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Young Professionals Roundtable, Part 2

Friday, May 8, 10:00am PT / 1:00pm ET

Facilitated by Cheyanne Clouse & Tom Giles

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Chat Transcript

00:30:40Crystal Durham

hi friends!

00:30:57Greg Tack

hi everyone!

00:31:06Eric Becker

Happy Friday all

00:31:09Shana Kessler

hi friends!!

00:31:15Renadi Durosier

Hi everyone!

00:31:41Maria Lauron-Ramos (Princeton)

Hi Tom and Cheyanne for hosting this space today!

00:31:45NAU - Crystal Durham

congrats, Cheyanne!

00:31:49Maria Lauron-Ramos (Princeton)


00:31:53Eric Becker


00:31:53Giancarlo Provo


00:31:54Shana Kessler

yay Cheyanne!!!! mazel tov!!

00:31:54Renadi Durosier


00:31:55Domonique Sak

congrats, Cheyanne!!

00:32:00Greg Tack

Congrats Cheyanne!

00:32:20Paul Sutton

CONGRATS Cheyanne!!

00:32:20Ian Gannon


00:32:24Cassie Smith

Congrats Cheyanne!

00:32:43Cheyanne Clouse

Y’all are so kind! Thanks fam <3

00:32:54Paul Joseph

Congratulations again, @Chayanne

00:33:49Paul Sutton

Paul Sutton

00:34:02Lauren Newlin

Lauren Newlin

00:34:05Courtney Rorex

Courtney Rorex, Fitness Coordinator, University of Houston (1 year as pro)

00:34:26Jade Willey

Jade Willey, UNCW, Fitness Coordinator, 1 year as professional

00:34:33Adam Peterson

Adam Peterson, Head Lifeguard, Vancouver Canada, Been in recreation for 5-6 years

00:34:34Lauren Newlin

Lauren Newlin,City Of Henderson, Aquatic Program Supervisor, 13 years and shirp

00:34:35NAU - Crystal Durham

Crystal Durham, Coordinator of Competitive Sports and Summer Activities at Northern Arizona University, 2 years as a professional but a long time in the field, and pizza

00:34:35Juliana Frigerio

Jules, searching for a pro job, NIRSA member since '16. Salad.

00:34:36Kendra Moretti

Kendra Moretti - Belmont University - GA of Marketing & Business Operations - 6 years in the field! Peanut butter

00:34:37Cassie Smith

Cassie Smith, Youngstown State University, Graduate Assistant for Facility Operations. I've been in Campus Rec since July 2019. I'd probably eat potatoes because they are versatile and delicious any way you cook them.


Katy Morgan, University of Florida, Coordinator for Facility Operations, (4 years total, 1 year professional), mac and cheese!!

00:34:38Gregory Deverson

Greg Deverson, Wake Forest University, Coordinator of Intramural Sports, 1 year as pro, Wings

00:34:39Tess Swastek

Fitness Coordinator

University of Louisiana at Lafayette

2nd year as a pro

00:34:40Caroline Mashburn

Caroline, University of West Georgia, Assistant Director of Comp Sports, 2 years as a pro. Pizza for sure!

00:34:41Renadi Durosier

Renadi Durosier from Curry College. Intramural Coordinator. In the field for about 3 months. Rice and Beans would be my go to

00:34:41Giancarlo Provo

Giancarlo Provo

University of Washington Seattle

Program Coordinator - 8 months as pro (4 years including student)


00:34:44Sarah Ortiz

Hi everyone! I’m Sarah Ortiz, Finishing up my first year as a Sport Programs Graduate Assistant at Georgia Southern University. Pizza all day every day!!!

00:34:45Gia Landis

Gia Landis, Central Washington University, Student Health Programming manager, 1.5 months. I would eat steak!

00:34:47Domonique Sak

Dom Sak, Youngstown State University, Coordinator of Club Sports and Summer Camps, 1 year professional/5 years total, my mom's super special pho

00:34:50Haley Colpitts

Haley Colpitts, Coordinator of Club Sports and Intramurals, Florida Institute of Technology for 1 year professionally, ice cream

00:34:50NAU - Crystal Durham

Pizza is so versatile!

