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NIRSA Ideas in Motion

Fitness Roundtable

Tuesday, May 12, 9:00am PT / 12:00pm ET

Facilitated by Cheyanne Clouse and Anna Taggart

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Chat Transcript

00:31:04Courtney Rorex

Courtney Rorex, Fitness Coordinator, University of Houston

00:31:05Kyra Dickie

Kyra Dickie, AD of Fitness, UCF. Excited to be here!

00:31:05Wendy Johnson

Wendy Johnson

00:31:07Xiomara "CieCie" Leonard

CieCie Leonard - University of Texas at Austin

00:31:14Devan Martinez

Devan Martinez - Fitness Manager - University of Richmond

00:31:14Anthony U of Central Arkansas

Anthony, U of Central Arkansas.

00:31:15Lindsay Brookey


00:31:15Corey Buck

Corey Buck, Fitness Coordinator @ Marshall Rec

00:31:15Genna Albano

Hi everyone! Genna Albano, Fitness Manager from Lehigh University in Bethlehem, PA

00:31:16Robert Earle

Robbie Earle - Personal Training Coordinator - UC Berkeley

00:31:17Tony Chavis

Tony Chavis UNC Pembroke

00:31:25Nathan Poage

Nathan Poage, Northern Illinois, Fitness GA

00:31:26Gia Landis

Gia Landis, Central Washington University

00:31:27Wendy Johnson

Wendy Johnson, University of SD - Associate Director

00:31:28Alyssa Karmia

Alyssa, GA Group Fitness and Special Events, Belmont University

00:31:28Daniel Perdue

Daniel Perdue UNC-Paradise

00:31:28Danielle Johnson

Danielle Johnson-UC Berkeley GRPX Coord

00:31:29Alicia Koebel

Alicia Koebel, Program Coordinator @ York University

00:31:37Sue Noyes

Sue Noyes UC Berkeley

00:31:39Tony Chavis

Facility Manager

00:31:41Chrystal Davis

Chrystal Davis University of Miami UHealth Fitness & Wellness Center

00:31:43Geoffrey Suguitan

Geoffrey UC Berkeley Instructional Fitness Coordinator

00:31:46Jackie Sherman

Jackie Sherman, University of Florida

00:31:58Jenna Bothell

Jenna Bothell! Fitness Services Graduate Assistant at Western Illinois University but from Houston, TX!

00:31:59Kayla Dadisman

Kayla Dadisman, University of Georgia, Fitness & Wellness intern

00:32:05Tony Chavis

Hey Daniel

00:32:05Claudine Johnson

Claudine Johnson University of Miami UHealth Fitness & Wellness Center

00:32:18Dani Willis

Dani Willis, University of Houston

00:32:22Dave Elton

Dave Elton with Precor

00:32:28Melissa Hazzard

Associate Director - Shippensburg University

00:32:37Tess Swastek

University of Louisiana at Lafayette, Fitness Coordinator

00:33:12Jake de la Torre

Jake de la Torre, University of Denver, Director of Coors Fitness Center

00:33:30Bre'una Keeton

Bre'una Keeton, Fitness Coordinator - Red Rocks Community College

00:34:29Lisa Williamson

Lisa Williamson, University of Georgia

00:34:47Justina Reichelt

Can we access recordings of the past fitness roundtables?

00:35:19Jake de la Torre

What are the floor plans for reopening? Will you be social distancing? Will there be a limit of patrons in the building?

00:35:25Cheyanne Clouse

Justina, yes. They are posted on the NIRSA Ideas in Motion Webpage under previously recorded roundtables

00:35:30Daniel Perdue

we’re planning to take everything like that offline

00:35:58Alyssa Karmia

Andrew, at Belmont we are planning on cutting our class size and then rotating out our mats so we can make sure the used mats were clean

00:36:05Courtney Rorex

Are people allowing patrons to bring in their own personal equipment into the facility for group fitness?

00:36:11Anthony U of Central Arkansas

We have talked about a dip tank concept.

