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Marketing Roundtable

Monday, May 4, 1:00pm PT / 4:00pm ET

Facilitated by Krista Herring and Kendra Moretti

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Chat Transcript

00:34:30Joe Nichols

Hi everyone!

00:34:53Kaitlin Pomerleau

Hello! I’m Kaitlin Pomerleau, James Madison University (Asst Dir of Marketing and Social Media)

00:34:54Maria Lauron-Ramos- Princeton

Maria Lauron-Ramos (Princeton)- Coordinator of Marketing/Staff Development

00:34:59Danielle Anderson

Danielle Anderson from Fairfield University

00:35:11April Jordan

Hi everyone! This is April Jordan. I am the Assistant Director of Marketing and Public Relations at The University of Southern Mississippi. Glad to be on the call. :-)

00:35:19Jenn Luther

Hello everyone - Happy Monday! Jenn Luther from University of Rhode Island

00:35:25Anisha Sanghani

Hi! My name is Anisha Sanghani Sr. Designer at University of Cincinnati

00:35:28Jenna Mayer

Jenna Mayer, Dillon Gym Building Supervisor at Princeton - Hi everyone!

00:35:35Marcus St. Phard

Marcus St. Phard Associate Director at Cal State Fullerton

00:35:37Denise Simonds

Hello everyone! Denise Simonds with Kansas State University Recreational Services!

00:35:40Camille Jackson

Hi everyone! Camille Jackson from Embry-Riddle here. I am the Asst. Dir. of Intramural Sports

00:35:44Mary Stoffel

Hello! Glad to be here. I’m Mary Stoffel, Assistant Director of Marketing from Southern Illinois University Carbondale.

00:35:48Tiffany McChesney

Hello, everyone! My name is Tiffany McChesney and I am the Assistant Director of Operations at Nova Southeastern University in South Florida.

00:35:49Joe Nichols

Joe Nichols, Rec Coordinator at WPI

00:36:03Maria Avila

Hello Everyone? Vyckie Avila - University of Houston Marketing & Communications

00:36:12Leah Bennett

Hey Everyone! Leah Bennett- Belmont University, GA of Personal Training and Educational Programming

00:36:14Shaneisha Weir

Shaneisha Weir, Rec Coordinator, Houston Community College

00:36:21Maria Avila

00:36:26Joe Nichols

00:36:26Kaitlin Pomerleau

00:36:29Jenn Luther

00:36:33Denise Simonds

00:36:35Anthony U of Central Arkansas U of Central Arkansas.

00:36:37Beth Keith

Hey there! Beth from Miami University in Ohio.

00:36:42Danielle Anderson

00:36:46Jenna Mayer

00:36:55Maria Lauron-Ramos- Princeton

00:36:56Shaneisha Weir

00:37:00April Jordan

00:37:03Jody Strank

Hello ! Jody Strank from Michigan State University; Assistant Director of Marketing and Adaptive Recreation. Email;

00:37:08Kathy Obuszewski

Kathy, Case Western Reserve, aquatics manager,

00:37:27Samantha McLeod

Hi all! Member Services Coordinator from Saint Louis University,

00:37:47Tara Watson

Tara, The University of Arizona, marketing & communications,

00:37:50Tina Mata-Bollers

Hey everyone! Tina Bollers- Coordinator of IM SPORTS.. love marketing (I am really here for our assistant director of marketing and will give her any notes and information learned today! - please add me &

00:38:03April Jordan

We have had a great response from administration and students about our you tube taped group ex videos posted daily on our social media accounts.

00:38:26Peter McComie

00:38:35Chancee Davis

Chancee Davis from University of Southern Mississippi, Graduate Assistant of Marketing and PR. My contact information is:

00:39:02Mary Stoffel

Proud of our staff diving in and using a shared document on OneDrive to organize social media posts from Fitness to Competitive Sports. I’ve had to free up the social accounts and trust the staff. So, I have grown!

00:39:13Maria Lauron-Ramos- Princeton

Averaging 295 participants on virtual group x classes with 12 classes offered.

00:39:19Ben Berger

Ben Berger - University of Regina (Saskatchewan, Canada), Marketing & Communications Coordinator for the Faculty of Kinesiology and Recreation

00:39:23Anisha Sanghani

using one drive vs shared drive

00:41:07April Jordan

At Southern Miss, we try to work on all areas posts the week prior and then put into slots for each social platform. We post at the same times so our audience can expect when to check for the latest news in the event it isn’t on their news feeds.