00:34:50Tess Swastek


00:34:52David Grassi

David Grassi

Washington State University

Membership Coordinator

4 years in the field

00:34:52Adrienne Gossett

Adrienne, Northwestern U, Assistant Director of Marketing, 7.5 years, Chicago style pizza

00:34:52Shana Kessler

Shana Kessler, Intramural Sports & Special Events Coordinator at Central Washington University. Been in the field 9 years total, 6 years as a professional, less than one year at CWU currently. Popcorn is my jam.

00:34:55Greg Tack

Greg Tack, Quinnipiac, Graduate Assistant for Club Sports, 1 year (3 years involved in Club Sports overall), Twizzlers

00:34:59Drake Belt

Drake Belt, University of Arizona, AD Aquatics and Safety Programs, 3rd year professional, mozzarella cheese sticks

00:35:01Ian Gannon

Ian Gannon - Cornell - Assistant Director - 2 years - NYC Pizza

00:35:01Allie Bogard

Allie Bogard, Montana State - finishing my 4th year as a professional. Burgers - also versatile

00:35:03Mary Catherine Martinez

MC Martinez - InnoSoft (Fusion) - Product Specialist - 5 years in rec/software - probably cheese or bread :)

00:35:04Trace Stenz

Trace Stenz- Intramural/Club Sports and Facilities Coordinator, 2 years as professional, shrimp

00:35:06Erik Estrada - Rowan University

Erik Estrada, Rowan University, Asst. Dir. of Rec Services, 3 yr pro

00:35:06Marvin Trejo

Marvin Trejo. UCSB. Assistant Operations Coordinator. 6 years in Rec, 2 years as Coordinator. Sour Gummy Worms.

00:35:10Maria Lauron-Ramos (Princeton)

Maria Lauron-Ramos | Princeton | Coordinator of Campus Recreation, Marketing/Staff Development | About 3 years | Dark Chocolate :)

00:35:15Eric Becker

Eric Becker, Coordinator of Aquatics at Marshall. All of these are making me hungry, haven't had lunch yet

00:35:22Kaleah Torgerson

Kaleah Torgerson, Texas A&M University, Graduate Assistant - Intramural Sports, 1st year GA, mashed potatoes

00:35:28Paul Joseph

Paul Joseph- Nova Southeastern University- 2nd year GA(graduating this spring)- Wings

00:35:34Matthew Sauceda (CSULB)

Matthew Sauceda / CSU, Long Beach / Administrative & Facility Coordinator / 4 yrs.

00:35:35Colin Haggerty

Colin, Eastern Michigan University- kinda hanging around after my GA ended a couple of weeks ago to help out with risk management until job freeze is over. been in the field 6 years. Pizza!!!

00:35:40Kevin Makarewicz

Kevin Makarewicz, SUNY New Paltz, Assistant Wellness & Recreation Director/Aquatics Director, 2 years, Omelets cause you can change what is inside of them

00:35:41Corrine Pruett

Corrine Pruett, Coordinator for Operations at WVU, 1 year, green olives

00:35:41Erik Estrada - Rowan University

A good bowl of Pho

00:35:41Paul Sutton

Paul Sutton Miami University, Customer and Facilities Service Intern, year and half as a professional, Spaghetti

00:35:46Courtney Brown

Courtney Brown Coordinator for Facilities at the University of Georgia. June will be 2 years at UGA! Chicken wings would be forever food!

00:35:46Sarah Heemstra

Sarah Heemstra | UMass Lowell | Facility Operations and Intramural Sports Intern | 4 years as a student, 1 year as an intern, and soon will be the RPAC Facility Operations GA at Ohio State! | Bread

00:36:00Demitri Lahanas

Demitri Lahanas, Arizona State U, Coordinator for Facilities and Operations, Chick Fil A everything

00:36:09Chris Ell

Chris Ell - coordinator of events at the university of west Georgia - 6 months —- pasta

00:36:32Chris Porras

Chris Porras. University of Houston. Graduate Assistant for Operations. 4 years in the field

00:36:37Amie Simmons

Amie Simmons- Assistant Director of Fitness and Wellness, Northwestern University. 5ish years professional experience not including 2 year GA| Tacos!

