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Sport Club Roundtable, Part 3

Wednesday, May 13, 9:00am PT / 12:00pm ET

Facilitated by Wendy Sheppard, Sarah Hawkins, & Chad Zimmerman

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Chat Transcript

00:33:49Sarah Hawkins (she/her/hers)

Feel free to post questions in the chat! Include your institution with your question.

00:37:40Victor Martin

I am interested in helping with outreach.

00:39:03Aubre Jones

ACCHL - Collegiate Ice Hockey

00:39:11Dom Sak_YSU

hockey - NCHA?

00:39:26Aubre Jones

Aubre Jones - George Washington University

00:39:33Victor Martin

I was told that USA Rugby declared bankruptcy

00:39:54Dom Sak_YSU

Rugby - National Small College Rugby Organization (NSCRO)

00:39:55Nora White

Myself and Nora from Spikeball are here on this call so happy to give what insight we can!

00:40:02Daniel Gardner

Rugby will now be NCRO rather than NSCRO

00:40:05J. Cole Rinck

They did declare bankruptcy. It will require a restructuring but still exists.

00:40:09Max, Swarthmore College (he/him)

Fencing - for the national championships

00:40:12Travis Lankford

Rodeo - NIRA

00:40:20Victor Martin

Thanks, J.

00:40:40Lauren Dudziak

NHF for Ice Hockey

00:40:45Craig Dube

Ice Hockey- Collegiate Hockey Federation (

00:40:55Dom Sak_YSU

eSports - there are multiple possible NGBs. TESPA is the one we're affiliated with

00:41:00Chad Zimmerman

Thank you for posting these! We will comb through the chat and update the list before sending out!

00:41:06Liz Henry

Can someone post the link to the google in the chat? I came late and missed it.

00:41:23Victor Martin

Collegiate Star League, NACE

00:41:24Chad Zimmerman

The Google Form will be shared after this meeting in the NIRSA Connect.

00:41:28Dom Sak_YSU

barbell/weight lifting, unless I missed it

00:41:30Liz Henry


00:42:45J. Cole Rinck

NCAA initial "Resocialization of Sports" guidelines ( and FAQs ( already been shared

00:42:57Matthew Kutz

Agreed with what Max said. Most NGBs are not making decisions until they see what their membership clubs are doing as far as Fall classes

00:45:04Shana Kessler

Question that likely should be included for them is how they are handling refunds and credits for spring seasons that were cancelled this year - especially if those clubs cannot recruit and therefore cannot guarantee a season next year, or if they were sanctioned by their university during spring that may have resulted in them not being able to compete next year.

00:45:29Raamen Bass

Loyola Marymount university (and others) have been asked to find out if NGBs are willing to add language in their registration (for Fall 2020 and beyond) that includes if schools are unable to participate due to COVID-19 matters, if any funds can be refunded in full. If this can be added to questions, that would GREAT!!!

00:45:31Mary Ellen Milam - TCU

NGB question - Athlete eligibility as well as whether an institution will be affected if they cannot participate due to University policies.

00:47:25Jacob Crawford

here at High Point University we have not made a formal decision yet. but we have discussed only playing conference schedules, and no out of state travel unless for regionals, nationals or if their conference has them playing out of state opponents. We also are going to try and limit trips to day trips if possible instead of overnight stays.

00:47:34Kristen Alexander

Ice Hockey league - CHF (Collegiate Hockey Federation)

00:47:44Daniel Gardner

Possible question that could be on the outreach to NGB'S: "Would your organization engage with University legal counsel offices to review and accept redline changes pursuant to FY21 refunds to your league participation agreement?"

00:47:47Victor Martin

Google Meeting has recently become free

00:48:17Marissa Canter

Raamen- I know Dan Gardner at W & M was putting together a google doc of 40+ NGB responses for adding language into contracts regarding COVID this Fall.

00:48:20Thomas Giles

In the event that we cant meet face to face, we are planning to host our officer training as a canvas course

00:48:25Max, Swarthmore College (he/him)

This is directly from the ACHA article “Considerations for Reopening Institutions of

Higher Education in the COVID-19 Era” … “Conduct meetings electronically, even when working on campus. If meetings cannot be conducted

virtually, keep participation to fewer than 10

participants and enforce appropriate physical

distancing and wearing of masks or face coverings.”