00:41:17Amanda Reardon

We have kept our social media calendar the same as before and are only adding virtual social media classes the week prior.

00:41:27Lindsay Helm

We broke ours down into a more specific calendar. Example is here:

00:41:33Lindsay Helm

Lindsay Helm from Duke

00:41:46Cristina Rodriguez

We are moving to a new scheduling platform called Traject Social...

00:42:50Tracey Bellina

Did Traject fix their instagram issue?

00:43:58Chancee Davis

Wow! that’s really cool, Cristina! thanks for the information! (:

00:44:01Lauren Adams

We created a schedule for the entire remainder of the semester that was completed right at the beginning of this time. We then created and implemented a campaign that we were going to focus on each week. This schedule was shared with the entire department and then when each campaign went live, we then had our team go and participate and getting our student employees to engage as well.

00:45:12Jody Strank

Jody from Michigan State, we use Hootsuite to schedule out ahead of time. They send us Analytics.

00:46:25Tiffany McChesney

To really stay connected with our IM and Club Sports crowd specifically, we have been using IMLeagues, which breaks down all the demographics for us (ex: gender, interests, etc.).

00:46:51Mary Healey

ODU we post max 2 per day on IG, one workout video per day to facebook, cutting down to 1 post per day for all moving into the summer.

00:46:56Shaneisha Weir

we post everyday M-F, We also take data from insights. we count likes and reach.

00:47:45Tiffany McChesney

@Maria, what do you mean by "themes"?

00:49:22Maria Lauron-Ramos- Princeton

@Tiffany- we have specific story posts for days: Senior Sunday spotlights, Trivia Tuesday, Workout of the Week Wednesdays, Throwback Thursdays or Template Thursdays, Feel Good Fridays, Step It Up Saturdays (Walking Challenge)

00:51:29Kaitlin Pomerleau

Eastern Carolina has a great IGTV that they’ve been doing for a long time! I’m going to look into putting longer format content into series like they have been!

00:51:49Tiffany McChesney

Thanks, Maria!!! :)

00:52:17Kaitlin Pomerleau

Has anyone used the Premiere function on YouTube with success?

00:52:23Sandra Ondracka

yes please

00:52:24Mary Stoffel

Yes, please. Share. That would be great.

00:52:28Tina Mata-Bollers

Please share!

00:53:14Shaneisha Weir

We go live but we have to collaborate with our student life department

00:53:48Shaneisha Weir

Yes. we have gone live on zoom.

00:55:28Joe Nichols

Our president at WPI is doing virtual town hall meetings. While the president is talking, there are a few people managing questions in the chat so the president can answer them at the end of the meeting

00:57:41Anisha Sanghani

how can we maximize the views and likes on Instagram, FB etc?

00:57:45Kaitlin Pomerleau

Definitely not in a place to be giving things away anymore :/

00:58:10Jenn Luther

Does everyone have to wear masks when back on campus? Are you choosing masks, neck gaiters, bandanas? And will you be providing them for your staff?

00:58:17Mary Stoffel

We are not giving anything away until we are in a better position. However, we are running a promotion for a virtual marathon. Participants can get a t-shirt for $15,

00:58:20Maria Avila

We were asked to cancel that . no giveaways. Definitely not ordering for FY21

00:58:20Tracey Bellina

Our university is going through every expenditure with a fine tooth comb. I had to justify my monthly social media management bill.

00:59:37Maria Lauron-Ramos- Princeton

Our current giveaway for certain challenges such as IM Esports and Walking challenge is our IM T-Shirts; however, how to receive the item is still TBD.

01:00:02Shaneisha Weir

Here is our live chat we did this morning we use zoom and we use the chat through facebook.

01:00:07Shaneisha Weir

01:00:47Tiffany McChesney

We have typically given away free guest passes to the gym, free towel passes, free locker rentals, and our gym's attire (ex: shirts, backpacks) to be used once we are back up and running.

01:00:53Leanne Greene

Internal programs and services are an option… Group Fit passes, Personal Training sessions, etc.

01:00:55Camille Jackson

We are not allowed to spend any money at the money. We will give our e-sports winner t-shirts when they return to campus or when we can spend money again.

01:00:59Shaneisha Weir

Is anyone using e-gift cards.

01:01:18mabel matos

our bookstore has free shipping!

01:02:47Ben Berger

Guide I created for employees shooting videos from home

01:02:50Shaneisha Weir

E-sports and Fitness for summer nothing major just keeping it simple.