00:36:55Crystal Dooley

Crystal Dooley, University of Colorado, Team Sports Coordinator, 2 years as a professional.

00:37:11Derick Hurst

Derick Hurst, Graduate Assistant at Georgia Southern University. In the search process. Chicken Wings FLATS ONLY

00:37:33Joel Arancibia

Joel Arancibia. Florida International University. Facility Operations Coordinator. 1st year professional. Peruvian food.

00:37:33Cheyanne Clouse

@Kevin Omlets are a fantastic choice.

00:38:33Colin Haggerty

I normally have more chatting and checking in with my direct super, and now we are meeting for longer times less often. it’s odd, and hard sometimes because I work early and my direct support is more in the afternoon/evening

00:39:28NAU - Crystal Durham

Same as Colin ^^ we used to chat basically every day and now we are having officially scheduled meetings twice a week; I started having to make lists of things to discuss because otherwise I would forget once we finally met

00:39:53Colin Haggerty

the “is this stupid?” pop-in is gone 😭

00:39:56Giancarlo Provo

At UW Seattle, my team and I have been doing well to keep our work and home schedules separate. I never really get any emails or chats outside of 9-5

00:40:03Domonique Sak

supervisor and I have a mutual agreement that main contact must be had during the work hours of 9am-5pm. any time before or after that, the issue must be urgent or else she wouldn't be contacting me

00:40:06Courtney Brown

Same as Colin! We are meeting less frequently but when we do it's almost always 2 hour Zoom calls. We aren't having students work from home so I am not having students reach out about work things but now it's more personal things they're dealing with.

00:40:10Courtney Brown

We are at UGA

00:40:12Domonique Sak


00:40:18Juliana Frigerio

We ended our office hours after finals ended

00:40:55Courtney Rorex

Personally, I think this has been great for my work/life balance. I have a tendency to end up staying at the office later than I should, so this has helped my personal life balance a lot

00:41:30Cheyanne Clouse

I agree Courtney!

00:41:35Shana Kessler

I second Courtney.

00:41:40NAU - Crystal Durham

honestly, same lol

00:41:53NAU - Crystal Durham

not having IM games until 11pm is good for work/life balance, it turns out

00:42:05Shana Kessler

But also, with no high risk programs at night, no officials to evaluate, its much easier to not work past 5 or 6pm

00:42:13Greg Tack

same, a lot more flexibility!

00:42:16Corrine Pruett

I agree with Courtney, positional check ins are what we moved to at WVU as well.

00:42:28Cassie Smith

can confirm Dom's supervisor is a rockstar

00:45:40Domonique Sak

@Shana well said. there's no reason from us to stay later than what we're used to

00:46:01Allie Bogard

4th year as a pro I decided it was worth it to delete my mail app on my phone and not touch email outside of work - easily the best boundary I’ve set. Nothing in email is an emergency, you do NOT need to check that outside of your work day…

00:46:03Gia Landis

I have weekly one on one's with my direct supervisor and also have weekly meetings with my staff to check in. Being new to my position, at the beginning, I didn't have any boundaries with my staff. I would hear my phone go off and instantly responded and I also gave them all my personal cell phone number and gave them too much leeway with it. I had to reset the boundaries which has been really hard.

00:46:08Adrienne Gossett

I wish 😢

00:46:21Courtney Brown

Preach Allie!

00:46:32Cassie Smith

i think it's difficult to have that mentality when you are a grad student and also have school work to do. I know how to "shut it off" for work, but then it transitions to class.

00:46:53Kaleah Torgerson

^^^ agreed

00:47:07Shana Kessler

Gia that's a super common problem in our department. There are times where I won't answer them at all if they text me on a sunday night at 8pm with a non-essential question.