00:48:27Max, Swarthmore College (he/him)

00:48:46Thomas Giles

sort of a mix of virtual on your own and online at the same time

00:48:58Erin Sanders - App State

App State - Are NGB going to be able to function? Or how are they going to address different state guidelines?

00:49:05Brandon Corley

Brandon Corley - Florida State University -- I moved to Canvas (online class portal) last year and heard great things from our students. They liked that our stuff and their academics were all in one place

00:49:25Max, Swarthmore College (he/him)

It’s a great article and there are sections directly related to athletics and recreation.

00:49:40Jaclyn Gidley

Jaclyn Gidley - Ball State - similar to what Brandon just mentioned, moved online partially in January and will do as much online training as possible

00:49:43Matt Dunigan - UCR

Doing all virtual zooms for officer trainings that include all of our normal pillars like diversity, hazing, financial etc.

00:50:03Michael Corder

Michael Corder at the University of Tennessee-Knoxville. Has anyone started to formulate social distancing guidelines for practices this fall?

00:50:36Max, Swarthmore College (he/him)

ACHA article - Page 12 discusses practices and competitions. Great reference point!

00:50:58Nora White

Will decisions by schools be made sport by sport or one size fits all as different sports have different levels of interaction?

00:51:02Victor Martin

I have been asked to develop some social distancing policies. We intend to require clubs to adjust their practice formats. I would imagine that we are not going to have any competitions.

00:51:17Samantha Wary

Central Washington - The students suggested continuing our monthly officer meetings on Zoom. It makes it more flexible if students have difficulties making it to the meeting in person for whatever reason. Our main training in the Fall may be the only in person if we are allowed by the University.

00:51:21Dom Sak_YSU

NCAA has had discussions about "playing equity." some states are reopening now, some aren't. opened states will likely practice at some point whereas closed states are still holding tight. as it relates to club sports, that point of fairness is a concern

00:52:31Erin Sanders - App State

App State - hoping to make a sport by sport decision opposed to a program wide yes/no decision

00:52:41Erik Unger - UNCG

At UNCG we are securing reservations, but we are giving them the caveat that they may not be allowed to use them pending policy clarifications

00:53:18Colton Scott

At Illinois- Yes, can request but they know nothing will be approved until we know how we will open.

00:53:23Drew Devore

at Minnesota we are continuing as normal with club practice schedules. The reason is to get out ahead of facility event reservations from other program areas. Then we plan to adjust as needed with university guidelines

00:53:24Mary Ellen Milam - TCU

Our planned deadline to do reservations is later in July so hopeful that we'll have more information/guidelines by then as to what facilities might be available and with what restrictions.

00:53:35Liz Henry

We are going to shoot for hybrid training in fall...part in person with social distancing and other parameters and part virtual or canvas course if we can. We are starting with facility reopen plan; sports clubs and events will be next. since our University fall plan is a hybrid we are working with that and waiting for NCAA guidelines.

00:54:18Liz Henry

Ours can request and reserve, but won’t be approved until further details. this is UC San Diego btw

00:54:56Kristen Alexander

Same at UMBC (University of Maryland Baltimore County)

00:56:01Max, Swarthmore College (he/him)

Great question, Chad!

00:56:53Thomas Giles

at FIU (in Miami) the county restrictions are similar to the school which has made securing public space off campus difficult

00:56:58Mary Ellen Milam - TCU

Our clubs do all their contracts with off campus entities during the summer months so that will determine what facilities they can use, based on their contracts.

00:57:36Matthew Kutz

We are communicating with our off campus sites to let them know we will have direction for if they should schedule practices with our clubs once the university makes a decision on fall semester classes

00:57:50Drew Devore

This is a unique approach to competition travel restrictions by UT Chattanooga athletics department: "Teams competing within 150 miles of campus will be required to travel to and return from the competition on the same day."

00:58:07Matt Dunigan - UCR

Yeah we have been having a lot of conversation but depends on what the university is doing in the fall. As of now we are closed so everything is ina holding pattern

00:58:46Samantha Wary

Central Washington - Equestrian is the only team moving forward with setting up a facility for the Fall because of the contract process.

00:58:48Matt Dunigan - UCR

@drew will they have to do any health clearance when they return?

00:58:52Sarah Hawkins (she/her/hers) - Cal Poly

00:59:06Thomas Giles

FIU- All university travel has been cancelled for 20-21, we are still unsure if that includes club travel

00:59:53Drew Devore

@matt dunigan I have not seen anything related to the health guidelines, but is definitely something I would like to know as well

01:00:24Landon Wolfe

ALL university travel at FIU?? Geez, hadn't heard that!