01:03:24Tiffany McChesney

We are focusing majorly on E-sports and virtual fitness.

01:03:30Kaitlin Pomerleau

What does your guide all cover? I’m struggling with quality of content and feel so guilty asking them to re-shoot but sometimes they don’t follow my directions!

01:04:17Beth Keith

Would it be possible to do a poll to maybe show who all is planning to open summer/fall? Limited Summer Etc.? Just to see where people are?

01:07:06Maria Lauron-Ramos- Princeton

We are programming more this summer virtually than we normally would with any other “regular summer”. We have an on-going document for brainstorming sheet for all Pro-Staff to collaborate on

01:07:33Jody Strank

Michigan State is all virtual academic classes over the summer, we have no date to open our recreation facilities.

01:08:34Jenn Luther

University of Rhode Island is also all virtual academic classes over the summer, we have no date to open our recreation facilities

01:09:53Mary Stoffel

Yes, I am dealing with that. I have to let go because of my time limitations as well. I think stepping back and not being so critical is ok during these times.

01:14:05Tracey Bellina

Our Outdoor Adventures trip leaders put together a blog:

01:14:40Jody Strank

Did you say Canvas to create content?

01:14:46Krista Herring - UCCS


01:15:02Krista Herring - UCCS

Theres a free version and a pro version. The Free provides plenty!

01:15:04Mary Stoffel

01:15:04Mary Catherine Martinez

01:15:13alex sperling

thanks! Finally used canva for the first time right after we left. so I appreciate it!

01:15:26Tracey Bellina

If you already have an adobe creative cloud account, then you have access to Adobe Spark, which is just like Canva.

01:16:20Cristina Rodriguez

01:16:31Cristina Rodriguez

Is for scheduling stories

01:16:47Anthony U of Central Arkansas

Yes, June 8. Just on campus students, mainly international.

01:16:55Tracey Bellina

Tulane Rec does not have an ‘official’ reopen date, but we’re looking at possibly July??

01:17:38Joe Nichols

We created a google folder where people can post different recreation programming ideas, google forms and anything else related to recreation

01:17:42Denise Simonds

Kansas State will (hopefully) reopen on August 1

01:17:47Tiffany McChesney

Nova Southeastern University -- The emails I have been receiving today indicate we will be opening August 1st.

01:17:48Kaitlin Pomerleau

May 31, but we’re pushing it back every 2 weeks so it will likely be pushed back as our state stay at home goes til June 10th

01:17:52Tara Watson

Arizona doesn’t have an official date, but we are planning for a July 1 start. Campus will be online only.

01:18:06Mary Stoffel

A. Reopen date tentatively June 1, B. Yes, we would love to share.

01:18:09Cristina Rodriguez


01:18:24Jenn Luther

URI no reopen date, and yes would be interested in sharing templates/ideas/posts!

01:18:24Maria Lauron-Ramos- Princeton

A. No decision made. Will find out in July if Fall is going to be possible or not.

01:18:30Maria Lauron-Ramos- Princeton

B. YES interested!

01:18:31Samantha McLeod

Saint Louis University - No reopen date. No student staff assistance. Would love assistance and sharing!

01:18:33Denise Simonds

Would love to share...

01:18:35April Jordan

Southern Miss doesn’t have an official date yet and yes, please add me to the list.

01:18:35Allie Sure

No reopening date yet at Texas A&M Univeristity-Commerce

01:18:39Maria Lauron-Ramos- Princeton

I attached our themes

01:18:43Leanne Greene

Auburn - No re-open date, and I am willing to share design files with anyone that might need them.

01:18:48Tracey Bellina

Trivia Wednesdays, hosted by @recwithoutborders

01:18:52Anisha Sanghani

I an a graphic designer and I am interested in being a part of the group

01:19:06Jennifer Cobarrubias

stanford does not have a reopen date yet shelter in place for Bay Area extended until may 31st

01:19:11Anthony U of Central Arkansas

It's 5 o'clock somewhere Friday...wait, that is my theme.

01:19:13Mary Healey


01:19:15Jill Krantz

No reopen date yet. Would like to share design files (would pass along to our marketing person). Thanks! University of Pittsburgh, Jill Krantz,

01:19:17Maria Avila

smarter not harder. June 1 maybe. please add me

01:19:17Jennifer Cobarrubias

01:19:46Joe Nichols

@Tracey excellent I participate every week and have come up with some of the content for that TwitchTV trivia show

01:19:53Peter McComie

McMaster University, Ontario, Canda - No re-open date yet...