00:47:46Ian Gannon

I don't have the option of turning off phone/email. Mainly prioritize what needs attention immediately after hours. It can be tricky to balance at times in normal operations.

00:47:48Kendra Moretti

I wish!

00:48:37Colin Haggerty

I would say the same. I often would stay at work to complete homework or things like that

00:48:51Domonique Sak

stop working so hard, Cassie!!

00:49:05Cheyanne Clouse

Gia is a superstar!

00:49:38Shana Kessler

Gia IS a s uperstar, she started right before the shutdown as a undergrad manager filling in four our coordinator on maternity leave and she is KILLING IT.

00:50:44Corrine Pruett

Does anyone else feel that their Department has benefited from this time? In looking for a silver lining in all of this I think our relationships have strengthened and I’m excited to see how it impacts future work and collaborations.

00:51:02Courtney Rorex

Yes, I also told Cheyanne to go home several times lol

00:51:10Gia Landis

Thank you Shana and Cheyanne! :)

00:51:23Cheyanne Clouse

Literally every day Courtney would tell me to go home.

00:51:33Colin Haggerty

Corrine- yes I think it has been somewhat helpful for some things. We were really needing a revamp on emergency action plans so

00:51:42Colin Haggerty

that has been a huge project for me since COVID

00:51:57Cassie Smith

I have to send in a weekly "this is what I've done" list similar to what you've described, Tess, and it's been helping in writing my semester eval to talk about all the things I've done

00:52:02Courtney Rorex

Corrine - Yes. Kind of a “distance makes the heart grow fonder” situation for us in my opinion

00:52:08Maria Lauron-Ramos (Princeton)

Transitioning from a GA to professional- that is definitely important to note that you have to set your own boundaries and speak up for yourself. You won’t have your supervisor to remind you about everything.

00:52:15Domonique Sak

independence as a GA is odd. you're still a student, but being treated as a professional. spread your wings, baby birds!! we're here to help you fly

00:52:19Shana Kessler

Yes Corinne - I think the relationships with student staff have strengthened, and we're able to work on a lot of projects that normally would be tabled for "summer" and then never get done

00:52:29Drake Belt

one thing I did as a GA and have continued to do is to email weekly priorities on Monday and to include a reflection on the priorities from the previous week

00:52:31Colin Haggerty

we have hourly schedules we send to our direct supports so they can show the president in the case that they want to cut hours or pay

00:52:47Cassie Smith

nice bird analogy, Dom. Must be that penguin influence

00:54:11Chelsea Randolph - Texas A&M University

naps are definitely needed!

00:54:20Maria Lauron-Ramos (Princeton)

The processes you are planning now, think long term on sustainability - how would this fit into working back in office together.

00:54:27Greg Tack

Colin - how are you going with your EAPs? That is one of the projects I am needing to work on as well at QU!

00:54:38Tess Swastek

I wish I could bring my dog back to the office

00:54:52Renadi Durosier

For us at Curry we are talking about how Intramurals will be different. What sports we could run etc

00:55:09Cassie Smith

I think this has opened up the opportunity for virtual components of training

00:55:31Courtney Brown

In general we're looking at taking more things digital. Do we need to actually have in-person meetings with all of our staff or can we have Zoom meetings? With budget being a huge concern we're looking at taking a lot of our trainings virtual

00:55:49Colin Haggerty

Greg- it’s been awesome to have the time to dedicate to it. I am revamping our entire manual and breaking into a training series to implement as we start back up in a new space after renovation.

00:56:13Renadi Durosier

I am trying to think of ways to get my staff to train as officials with different sports. I don't know many websites that offer trainings

00:56:53Drake Belt

I wrote about this in Campus Rec Magazine as well and the importance of long term connections

00:57:08NAU - Crystal Durham

Renadi, NFHS has a handful of trainings that are currently free through July 1 I think; we've offered those as optional for our officials

00:57:21Courtney Brown

Get involved! Serve on committees, work teams, etc. It doesn't cost you anything but your time!

