.

01:09:22Max, Swarthmore College (he/him)

A big thing I’ve noticed in this 24 Hour Fitness video is they are requiring patrons to wear a mask.

01:09:55Nyssa Owen

@Rebecca etat does that realistically look like in many spaces? 10-20 people?

01:10:03Nyssa Owen


01:10:28Hailey Hester

how are people dealing with patrons that say live together that don't need the "6ft rule" and have expectations they will be workout out together due to that? How are you going to handle that?

01:10:42Chris Muller

At UTA we are doing 25% of the number of cardio pieces and using the same number for the weight area.

01:11:09Danielle Anderson

Is anyone training staff on cleaning to be OSHA compliant? Hazard Communication Training. I know this varies state to state.

01:12:11Joe Cassidy

Are your student employees operating the electrostatic sprayers?

01:12:28Molly Haduch

How frequently are you using the electrostatic sprayers? Daily?

01:12:37Stephanie Fung

UC Davis had a protexuss sprayer gun before the shut down. we have the backpacks as well, and a few more sprayer guns for the staff to use in their areas. Yes @joe Cassidy, the students are operating.

01:13:02Stephanie Fung

@molly--they are going through hourly, and the one roamer attendant, they were using it to spray everything

01:13:12Julia Stulock

What type of PPE is being used with the electrostatic sprayers?

01:13:32Stephanie Fung

@julia prior to shut down, they didn't need much ppe

01:13:45Stephanie Fung

we can spray on everything except surfaces you'd ingest (so don't spray food)

01:13:48Molly Haduch

What is the drying time?

01:13:58Frances Caron

UC Riverside has the clorox 360 systems and has for over a year. We use them all day long on all items in the facility.

01:14:05Stephanie Fung

@ molly drying time is 10 minutes

01:14:25Megan Ridley

What product are you using in your sprayers?

01:14:30Molly Haduch

thank you thank you

01:15:13Matthew Gordon Harvard University

We use Oxivir which has a dry time of 5 minutes, and they also make Oxivir 1 which dries in 1 minute. We are trying to procure sprayers still.

01:15:18Stephanie Fung

@megan, there are tablets that we order to use. after it sprays, it smells lowkey like a pool with the chlorine smell. but you fill the canister up with water, and the tablet is like an alka seltzer tablet so once it fizzes it's good

01:15:26Stephanie Fung

@sarah, no residue for us at davis so far

01:15:31Stephanie Fung

too early to tell for rusting

01:15:45Frances Caron

We have had no issues with the clorox system leaving residue or any rust.

01:16:41Frances Caron

We also use the clorox system on our black cushions and have no residue or marks from them on those is that gives you some indication of that.

01:16:50Rebecca Cegledy

@Nysaa Our building layout allows for some of this. For a phase one re-open we anticipate lower usage so our initial lower capacity numbers should work. Then we will look to loosen up as we learn/operate this way for summer ops.

01:17:17Molly Haduch

@Frances do you use it everywhere? locker rooms, fitness equipment, front desk, etc?

01:17:57Frances Caron

Yes! Everywhere! They are fantastic and we have had them for a couple of years! We use them on furniture, equipment, kids toys (we have childcare), you name it.

01:18:04Gregory Reinhardt

Is anyone suspending guests that do not follow cleaning protocol (i.e., each guest must clean equipment after use)? We have been asked to do this, but are looking for other options.

01:18:42Rebecca Mabile

Utah already has some community pools open for lap swim only.

01:18:45Joey LaNeve - ASU

city pools and gyms can open in AZ as of this week. We are waiting for University guidance before opening

01:18:48Ben Burnham

Idaho is allowing pools to open soon. Some cities are not due to financial reasons.

01:18:54Amanda Simmons

In Virginia, currently only Outdoor pools are allowed to operate. However, it is only for "fitness" related activities (Lap swim or individual Aqua Aerobics).

01:19:07Nathan Brungardt

we are allowing them to use the public restroom in the facility

01:19:12Kathryn Dunn

In Illinois you can't open pools without a shower and toilet available

01:19:41Justin Kern- ASU

ASU is adding outdoor showers to all of our pools

01:20:06Robert Weeks

In Ohio the announcement was made, but the guidelines the governor said they would have to follow have not been published yet.

01:20:27Robert Weeks

^For pools and gyms, that is

01:21:07Rebecca Mabile

As of tomorrow Utah can have rec swim and swim lessons. Governor gave two day notice that we are moving to low risk phase.

01:21:15Meagan Stachurski

We have talked a lot about virtual training and spacing like Erin said.