01:00:29Matt Dunigan - UCR

@drew thanks. Yeah it seems as though, that's going to be something huge that professional sports are going to have to decide on.

01:00:45Jerrell Kelly - WKU

Right now at WKU, we're in the same boat with travel being restricted for the entire fiscal year. We're currently working to gain clarification for student organizations in general. The restriction for the fiscal year is on funds for travel rather than on a complete ban.

01:01:24Mary Ellen Milam - TCU

At TCU Full time staff travel has been cancelled but no decisions yet that affect how students travel. I'm sure that will come.

01:02:25Matt Dunigan - UCR

Or being sponsorships that help to travel

01:03:12Samantha Wary

Central Washington - I am currently working with the Coordinator of Student Organizations on our club travel policy for the University reopening. We hope to allow travel with safety precautions in place including masks, thermometers, etc.

01:03:34Matt Dunigan - UCR

@Thomas is that for the entire state? or just for FIU?

01:03:36Erik Unger - UNCG

We are on a travel ban for all professional/GAs for the full year. No final decision has been made on student orgs yet

01:04:16Landon Wolfe

Not to get too opinionated but how in the world does banning staff/faculty staff this far in advance of the year make any sense right now?

01:04:24Drew Devore

So a question that we have posed here at Minnesota. Most club sports work under a subset of them being a student org. Do you expect students/clubs to challenge our potential restrictions guidelines if student orgs/actiivties are more lenient in their guidance?

01:04:37Brandon Corley

@Matt it is not state wide. We are still waiting for a decision at FSU

01:04:50Thomas Giles

@Matt just FIU at the moment

01:05:04Matt Dunigan - UCR

Thank you @brandon & @thomas

01:05:27Max, Swarthmore College (he/him)

@Drew - I think it’s incredibly important to make sure that there is a unified front between Student Activities/Recreation related to sport clubs

01:05:53Jared Cox

is there a place where we can document what each university is doing for the fall? Travel, competition, practices, etc

01:06:04Daniel Gardner

W&M ban on travel is health related

01:06:05Meg Tully

@Drew - I think at Berkeley we'd have some serious push back from our students - We'll definitely be working with students orgs on policy rollout

01:06:06Nora White

@jared that would be great!

01:06:11Jerrell Kelly - WKU

@Landon, I think a lot of those bans have everything to do with funding and very little to do with whether the travel is allowed. So like for us at WKU, if I want to travel to a conference, I still can, but all funds for it would have to come out of pocket.

01:06:12Samantha Wary

@Drew - I am working with my counterpart in student orgs to create the travel policy. This prevents any unfair policies from being created.

01:06:16Drew Devore


01:06:44Drew Devore

We have created a NIRSA Comp Sports Information hub. In that hub is a covid folder you can add your specific schools guidelines

01:07:01Michael Hermer - Queen's University (Canada)

Queen's University (Canada) - Unffotunately I have to leave. Great zoom call and thanks to all for the great discussion and topics. Stay Well

01:07:46Victor Martin - SIU Carbondale

Badminton would be treated differently from Rugby or Soccer

01:08:19Landon Wolfe

Gotcha @Jerrell - guessing a blanket ban policy might be easier for an administration to roll out rather than going to the hassle of waiting and making a more informed decision

01:08:23Sarah Hawkins (she/her/hers) - Cal Poly

At Cal Poly, I ranked my teams in terms of contact in preparation for a hybrid practice model

01:08:38Matt Dunigan - UCR

We are doing both. Giving them an opportunity to speak their minds about what they will need to be successful within the some guidelines

01:09:18Matt Dunigan - UCR

We also are ranking the teams w/ amount of risk w/ practices, whether they are inside or outside

01:09:19Max, Swarthmore College (he/him)

@Sarah Hawkins - Are you able to share an example of the ranking?

01:09:20Erin Sanders - App State

Anyone have COVID risk assessment for teams?

01:09:24Victor Martin - SIU Carbondale

We haven’t determined any sport specific policies, but our large team sports will be limited. Working with them to develop an acceptable practice format would be best.