00:57:33Allie Bogard

Apply for committees, work teams, etc. - we are ALWAYS looking for fresh eyes and new people!

00:57:34Cassie Smith

Talking with your supervisors about your goals and seeing who they can connect you to from their personal networks.

00:57:39Renadi Durosier

Thank you very much! I will look into it

00:57:43Derick Hurst

it’s not who you know, it is who knows you

00:57:54Allie Bogard

^ @Derick nailed it

00:58:28Colin Haggerty

I am a GA, on my way out, and the hiring freeze has had me waiting over a month for a response, and postponed the interviews scheduled until after, cancelled some positions I applied for, etc. How has the professional job search been working for others?

00:58:40Maria Lauron-Ramos (Princeton)

Don’t be afraid to reach out to individuals! Shoot them an email as a follow-up after a RoundTable.

00:59:07Shana Kessler

And you have to make us know who you are. We get caught up maintaining the same relationships we always have, and it can be intimidating for new or younger pros to break into our networks. Make us notice you! Bust into our networks, be unafraid and unashamed to introduce yourself.

00:59:08Joel Arancibia

Never forget your business cards. I started a collection 2 years ago. They’re like baseball cards, except way more valuable

00:59:15Cassie Smith

While I'm not in the position to look for jobs yet, I know the second years in my graduate program who are applying for jobs are also experiencing that difficulty, Colin.

00:59:31Allie Bogard

No one in this profession is too busy for your time and won’t blow you off - if someone’s presentation or work inspires you, reach out! Don’t be afraid to ask questions. From an introvert perspective this is hard, but will totally open doors for you

00:59:54Courtney Brown

YES @allie!

00:59:56Demitri Lahanas

Echo x 1000000 what Allie said!!

00:59:59Courtney Rorex

I spent my entire undergrad/grad career in region 2 and moved to region 4 as a professional. A piece of advice I could give is to connect with people across different regions/organizations. It makes the transition a lot easier if you ever move regions

00:59:59Domonique Sak

hahahah Cheyanne

00:59:59Chelsea Randolph - Texas A&M University

Zoom DMs 😂

01:01:37Domonique Sak

seconding Courtney Rorex's statement! went from Region 1 in undergrad, to Region 5 in grad, to Region 3 as a professional

01:02:14Kathy Obuszewski

Reach out and talk to professionals. Join in on NIRSA committees. Basically echoing Allie.

01:02:20Domonique Sak

different regions do things differently, so networking outside of your regions is a good way to get a brain blast

01:02:44Courtney Rorex

Yes @Domonique ^ great point

01:02:56Shana Kessler

100% agree with Dom. I’ve lived/worked/volunteered in all 6 regions and each one is uniquely different and offers so much experience and perspective

01:03:04Corrine Pruett

I would encourage people to find creative ways to expand their network. We had a virtual spelling bee with people that had not met each other before from different regions and program areas. It was a blast and a great way to meet new people!

01:04:04Colin Haggerty (EMU -

it’s a tough one!!!

01:04:23Drake Belt

de finite ly (if you can spell finite you can do it!

01:04:23Juliana Frigerio

01:04:23Shana Kessler

01:04:37Courtney Brown

Myself and a few other folks in the field just finished up a "Leaders Eat Last" bookclub and it was awesome! I got to meet some people I had never met before and we are already talking about getting together at the next conference

01:04:56Courtney Rorex

You are 100% a young pro Cheyanne

01:05:31Domonique Sak

2 years GA is the equivalent of 1 year professional experience - all recreational entry-level jobs ever

01:05:46Cheyanne Clouse

Y’all are the sweetest hahaha thanks for the support

01:05:51Juliana Frigerio

Plug for the NIRSA Mentor/Mentee program, too.. you can sign up for either role to expand your network.