00:37:21Anna Taggart

Justina, yes on the NIRSA website you can access all the previous recordings

00:38:52Gia Landis

We are letting folks use our equipment and rotating it and setting it outside after it has been clean because UV rays are suppose to help. We have been struggling with the same idea with masks - do we allow our employees to bring in their own mask or do we provide them with masks and they cannot bring in their own.

00:38:52Corey Buck

Greta ideas. I think that with Yoga specifically, most participants have their own mats. So, it may be an idea to communicate to them to try to bring their own mat, and for those who do not have a mat, we can lend ours for the class.

00:40:37Daniel Perdue

How are student staff lining up? If not, how are you planning to man the centers?

00:40:54Kyra Dickie

Has anyone considered purchasing a bulk amount of mats and giving them to students?

00:41:07Daniel Perdue

especially concerning for the summer

00:41:10Marcella Cisneros

Who is allowed in the building in your phase 1? All students? Students, Faculty & Staff?

00:41:13Tess Swastek

Has anyone heard if their school is continuing their academic/for credit fitness classes? Ours are through Kinesiology and we share some equipment space and I'm trying to figure methods for that.

00:41:28Courtney Rorex

Our pro staff will fill in any gaps with students

00:41:35Daniel Perdue

abbreviated schedules, full time rotation

00:41:39Pat Kutcher

Pat Kutcher University of Iowa

00:41:40Carey Greenwood

pro staff and GAs

00:41:55Alicia Koebel

At York we have some staff who are ‘on call’ and are just waiting for us to call them when we need to open with full time help

00:42:18Jake de la Torre

full time pro staff, no part time for the time being

00:42:31Angie Clark

What about selling them instead?

00:42:40Joe Hoff

At Texas A&M Galveston we are purchasing masks for pro and student staff. 2 masks each.

00:42:45Kenny Turbush

Kenny Boston College. Are you hearing from student staff that their parents don't want them to work in a Rec Center right now?

00:43:23Mike Robinson

Does the studio/group ex room itself need to be sanitized between classes? we have one studio and have back to back classes (ex. kickboxing ten

00:43:37Xiomara "CieCie" Leonard

Mike, we plan to

00:43:49Mike Robinson

sorry, then martial arts, etc.

00:44:29Alyssa Karmia

Mike, at Belmont, we are following CDC and spreading out classes to clean between each class

00:44:29Gia Landis

We are likely offering less classes per day and cleaning more often. We want to make sure our patrons are feeling staff. We are also lowering the max occupancy per class.

00:44:39Carey Greenwood

build in more time between classes and/or rotating studios

00:44:41Angie Clark

For our yoga classes, we are going to require people to wear flip flops unless they are on their mat. If they don't have flip flops, we are going to sell the cheap pedicure ones for $2.

00:45:15Courtney Rorex

How are people sanitizing floors in studios? Any easy ways that don’t require a floor scrubber being brought out every day/hour?

00:45:19Xiomara "CieCie" Leonard

Not sure if anyone has seen this. This is what 24 hour fitness is doing:

00:45:29Devan Martinez

For those who sell community memberships - are you thinking about only allowing students/staff/faculty members when you first open and not allowing community memberships?

00:46:30Anna Champion

@Devan yes, we are thinking that as an option. Only allow students in beginning phase.

00:47:09Joe Hoff

Yes, we are planning on only allowing students, faculty, and staff initially. No guest passes either.

00:48:23Justina Reichelt

I went to a webinar for Les Mills last week out of China and everyone is required to wear masks to teach or take classes. I am wondering about masks and your requirements?

00:48:49Devan Martinez

@anna & @joe thank you!

00:49:34Sarah Schrenk

@Devan, we don't plan to limit which members can enter. We have several alumni, retirees, and spouse members in the area and realistically we need their revenue. Also, many of our students do not live in the area and won't be back anyway until Fall.

00:50:19Xiomara "CieCie" Leonard

We are exploring giving the first month free

00:50:37Anna Taggart

Justina, we are requiring staff to wear masks but patrons can choose to or not.

00:51:00Justina Reichelt

Thank Anna

00:51:11Gia Landis

We are only allowing university members to use the facility. We did this before we closed and we will likely do it when we reopen, if we cannot fully function. We may not open until fall which we would hope to be able to open fully. We have offered refunds for our memberships.