01:09:30Landon Wolfe

I don't see it as beneficial to pull every single club into discussions right now if we have no idea what our university policy will be

01:09:35Erik Unger - UNCG

We are waiting for clarification on policies. I have started an informal list of ranking of risks that I will work with our Risk Mgt Committee on what we are allowing for the fall

01:10:02Matt Dunigan - UCR

@erin there is one the link that drew gave

01:10:03Landon Wolfe

and yes, obviously plan behind the scenes, just don't see a need to alarm the students quite yet

01:10:13Erin Sanders - App State

@Matt - thanks!

01:10:24Mary Ellen Milam - TCU

The students at TCU are mostly waiting to see what the administration rolls out as guidelines and policies. When they see those, they may then start asking questions or challenging but for the most part are compliant to University rules/regs.

01:10:36Tom Vitucci

so wearing gloves to prevent contamination seems reasonable?

01:11:04Sarah Hawkins (she/her/hers) - Cal Poly

@Tom - I think that really depends on the sport.

01:11:11Max, Swarthmore College (he/him)

Is anyone consulting with their student health services to get their recommendation for physical activity while wearing a mask? What are the risks associated with this?

01:11:33Michelle Mirpuri

Thank you, Michael, I think it is important to start thinking outside of the box to justify our positions, if clubs are not allowed to practice or compete.

01:11:41Sarah Hawkins (she/her/hers) - Cal Poly

We are enforcing 10 people per meeting/practice for Fall

01:11:51Liz Henry

UC San Diego - Mainly behind the scenes and with Athletics to align with NCAA sports. we are collecting info from officers on what they would be willing to do in the fall under social distancing guidelines and in order to create some sense of community in the hybrid fall format.

01:12:26Sarah Hawkins (she/her/hers) - Cal Poly

Nora - thank you for sharing the NGB side! We appreciate hearing from you and we agree completely!

01:13:36Michael Przydzial (GVSU)

I appreciate it, Michelle. We are trying to be realistic with our expectations that this won't disappear by September. There is such a variance on the level of support that rec departments can provide to their club sports, so it is tough to assume that we can match the level of oversight that Athletics departments are able to provide to teams.

01:13:40Dom Sak_YSU

contact sports are going to be tough to troubleshoot

01:13:46Matthew Kutz

Is anyone concerned about equity concerns from clubs if we allow some clubs to practice while others cannot?

01:13:58Victor Martin - SIU Carbondale

I agree that most sports will not be feasible.

01:14:45Daniel Gardner

Spot on Aubre. MIss ya boss!

01:15:03Mary Ellen Milam - TCU

Is anyone that is addressing sport club practices/competitions are you also addressing the issue of spectators similar to how NCAA or pro sports may play but without spectators?

01:15:17Samantha Wary

@Matthew - Equity is a big concern for me. I am trying to see what I can do to provide the best experience across the board.

01:15:25Landon Wolfe

I think most Sport Club activities hinge on Res Halls/Dining. If those are open and functioning on your campus then I don't think there's much of a difference in our clubs competing.

01:15:32Matt Dunigan - UCR

@Samantha RT

01:15:46Nora White

Thats great Sarah! We have been hosting Zoom Meetings with our Club Leaders and players just to chat, share resources, create new relationships!

01:15:54Raamen Bass

@Sarah Hawkins....I would love to see the challenge calendar you created.

01:16:21Jaclyn Gidley

Same ^^

01:16:38Max, Swarthmore College (he/him)

Okay, if our IHE (institutions of higher education) do reopen for the fall, would you only limit sport clubs participation to those students who reside on campus since those who live off campus have a higher chance of coming into contact with someone who might have COVID-19?

01:17:06Mario Rios

My biggest fear is Athletics can have their athletes in a "bubble" and protect them in their own environment (practice, study, classes, travel, compete, live in residence halls; all together). Sport Clubs would have no such "bubble" to protect students.

01:17:07Drew Devore

@sarah I like the non-blanket approach to how you are handling your clubs since none of them are the same

01:17:14Sarah Hawkins (she/her/hers) - Cal Poly

Please email me at if you’d like a copy of my sport ranking and/or my virtual challenge calendar. Or send me your email address as a private chat and I’ll email them to you

01:18:29Thomas Giles

@Mario true!

01:19:12Erik Unger - UNCG

@Max I cannot see us limiting activities to residential students versus off-campus students

01:19:23Craig Dube

Keeping in mind with all competitions and NGBs, what are the referee, official, umpire associations plans....