01:05:54Shana Kessler

^which is challenging if you only do 1 year of a GA and then have to do internship or practicum for your school program

01:05:54Joel Arancibia

Well said Michael

01:05:55Colin Haggerty (EMU -

we’re totally young pros 💪🏼

01:06:40Allie Bogard

Happy to talk to any of you about your interest in serving on various committees, work teams, etc. or any questions you have. Feel free to drop me an email regardless of your region affiliation (

01:06:44Courtney Rorex

Get a membership with a different organization. Attend a conference other than NIRSA. See how you can take your skills and apply them to other outlets in higher education and learn from others

01:07:27Courtney Copp

Highly recommend Athletic Business Conference, when we get money back for professional development :(

01:07:32Allie Bogard

^yes! NASPA, ACPA, AORE, AB are all great options

01:07:45Drake Belt

I am chairing the Young Donor’s Work Team focused on young professional fundraising for NIRSA and have been on a few other NIRSA teams. I also supervise a professional staff. Feel free to reach out anytime:

01:08:35Domonique Sak

my supervisor always forces us to eat/sit with people we don't know at conferences. if she sees it, she may or may not nudge us to lol

01:09:00Shana Kessler

If anyone wants to connect about literally anything, I’ve been in every program area, every region, and am heavily involved in the Champ Series, so feel free to drop me a line!

01:09:11Cassie Smith

I would reiterate what Dom said. Joy forces us to step out of our comfort zone which has been helpful meeting new people!

01:10:01Courtney Rorex

Expect the unexpected. I’m sure all my first year pros can say this year is NOT what we expected lol

01:10:24Kathy Obuszewski

I know when I am at conferences, I will schedule down time so I can be chatting with people at socials.

01:10:38Courtney Brown

Lean into the discomfort! Also learn to say no. It's really easy to feel the need to get involved in everything and overwhelm yourself.

01:10:40Colin Haggerty (EMU -

what to expect when anxiously awaiting a job opportunity 😂

01:10:44Renadi Durosier

I'm 3 months in and this is the last thing I expected!

01:10:45NAU - Crystal Durham

my main point when I was a new pro at a new school was to not come in and make 1000 changes. Just see how the program operates before you try to change too much

01:10:48Joey LaNeve

If you work in Aquatics, AOAP (Association of Aquatics Professionals) is a great resource!

01:10:54Ian Gannon

Are you asking for the process of obtaining a job/interviewing or what to expect once you actually start working?

01:10:55Jade Willey

Set your expectations/boundaries early and stick to it!

01:11:06Drake Belt

National Drowning Prevention Coalition is great for Aquatics as well

01:11:13Eric Becker

Tips before the interview: have your resume looked at by an absurd amount of individuals. The more the merrier. For the interview portion, ask around to other rec colleagues on what their hardest questions have been to answer. This will help you learn how to answer those tough questions on the spot

01:11:16Cassie Smith

Great points, Jade! Knowing what you want is so important

01:11:30Renadi Durosier

Be a sponge and try and take in as much info as you can

01:11:46Courtney Rorex

Yes, do not settle. Know your non negotiable

01:11:53Shana Kessler

I echo Eric - never stop getting your resume and cover letter reviewed, and take notes from other pros about questions and how to frame answers. Prepare for everything.

01:12:14Stephanie Calhoun

I asked a ton of questions when being onboarded, even if they felt silly. I think you’ll be surprised what people are willing to answer and help with. You’re a professional, but people don’t expect you to be perfect.

01:12:27Shana Kessler

You’re interviewing them as much as they are interviewing you.

01:12:34Allie Bogard

Sit back and learn, observe, build relationships. Know how you work best and ways that you don’t work well. Set clear expectations and boundaries with your supervisor. If it isn’t a good personal fit for you outside of the job? You spend 66% of your time outside of work so you better love it/feel connected to the job & institution…

01:13:00Colin Haggerty (EMU -

Has anyone been able to move forward at all with the interview process during this? I had my last and only during COVID on April 1. I had gone there the night before they closed so I had gone back and did a virtual interview a couple of weeks later.