01:21:45Meagan Stachurski

American Red Cross also just released virtual skills for Lifeguarding and CPRO but I haven't reviewed it yet

01:21:58Joe Cassidy

If your department has a large event during orientation or start of the school year to promote your facilities and programs (i.e., RecFest), with social distancing, what alternatives are you considering to promote campus rec?

01:22:02Chad Lowe-Ohio State

Meagan do you have that link handy?

01:22:40adrianna del amo

Can be used if you do not have a life size mannequin for in water rescue skills

01:22:54Erin Wells

01:23:02Frances Caron

We've been doing virtual in-service since we closed. I have seen a couple facilities currently doing training with their lg's with snorkel mask on (don't necessarily recommend) and bring a person from home to help (another tough one).

01:23:03Meagan Stachurski

CDC also has specific language excusing 6 feet rule for "gatherings" during emergencies

01:23:06Kathryn Dunn

@Joe this is small, but during virtual orientation, OLs are asking students to open up social media and follow us on one of our platforms.

We are also using Strava (free app) to create an activity club

01:23:06Meagan Stachurski

"Anyone rescuing a distressed swimmer, providing first aid, or performing cardiopulmonary resuscitation, with or without an automated external defibrillator."

01:24:27Chad Lowe-Ohio State

@Joe - all of OSU's orientation is going virtually this year. We are creating a landing web page for all of our materials and also will have a weekly Q & A zoom call for incoming 1st year's.

01:26:14Jimmy Heiner

Anyone requiring Participants, particularly those doing cardio, to wear a face mask?

01:27:33Thomas Peters

I am buy them out of my pocket for my staff. Claflin University

01:28:37Frances Caron

There is a lot of research being done on the cardiac issues happening from those wearing masks while working out so those going that direction I recommend lookign into it.

01:28:47Thomas Peters

We are recommending that everyone that come to workout have a mask.

01:29:32Rebecca Mabile

I don't believe we are requiring participants to wear masks but encouraging it. Our employees are required to wear them though

01:29:35Karen Howell

We are planning to require patrons wear masks while exercising. I am concerned about drinking water.

01:29:41Max, Swarthmore College (he/him)

Two weeks

01:29:44Stefani Plummer

i feel like we need another as more are see what works and doesn't!

01:29:45Chris Muller


01:29:46Amanda Simmons

2 weeks

01:29:46Dean Smith


01:29:47joshua Deekens

wearing a mask for cardio is like pool hypoxic training

01:29:47Stephanie Nielsen

Two weeks

01:29:49Wendy Johnson

two weeks - yes

01:29:50Mark Ritter

1 week please

01:29:50Nathan Brungardt


01:29:50Rob Patchett (he/him/his)

2 weeks

01:29:51Ben Burnham

2 weeks

01:29:52Davetta Lackey

2 weeks

01:29:52Emily Wujcik

2 weeks! YES!

01:29:54Devon Wilde

I think this needs to keep happening as we move through our "phases" of reopening together!

01:29:54Kathryn Dunn

two weeks!

01:29:54joshua Deekens

the more times we can meet the better!

01:29:56adrianna del amo

1 week plz

01:29:56Jared Lindorfer

2 weeks

01:30:00Trey Knight

2 weeks

01:30:00Anna Champion

Yes please! So much info!! I'm fine with any week time!

01:30:01Drew Meadows

Yes one week

01:30:04Staci Snyder

Yes please

01:30:06Molly Haduch

yeah 1 or 2 is great thank you all

01:30:07Rhonda Powers

valuable to keep meeting

01:30:08Lindsay Wigderson

week and a half :)

01:30:09Meagan Stachurski

yes please! Have to hop off!@

01:30:10Hailey Hester

yes thank you

01:30:10adrianna del amo

thank you!!!

01:30:11Devon Wilde

Thanks y'all!!

01:30:12Keith Wenrich

Maybe some discussions about shared used facilities.

01:30:15John Somers

Thanks all for the great info

01:30:16Danielle Anderson

Thank you

01:30:20Molly Haduch

Thank you for hosting!

01:30:23Gregory Tack

Thank you!!

01:30:26joshua Deekens

Thanks everyone! stay safe and stay healthy!

01:30:28Justin Ellerbe

Thank you!!

01:30:28Adam Pruett

Thank you!

01:30:31Kathryn Dunn

Thanks for the smike Drww!~

01:30:31Amy Campbell

Thank you!!

01:30:32Justin Cato

Thank you all! Great job!

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