00:51:34Georgia Orgain

How are y’all limiting the number of patrons coming to class? Signing up beforehand if so what platforms or what process are planning on using?

00:52:19Alyssa Karmia

Georgia, we use FUSION for class registration and will set the parameter to be a small class size.

00:52:24Cheyanne Clouse

We use IMLeagues

00:52:53Wendy Johnson

Getting FusionGo to utilize FUSION better

00:52:58Justina Reichelt

We working on a system to require sign ups for class, we are exploring Rec Trac. If that doesn't work I have heard of Google Appointments and Sign up genius as options

00:52:59Carey Greenwood

We haven't solidified anything yet, but we are planning to utilize IMLeagues. We will add workout times and zones, along with lane reservation for the pool.

00:53:12Anthony U of Central Arkansas

Yes, Fusion sent something out last week about RSVP. Backup will be google forms.

00:53:55Xiomara "CieCie" Leonard

Only offering classes that need equipment to run

00:54:11Xiomara "CieCie" Leonard

For example, step, some resistance, cycle

00:54:19Megan Ridley

We're planning to offer our classes outside.

00:54:25Anthony U of Central Arkansas

First phase is weight room and cardio. No other events/classes/PT until second...third phase. We will have a month to see what happens throughout the state.

00:54:32Carey Greenwood

Moving larger events to spring (hopefully) and hosting smaller events which can utilize sign ups instead.

00:55:42Joe Hoff

Similar to Anthony, doing a small rollout during summer. Plan to keep virtual fitness options during summer at minimum. Haven’t fully decided fall yet.

00:55:50Al Moolick UC Berkeley

designated spaces only for PT

00:56:20Anthony U of Central Arkansas

How will your court handle the heavy equipment?

00:56:31Tess Swastek

With PT I'm struggling with how I do assessments. You can't get a RHR and RBP while staying 6 feet away, and those are important with some clients to determine their health.

00:56:44Tess Swastek

With all clients really

00:57:15Carey Greenwood

Maybe adjusting the time of day?

00:57:16Joe Hoff

We’re thinking about doing outdoor classes in the fall, again just due to low demand during summer.

00:57:25Carey Greenwood

morning or evening (cooler times)

00:57:48Alexis Canaves (UMiami)

To Tess - we have the same concerns and are holding off on our clinical program until a later phase. Keep in mind that exercising distance measures are 10ft/12ft which makes this even more challenging for getting close to assess vitals :/

00:57:58Justina Reichelt

We are offering remote PT via Zoom for clients that want it, other clients got an extension on their packages

00:58:12Alexis Canaves (UMiami)

Programming *

00:58:20Jade Willey

Are folks still planning on adhering to CDC group size recommendations for outdoor classes, or not if you can provide appropriate physical distance?

00:58:29Xiomara "CieCie" Leonard

Would there be an alternative space if it is too hot or raining?

00:58:41Tess Swastek

Yes, thanks for the reminder Alexis!

00:58:56Carey Greenwood

We would stick to our city, county and state guidelines for numbers on our fields.

00:59:24Georgia Orgain

At Texas A&M we are not offering personal training due to the 6ft apart guideline. They don't believe we can safely and effectively train with that guideline.

00:59:47Alyssa Karmia

In regards to hiring for Group Fitness, how is everyone going about that? We have been thinking 1:1 demo or asking potential instructors to send a video of them instructing.

00:59:49Courtney Rorex

Has anyone invested in audio equipment for better quality virtual group fitness classes?

01:00:11Xiomara "CieCie" Leonard

Courtney yes!

01:00:22Kathy Obuszewski

I have a feeling that Ohio is going to be pushing to do have outdoor exercise classes since they are allowing people to dine outdoors starting this week before a dine in option. Ohio has not made a decision on when gyms can open.

01:00:23Courtney Rorex

We’re moving our prep courses to Microsoft Teams or Google Classroom

01:00:35Carey Greenwood

We also went virtual ending the spring using blackboard and zoom calls

01:00:54Carey Greenwood

PT and GFI. Had them teach via zoom and they are auditioning via zoom as well.