01:13:35Corrine Pruett

Currently laughing out loud... 😂

01:13:43Drake Belt

most universities are on some form of freeze. We had to stop a search the week we had on-campuses scheduled

01:13:52Courtney Rorex

Benefits……I’m stressed just hearing that

01:13:53NAU - Crystal Durham

I completely second Stephanie

01:13:55Joel Arancibia

don’t leave it up to chance or interpretation! Ask all the questions

01:14:12Maria Lauron-Ramos (Princeton)

I’m not the type to ask questions either.. the first couple of days I didn’t want to ask questions. However, they expect for you to ask questions. So do it! They want to help you the best they can.

01:14:26Eric Becker

Something else to consider: on an on-campus interview, the staff and department will probably look a whole lot different than they usually are. Everyone is putting on their best face for a new candidate. Really try to ask good and in depth questions so you can get a feel for all of the pro staff, students, and department climate.

01:14:38Drake Belt

If you don’t ask questions you are operating in the unknown and maybe could have saved time by gaining the clarity

01:14:47NAU - Crystal Durham

my first week I walked up the stairs to ask my supervisor questions at least 6 times a day. Got adjusted to the altitude really quickly that way

01:14:59Thomas Giles


01:15:06Courtney Brown

Get to know your students/staff first and your job second! Your students/staff are why you do what you do. They are your greatest resource!

01:15:16Domonique Sak

1st round interview: ball is in their court. 2nd round interview: ball is in your court.

01:15:17Allie Bogard

Set clear expectations of how your 1:1 time is used with your supervisor (what do you need, what do they want from you, etc). Set those communication boundaries & expectations too — my supervisor officiates and I understand that when he emails me at 9pm he doesn’t expect me to respond. We keep what we need (outside of emergencies) to normal work hours. Also - setting clear expectations on what flex time looks like and how you can use it, what your days off look like, etc.

01:15:31Demitri Lahanas

Ask for growth. There is always more. Learn, learn, and learn some more.

01:15:39Cassie Smith

I definitely asked my supervisor questions for a very long time until I knew enough to be able to make a decision without his information

01:15:43Caroline Mashburn

Don't forget about your own professional development! As a student/GA, pros are constantly pouring into you. As a pro you may not get that as frequently from your supervisors. Seek out mentors and new opportunities to continue growing as a professional.

01:15:51Maria Lauron-Ramos (Princeton)

Be your own advocate at the end of the day. Because no one can read your mind. Everyone has their responsibilities as well. If you need to, set a meeting with your supervisor or even other admin— and ask the questions you may have.

01:16:10Shana Kessler

My first goal at a new job is to learn all of my student employees names by the second day of training. With 45 students directly reporting to me, it’s a challenge but not impossible. I then work on getting to know the other students in our department.

01:17:20Drake Belt

I put it on my calendar to leave my office and walk the building to meet student

01:17:25Drake Belt


01:17:30Caroline Mashburn

when i'm sharing wifi with 5 others.... sorry Tom!

01:17:43Shana Kessler

when you find a mentor in the field - whether they are at your institution or somewhere else, maintain that relationship and keep it going when you’re at your second job, your third job, and so on.

01:18:37Michael Adeyemo

When it comes to interviews: Pay attention when it feels more like a conversation than a type business meeting.

01:18:44Greg Tack - Quinnipiac

We just started the Club Sports program at Quinnipiac; this first year was a new journey for everyone!

01:19:14Shana Kessler

Take notes during the interview - write down key things they say, or things that strike you as interesting or memorable, and then you have a foundation to reiterate an idea or quote and ask about it.

01:19:24Anna Hisnanick

Kinda specific question but what are some ways y’all gauged the budget situation at the institutions you interviewed with? This pandemic has hit budgets pretty hard across the board and is there a way to tactfully ask about this (for once interviewing picks back up)? Will it come up organically?

01:19:54Paul Sutton


01:21:11Paul Sutton

Unfortunately I have another zoom meeting to get to. Thank you for all the great information!

01:21:21Thomas Giles

Thank you, Paul!

01:21:23Domonique Sak

the budget was actually one of the first things that was discussed during my on-campus interview. I appreciated that transparency because it was clear what I did and did not have control over

01:21:59Maria Lauron-Ramos (Princeton)

Yes, Drake! I second that for sure!

