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Facilities Roundtable

Friday, May 1, 11:00am PT / 2:00pm ET

Facilitated by Jess Gentry presented with Erin Wells and Amy Lanham

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Chat Transcript

00:30:20Amy Lanham

Welcome Everyone!

00:30:36Max Miller (he/him)

@Erin - Great job with the Risk Management Roundtable yesterday!

00:30:46Erin Wells

Thank you!

00:31:08Lissa Gagnon

first time

00:31:13Ross Rodriguez

You also, Max! Great information shared!

00:32:14Mark Garneau

Hello from Ole Miss

00:32:19Max, Swarthmore College

Sharing two resources that were shared yesterday in the Risk Management round table.

00:32:43Nicholas White

Hey everyone from Missouri S&T

00:32:57Erin Wells

Ut Austin is

00:32:59Max, Swarthmore College

^^I did not create these documents. They are from

00:32:59Glen Kemper

thanks Max for dropping those in already!

00:33:01Ian Brown


00:33:20Janet Branch

FIU iis

00:33:24Margie Rodgers

CU Boulder is

00:33:41Mark Ritter

We are relying our Health Center professionals to us help us determine opening protocol and as a corollary the CDC.

00:33:42Mark Garneau

Ole Miss is looking into it

00:33:46Amy Lanham

We are taking our direction from our University Med Center

00:34:53Mark Ritter

From, what I understand Parks and Rec has developed some guidelines to reopen.

00:35:44Kurt Schooley

What are people doing with locker rooms?

00:35:46Max, Swarthmore College

Availability of staff is #1

00:35:54Margie Rodgers


00:35:57Kenneth Maxey

Availability and managing capacities

00:35:57Janet Branch

please discuss: wearing masks while on cardio/ eliminating cardio.

the 13ft vs ft distancing

00:35:59Jasmine Mayes

The Safety of the staff

00:35:59Ian Brown

Reduced staffing hours to reduce possibility of complacency

00:36:02Courtney Copp

Masks for every staff member on shift

00:36:06Erin Matthews

PPE; doing in house laundry of work clothing and re-usuable masks

00:36:07Stephanie Fung UC Davis

how do you plan to manage access, one in one out? or monitors at high traffic areas?

00:36:12Mark Ritter

Delaying opening until we get them trained

00:36:15Sabina Saksena

cleaning and sanitization fequency

00:36:22Jessica Dehn

masks/face coverings - what is adequate and cost effective to provide for staff

00:36:24Colin Haggerty (Eastern Michigan University)

if available, we want to have extra staff through the day that will be whiling down the equipment available

00:36:26Anna Champion

Yep...availability of staff...smaller school, smaller staffing

00:36:28Jeffrey Schmitt

Currently trying to figure out how long we need to rebuild a staff once we determine we can or will open

00:36:29Jacob Lodge

student housing

00:36:29rob simpson

Reduced number of student employees available to work based on the fact that many pf them have returned to their home state.

00:36:30Dujuan Wiley


00:36:50Grace Grindstaff

not overstaffing areas

00:37:03Schafaris Turner- SJSU

Does anyone have recommendations on where they ordered their PPE materials?

00:37:48Ashley Dent

some on the call yesterday used IMleagues for those sign ups for folks working out

00:38:12Jeremy C - KU

Mindbody, probably.

00:38:22Ian Brown

Fusion is looking pretty good for time slots

00:39:26Mary Rose McGinn

For those that use Connect2, I learned it has a capability to post live building counts online. Not a means of controlling capacities, but may help people think critically about coming into the building or not

00:39:36Stephanie Fung UC Davis

how do you mitigate risk, for weight room spaces, since that could include spotters which would break social distancing guiidelines? what about those spaces that are frequently popular---even though there's 100 people in the facility--they could all be in a concentrated area

00:39:43Kenneth Maxey

Agree about Connect2

00:40:00Max, Swarthmore College

This is my plan phasing in different users of the facility:

00:40:10Pam Hightower

here is the Fusion Video on how to take reservations for facility access

00:40:18Max, Swarthmore College


Only students to start

No faculty

No staff

No guest passes

No alumni

No dependents

Then Transition to faculty and staff

No guest passes

No alumni

No dependents

Then Transition to dependents

No guest passes

No alumni

Then Transition to alumni

No guest passes

Then Transition to permitting guest passes

00:40:18Nick Prante

Qualtrics survey also has a quota function that a survey could be created if your university has access to that

00:40:45Michael Montgomery

thoughts on spotting policy in weight room?