01:00:57Anthony U of Central Arkansas

Our school has Safe Colleges for all employees. They added a COVID-19 series, which we are requiring before coming back.

01:01:03Justina Reichelt

We use Zoom, Screencastify, and TEAMS

01:01:09Cheyanne Clouse

Courtney, you just sparked my brain. We we resume classes, what are we going to do about headset microphones

01:01:22Courtney Rorex

Yep ^ another question of mine

01:02:27Larissa Brown

converting to online for group ex training too

01:02:30Kyra Dickie

I’m curious about the language you’re using for students who are auditioning. We are hesitant to audition/promise employment since we don’t have a reopening date. Anyone else in the same boat?

01:02:32Sue Noyes

AV Now has mic cleaning proceedures

01:02:40Andrew Jones

Bring your own fuzzy?

01:02:40Angie Clark

Is anyone teaching fitness with Live Stream on MINDBODY? We are having a lot of issues with sound and quality with it.

01:02:49Carey Greenwood

Individual wind screens, rotating mics so one can be cleaned while another is in use.

Possibly no mic, if classes are smaller?

01:02:55Larissa Brown

we use AV Now that’s good to know

01:03:31Kyra Dickie

Thank you!

01:03:40Larissa Brown

I was considering no mic at all

01:04:11Gia Landis

On zoom, there is a way to enhance the sound quality. My staff figured it out, I did not and not totally sure how to do it, but I am sure if you google it you can find out how to do it. It has helped a lot and they haven't had to use a mic with the enhanced quality for the music.

01:05:14Daniel Perdue

what about zoom bombing?

01:05:21Daniel Perdue

did I miss that discussion?

01:05:29Fay Kennan

UTRGV - all virtual fitness programming will be complimentary :)

01:05:37Carey Greenwood

sound sharing and Bluetooth headsets are very helpful with choreo classes!

01:05:48Cheyanne Clouse

Anna did a whole chat on that Daniel, we can get it to you!

01:05:56Daniel Perdue


01:05:58Xiomara "CieCie" Leonard

Our virtual offering will be additional to our normal pass. Still deciding on exact pricing

01:06:03Justina Reichelt

We had free classes all spring and recorded all videos to YouTube, we just took those down to charge 1/2 price for summer passes

01:06:15Cecilia Guerrero

There’s a podcast by NASM Fitness that states most virtual packages will be 20-25% off the in-person price

01:06:28Justina Reichelt

We charge full price for PT

01:07:01Alicia Koebel

@Daniel, we have monitors for all of our classes for zoom bombing. We’ve had one issue and with the monitors it’s a quick click. When the monitor leaves, the lock the class so no one else can join. We’ve only had the one time issue and that was before the monitor system

01:07:50Daniel Perdue


01:07:54Tess Swastek

What we have been doing for PT is charging 1/2 a in-person session for each virtual session. If they opted to just receive a series of workouts and check-ins we charge 1 session for a 1-2 week of workouts. We are not accepting new clients for the time being.

01:09:18Genna Albano

Have you found Zoom or closed FB group better to broadcast live classes to paying members?

01:09:53Carey Greenwood

We had a ton of our pass holders join our fb group, but our attendance for live zoom classes seemed low.

01:10:27Cecilia Guerrero

The podcast is: NASM-CPT Podcast with Rick Richey, Episode 27 “How to Virtually Train Client in a COVID-19 World”

01:10:32Angie Clark

We are offering a special, $10 drop-in for virtual.

01:11:39Cecilia Guerrero

01:11:51Lindsay Brookey

We have launched a specific online training package - it is about 30% reduced cost for a similar in-person package

01:13:50Sue Noyes

Are you taking new remote PT clients? How are you handling PAR-Qs remotely?

01:13:51Xiomara "CieCie" Leonard

Does anyone use mind/body app as their platform to launch on-demand and LIVE class options?

01:14:10Angie Clark

Yes. So far, we are having issues with the sound on MINDBODY app.

01:14:27Angie Clark

I've used zoom before and so far, zoom is working much better.