Interested in design sharing -

01:19:57Cristina Rodriguez

@Anthony which state are you from?

01:20:28Ben Berger

Would be open to be in that group also A dropbox or google drive would probably work best for this.

01:20:40Mary Stoffel

OK, I ran a mile in a mask the other day to test this and it is very difficult to do.

01:20:44Maria Avila

Student will have to provide their own PPE, mask , etc.

01:20:52Joe Nichols

@ben I second that google drive would work best for this

01:20:58alex sperling

seconded @ben berger. but i'm interested:

01:21:03Sandra Ondracka

Sandra - University of Windsor - no re-open date or any details yet

01:21:12Jenn Luther

Google drive would work or Microsoft teams?

01:21:12Tiffany McChesney

What is everyone doing to add followers during this down time?

01:21:18Anisha Sanghani

can you please share how to maximize viewing and likes on Instagram for our social media posts?

01:21:39Anthony U of Central Arkansas

AR Health Dept Info.

01:21:44Jenna Mayer

I work in Facilities for Princeton. We had a roundtable the other day and it's looking like options for reopening will include masks and gloves for staff and patrons, having plexiglass barrier when working with customers, and even taking temple temperatures and turning away anyone with over 99 Fahrenheit temp. We definitely won't open max capacity and will have restrictions on private rooms and any group X.

01:22:03Ben Berger

For Instagram make sure that your profile is a “business account”, then you can see exactly when your followers are usually online

01:22:14Shaneisha Weir

Besides social media, how do you communicate with your students?

01:22:49Sandra Ondracka

Do you have a resource that summarize analytics and best practices?

01:23:19Anthony U of Central Arkansas

Talk to your head person for the university.

01:23:32Jenna Mayer

01:23:44Jenna Mayer

This gives a good idea

01:23:55Maria Lauron-Ramos- Princeton

I actually take data manually— via google sheets.

01:24:06Krista Herring - UCCS

Thanks Mabel!

01:24:07Tracey Bellina

I share a lot of posts from other departments and tag other departments with higher amounts of followers, which inevitably leads to more followers and likes/comments for us.. :D

01:24:27Anthony U of Central Arkansas

Yes, @Tracey. Feed the fire.

01:25:40Jenn Luther

sharing is a great place to start and continue for engagement

01:27:01Mary Stoffel

Please share a link to your blog

01:29:02Leanne Greene

01:29:29Cristina Rodriguez


01:29:38Krista Herring - UCCS

Krista Herring –

Kendra Moretti –

NIRSA Marketing Professional Facebook Group:

01:29:49April Jordan

Yes, this is helpful and would love to have more as we move along.

01:29:54Krista Herring - UCCS

Marketing File/Design Share: Provide your name and email and we’ll let you know when we’ve decided on a good place to share this information

01:30:08Peter McComie

Yes, another in maybe in another couple weeks

01:30:13Krista Herring - UCCS

A “directory” was requested after last roundtable – a space where we could list social media accounts and websites (and potentially have them hyperlinked). We can start by entering in our information on this document below and Kendra and I will work with NIRSA to find the best place to house the document/make it into more of a directory. We will also get this posted to the NIRSA Marketing group on Facebook.

01:30:23Krista Herring - UCCS

Future Marketing Roundtable Topics – Add questions/topics here:

01:31:10Jenn Luther

Thank you! Keep going everyone, you rock!

01:31:14Cristina Rodriguez

I attended this SCW WEBINAR: Prepare to Reopen: Important Practices to Anticipate & Prepare For

01:31:23Sandra Ondracka

Thank you! Well done NIRSA!!

01:31:29Jenna Mayer

Thanks everyone!

01:31:31Anthony U of Central Arkansas

Thank you. Be safe and wash your hands.

01:31:33Joe Nichols

Thank you to both the moderators! Awesome job

01:31:34Samantha McLeod

Thank you!!

01:31:44Maria Lauron-Ramos- Princeton

Thank you again Krista!! Will talk to you soon

01:31:48Maria Lauron-Ramos- Princeton

Stay well everyone!

01:31:50Maria Avila

thank you

01:31:59Rhea Osorio

thank you

01:32:08Jill Krantz


01:32:16Ben Berger


If you have an idea or would like to facilitate an upcoming caucus or forum please email