01:19:35Erik Unger - UNCG

@Max it will come down to the simple argument of fees

01:20:56Max, Swarthmore College (he/him)

GREAT THOUGHT, SARAH! I think it’s time for the NGBs to step up to the plate and provide a service.

01:20:57Liz Henry

UC San Diego is putting a lot of time into creating mentor ship and advice opportunities that are club specific with their alum.

01:21:26Shawn Dean

It is great hearing all the ways we can engage our sport club participants in the event we cannot hold the sport club program. Any there other ideas?

01:21:30Dom Sak_YSU

I would suggest everyone to revisit their department/program area's mission statements and core values. from there, you would be able to discern the fundamental components of your programs, as well as restructure what your programs would look like virtually. "if we can't compete, what can we do?"

01:22:30Jacob Crawford

for those of us that have a Esports facility. What are you doing with that

01:23:12Austin Sanderson

@Jacob Crawford: We are alternating every machine

01:23:22Jacob Crawford

we have 24 computers and our room is full 95% of the time, so we have discussed potentially taking out half the computers and adding some kind of barrier around the ones that stay.

01:23:28Jacob Crawford

thanks @austin

01:23:45Meg Tully

@Liz - clutch idea :)

01:24:12Victor Martin - SIU Carbondale

Our Esports facility is managed by the Student Center. I would imagine that they will limit the number of users. The DDR Pads may by limited in their use.

01:24:16Mary Ellen Milam - TCU

I don

01:24:24Samantha Wary

Central Washington - Our Men's Volleyball team have reached out to different level of players to have Zoom conversations. A lot of topics have included personal journeys, personal skill practices, etc. Here is a youtube video of the meeting they had yesterday with one of the Team USA players.

01:24:31Nora White

If any schools have Spikeball/Roundnet clubs or intramurals on campus that have students who would like to get involved in our “virtual” community at this time please send an email to!

01:24:40Mary Ellen Milam - TCU

We don't know what some of this looks like until our facilities can reopen.

01:24:55Robb Bolton

Our Esports program will require students to bring their own headset, mouse and keyboard in the Fall

01:24:57Liz Henry

More on community...we are using Esports to create community and competition between club teams and will continue to do that if they are not able to compete at all in the fall.

01:25:00Jaclyn Gidley

Nora - I’d love info for Intramural Spikeball at Ball State

01:25:53Chris Sato

University plans on rolling out COVID online training for all staff and I believe students

01:26:30Landon Wolfe

Probably like everything else, better safe than sorry and add another waiver I'm guessing. Doesn't necessarily mean it's legally necessary.

01:26:43Michael Przydzial (GVSU)

Good resource for everyone from the ACHA on re-opening:

01:27:08Max, Swarthmore College (he/him)

Yes!!! Great suggestion, Wendy!

01:27:54Chad Zimmerman

Chronicle LINK:

01:27:55Chad Zimmerman

01:28:05Chad Zimmerman

shoot, link too long

01:28:16Chad Zimmerman


01:29:17Mary Ellen Milam - TCU

There is a document put out by CSI on the NIRSA Connect site under one of the discussions that is a facility reopening guide. One of the recommendations in that guideline is having a separate waiver regarding COVID. But, I will have to check with Risk Management on campus before implementing anything like that.

01:29:54Sarah Hawkins (she/her/hers) - Cal Poly

01:30:21Michelle Mirpuri

At Tulane University we are putting together a member Code of Conduct related to COVID-19, rather than a wavier.

01:30:35Max, Swarthmore College (he/him)

ACHA article — Read through the whole thing

01:30:35Samantha Wary

West Coast Soccer Association - NGB

01:31:14Max, Swarthmore College (he/him)

Great job, Chad, Sarah, and Wendy!

01:31:17Erin Sanders - App State

Thanks facilitators! Great job!

01:31:18Aubre Jones

Thank you. Hope we can do this again in a few weeks

01:31:24Thomas Giles

Thank you for hosting!

01:31:24Nora White

Thanks all!

01:31:29Raamen Bass

great job. thanks for putting this together.

01:31:37Daniel Gardner

thank you all!

01:31:41Drew Devore

If anyone would like access to the NIRSA Comp Sports hub just let me know:

01:31:41Zach Gilbert

Fun lunch chat. Be safe and donate to UNCW sport clubs.

01:31:42Michelle Mirpuri

Thank you!

01:31:47Shaneisha Weir


If you have an idea or would like to facilitate an upcoming caucus or forum please email