01:23:19Courtney Brown

Budget conversations are going to look very different now because of COVID. We are being told we won't know our budget for the 2020-2021 FY until possibly the end of June because of all the COVID implications.

01:23:44Anna Hisnanick

Thank y’all so much - this is really helpful

01:24:15Greg Tack - Quinnipiac

Same with us Courtney\

01:24:38Trace Stenz

Same Courtney

01:25:10Cassie Smith

What's your best interview question for entry level jobs post grad program?

01:25:28Allie Bogard

Try to schedule as much time as you can at the location around the interview (if they’re giving you an option to fly in a day earlier or out a day later - take it!)

01:26:20Domonique Sak

what is the culture of the department? is my go-to question, especially when meeting with all of the pro staff. pay attention to how silent or silly they get

01:26:49Julie Johnson

I always ask interviewers what success looks like for the person in the position I’m interviewing for.

01:26:54Eric Becker

Do you have any reservations for me as a candidate for this position?

01:26:58Drake Belt

Agree with Domonique - that question can be really telling

01:26:59Maria Lauron-Ramos (Princeton)

Back to last words for students: You may not have everything figure out, and that’s okay! Know what keeps you grounded and speak with your support system. The journey will be challenging and just know to trust the process!

01:27:01Cheyanne Clouse


01:27:11Kathy Obuszewski

what challenges is the department facing and what was the best experience in the department?

01:27:19Drake Belt

I often find it is the questions they ask you that gives you more insight vs. what you ask them

01:27:21Courtney Brown

Eric always has bomb questions

01:27:33Corrine Pruett

For the Department wife interview, I like to ask each person to define the department’s culture in one word without repeating. It gets you a lot of information in a short amount of time and is pretty well received.

01:27:37Colin Haggerty (EMU -

yes, challenges has felt like it was a strong topic to bring up in my interviews

01:27:38Corrine Pruett


01:27:40Cheyanne Clouse

Eric said that question in your SSL Panel at Region 2, and I have never not asked it.

01:27:45Demitri Lahanas

Ask about student and department culture

01:27:57Demitri Lahanas

Corrine bet me too it lol

01:28:11Allie Bogard

Ask questions that allow you to figure out if the dept/university is genuinely connected to their students or out of touch with them. If that’s important to you, that can be challenging in a position

01:28:29Cassie Smith

Our Exec Director refers to us as the "Disney World of Campus"

01:28:44Domonique Sak

we ARE Disney World

01:28:46Shana Kessler

Ask about life outside the university. How do people connect and develop relationships out of work?

01:28:54Shana Kessler

Ask about cost of living!!!

01:29:03Corrine Pruett

^I agree with Allie, you can also tell by how involved students are in the interview process.

01:29:03Kevin Makarewicz

I ask the director “where they would like to see someone in this position be in a year, three years and five years?” Allows you to see their expectations and shows you would be committed to being at that institution

01:29:10Domonique Sak

thank you Thomas and Cheyanne!!

01:29:13Colin Haggerty (EMU -

Thank you so much!!!

01:29:13Courtney Rorex

Congrats to any grads!!!!

01:29:14Drake Belt


01:29:15Cassie Smith

thank you for hosting!

01:29:31Demitri Lahanas

If anyone ver needs anything, advice, resume review, anything, feel free to let me know! Always willing to help!

01:29:32Eric Becker

Best hosts ever

01:29:34NAU - Crystal Durham

It's only 11am here :(

01:29:35Maria Lauron-Ramos (Princeton)

Nice seeing you all!

01:29:36Demitri Lahanas

01:29:37Corrine Pruett

Thank you everyone! Have a great weekend.

01:29:38Allie Bogard

If you leave the profession, you can ALWAYS come back

01:29:38Giancarlo Provo


01:29:38Greg Tack - Quinnipiac

Thank you all!

01:29:39Chelsea Randolph

Thank you!

01:29:40Adrienne Gossett


If you have an idea or would like to facilitate an upcoming caucus or forum please email