01:14:30Anthony U of Central Arkansas

@Sue. Fusion has a digital signature concept.

01:15:11Lindsay Brookey

It is available to new clients, but so far we have just had current clients purchase the online package. We started using Trainerize, so the plan is to have the Par-Q sent through that system

01:16:04Cecilia Guerrero

NASM also offers a free how to training online course: “How to Virtually Train Your Clients: A Guide to Online Personal Training” (

01:16:14Jade Willey

Planning as regular for fall, but not getting tied to anything because it’ll change

01:16:19Alexis Canaves (UMiami)

Thank you, Cecilia!

01:16:24Alexis Canaves (UMiami)

For that resource

01:16:26Carey Greenwood

no news on our fall semester yet

01:16:32Alicia Koebel

We are planning for an all online fall and partial in january

01:16:36Kyra Dickie

No news on Fall here.

01:16:42Cecilia Guerrero

I assigned this to my personal trainers during the closure and they’ve all liked the course.

01:17:13Anthony U of Central Arkansas

We have a go date to open, brick and mortar, but no plan on classes or welcome week concepts. Plans do change.

01:17:16Devan Martinez

We're not sure yet... they will be making decisions about the fall in June or so. They are looking at three options - fully in person, fully online, or a hybrid mix...

01:17:20Daniel Perdue

UNCP is planning to open normal time as far as we’ve been told

01:17:35Anna Taggart

Thank you Cecilia!

01:18:11Devan Martinez

@Lindsay - I saw somewhere about shortening the end of the semester so it would potentially end two weeks earlier

01:18:13Carey Greenwood

Our student affairs has a working spreadsheet for submitting events and programming and listing if it can be offered, if it cannot and if it can be modified or go virtual.

01:18:20Tori Lord

Thanks for the input, everyone!! UNC Charlotte is the cutting their semesters so trying to figure out from there :)

01:18:27Anthony U of Central Arkansas

Same as Devan. Fall break and/or Thanksgiving could be the switch date.

01:20:06Bre'una Keeton

Has anyone surveyed their students to see what their thoughts were on virtual offerings provided this semester?

01:20:19Nathania Bron

Does anyone use on line training modules? Is there a program someone can recommend to use to build staff training courses?

01:20:27Alexis Canaves (UMiami)

Not yet but we plan to survey our members

01:20:37Alicia Koebel

We have surveyed at York. They are really enjoying it because to them it seems more accessible

01:20:38Anthony U of Central Arkansas

@Nathania. We have Safe Colleges.

01:20:39Lindsay Brookey

We have! Will be analyzing results this Thursday as a staff (more info soon hopefully!)

01:20:43Shaneisha Weir

We plan to do a survey next week our kids are taking finals right now.

01:20:53Karen Howell

We are launching our survey this week

01:21:06Carey Greenwood

Our private facebook group poll showed members in the group wanted live classes with access to pre-recorded classes in the fall.

01:21:09Alyssa Karmia

Nathania, we use Blackboard and create our own modules.

01:21:09Nathania Bron

Great idea! Thanks

01:21:25Justina Reichelt

Does anyone have Les Mills?

01:21:30Bre'una Keeton

@Alexis @Alicia @Lindsay @Karen thanks so much. We are posting our survey this week, as well.

01:21:42Bre'una Keeton

Same :)

01:21:45Alyssa Karmia

Justina, No we do not but are looking into it at the moment.

01:21:50Joe Hoff

@ Justina, we have Les Mills virtual

01:21:52Samantha Stevenson

anyone find any info on teaching fitness classes with masks on? and participants?

01:21:53Alicia Koebel

@Bre’una we have also already made updates to our schedules from the surveys

01:22:28Alyssa Karmia

@Joe what has your experience been like with Les Mills Virtual?

01:22:29Xiomara "CieCie" Leonard

How are you running your CPT course partial portions virtually?

01:22:32Devan Martinez

@Justina - we do, just BodyPump though!

01:22:36Bre'una Keeton

@Alicia good to hear. Did students note anything about 'being overwhelmed' with the amount of content provided?

01:23:02Anthony U of Central Arkansas

But they have to maintain a 12 foot distance during cardio events.

01:23:10Alicia Koebel

@Bre’una, no the opposite. They actually asked for more variety. We ended up adding 5 classes to our schedule

01:23:41Larissa Brown

I contacted our technology and learning Dept on campus. they are putting me through a course to set up my class online.

01:23:43Justina Reichelt

People with Les Mills did you get a refund for licensing fees?

01:23:53Bre'una Keeton

@Alicia Wow - awesome! I know that was one of my big fears (providing too much too fast).

01:23:53Justina Reichelt

Since you cannot stream it, you should get money back.

01:24:15Karen Howell

No refund for any of Les Mills - and we have canceled it for next year

01:24:26Alicia Koebel

@Bre’una, yea we started small and added later. It worked well for us.

01:24:34Anthony U of Central Arkansas

Look into studies for altitude training masks.

01:24:36Courtney Rorex

Is anyone having to retrain their staff for hands only CPR?

01:24:45Tess Swastek

01:25:13Bre'una Keeton

My Zumba instructor is not too comfortable with offering Zumba sessions due to the licensing issues. Does anyone have thoughts about this?

01:25:15Joe Hoff

We have had Les Mills Virtual for the past year only, but it’s been a good experience for us. Since we are real small and only recently started group X (KINE prev.) it has allowed us to add variety to our offerings. They also put out streaming classes during the outbreak which we used to help justify keeping our fees.

01:25:27Tess Swastek

We are following the American Rec Cross recommendations

01:25:39Alyssa Karmia

@Joe Thanks!

01:25:40Xiomara "CieCie" Leonard

Zumba has lifted those parameters Bre’una

01:25:58Alicia Koebel

@Bre’una, Zoom is fine for Zumba. It just can’t be a live event. We contacted them to confirm so the instructor didn’t have to worry about her license

01:26:10Alicia Koebel

So no instagram or facebook live

01:26:16Justina Reichelt

We are offering Cardio Fitness and Toning rather than Zumba

01:26:18Bre'una Keeton

@Xiomara thanks for that info! I'll be sure to provide an update to our staff.

01:26:21Wendy Johnson

offering multipe classes so that each person has a manikin, disposable mouth valve, we have practice masks that we would disinfect in between classes.

01:26:31Courtney Rorex

Does anyone have any virtual CEC opportunities they are sending to students/attending?

01:26:33Anna Taggart

Thanks Jade!

01:26:37Bre'una Keeton

@Alicia ok great. So pre-recorded should be good then, correct?

01:27:00Alicia Koebel

From our understanding yes

01:27:05Anthony U of Central Arkansas - University of Central Arkansas.

01:27:07Bre'una Keeton

Got it! Thanks, Alicia.

01:27:10Tess Swastek

Courtney - SCW Fitness is doing Mania for a discounts reat

01:27:12Justina Reichelt

Thanks @Anna and @Cheyanne

01:27:13Tess Swastek


01:27:23Joe Hoff

Happy to connect with anyone -, Texas A&M University at Galveston

01:27:24Bre'una Keeton

Thanks so much everyone!

01:27:28Fay Kennan

Thank you guys!

01:27:32Devan Martinez

Thanks y'all!

01:27:32Alicia Koebel

Thanks for the great roundtable!

01:27:36Lindsay Brookey

Thank you!

01:27:37Anna Champion

Thank you!

01:27:37Xiomara "CieCie" Leonard

Thanks Anna and Cheyanne!

01:27:38Joe Hoff

Thanks Anna, Cheyanne, and everyone else!

01:27:39Eric Simmons

thanks for everything!

01:27:41Alyssa Karmia

happy to connect

01:27:41Anthony U of Central Arkansas

Thank you. Be safe, wash hands.

01:27:47Alyssa Karmia


01:27:48Lindsay Brookey

Congrats Cheyanne!

01:27:54Tess Swastek

Thanks! And congrats Cheyanne!

01:28:02Bre'una Keeton

Congrats, Cheyanne! You go girl.

01:28:14Joe Hoff

Lol, Anna I know that train!

01:28:37Chrystal Davis

Thank you everyone!

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