00:41:03Nick Lampert

@maryrose ^^^ we have the set up on connect2 on our website for live courts at CU. Looking at making it easier to access for patrons who do not know it being on our website

00:41:12Patty Oehmke for protective shields for employees

00:41:17Max, Swarthmore College

@Michael - When I do reopen, I will not be permitting spotting or the usage of free weights/benches/racks

00:41:18Jeremy C - KU

@Max - How does that impact those paid memberships?

00:41:18Mary Catherine Martinez

@Michael - I have listened in on several calls and some folks were going to remove that type of equipment for the time being.

00:41:18Amy Lanham

@ Nebraska we are receiving cloth sewn masks from our state Penitentiary

00:41:31Max, Swarthmore College

@Jeremy - I don’t have paid memberships.

00:41:56Stephanie Fung UC Davis

lots of shops, businesses, etc do not allow reusable bags in their stores....thinking about this with patrons bringing in their own equipment since many of us potentially will be eliminating equipment rentals temporarily....thoughts on patrons' bringing in their own equipment?

00:42:03Blake Simpfenderfer

@Michaelmontgomery we will not offer spotting.

people are free to use it if they are with a work out partner but some of that will have to be self regulated

00:43:20Michael Montgomery

@Blake Thanks. Just wondering b/c even partners are then within distancing guidelines

00:43:26andy miller

info for pools re transmission in the wqater

00:43:34Melissa Ortiz

Does anybody have ideas to move to contactless scan in for access control? We normally swipe in patrons using their university IDs and CSI software

00:43:59Ken - Cal State Fullerton

We are utilizing FusionGo barcode scanning for access

00:44:14Blake Simpfenderfer

@Michael you can't police everything.

I think education is a key piece.

We are discussing having a brief "Hi how are you here are our protocols right now" upon scanning in.

00:44:17Stephanie Fung UC Davis

@melissa, we moved the swipers so that each patron can swipe their own card and our attendants will watch the screen. Same as Ken^ we are moving towards the app for barcode scanning too

00:45:04Sabina Saksena

What about using some sensors

with some schools that help figure out real time occupancy and makes it available to staff and students, alums etc ( they can time themselves based on new capacity). For all the open areas that can’t be reserved. And what areas are closed etc.

00:45:37Luke Day

Fusion Go also has capacity for entrance and exiting scanning

00:45:55Kurt Schooley

Yes moving our card swipes for patron use

00:46:05Ashley Dent

we have barcode scanners here at UTA.

its through Fusion

00:46:07Ken - Cal State Fullerton

WE currently use FusionGo for entrance, but are going to transition for exits as well

00:47:06Dujuan Wiley

That's what we did as well.

00:47:22Courtney Copp

We currently are using finger vein scanners through Rec Trac at our turnstiles and we are looking at Magswipe readers for those. We also have individuals scanning their own id’s at the actual front desk

00:47:37Ian Brown

When the timing is right, I'm hoping we can discuss one-use wipes vs. sanitizer spray bottles and re-usable towels.

00:47:51Brian Mills

Fsuion has audio options that can alert staff to verified patrons

00:48:03Ian Brown

Also, patrons wearing masks?

00:48:13Mary Catherine Martinez

If you have Fusion already controlling hardware/readers, you can *fairly* easily swap out with another type of hardware. We can definitely have a call for your specific situation to go over any changes you might need before opening (say switching from HK2s to barcode or swipers)

00:48:26Kathy Obuszewski

My building at Case has had people tap their cards on a scanner on the desk and then show the ID to the desk officer.

00:48:36Erin Wells

Masks are going to be highly dependent on state/municipal policies

00:48:47Max, Swarthmore College

No spotters

00:49:04Bob Weeks

The guidelines to open in Wyoming were shared in the associate's director roundtable earlier today.

It prohibits any activity that requires people to get too close, and specifically named weight lifting that requires spotters:

00:49:09Michael Montgomery

that's how we are leaning

00:49:36Devon Rembert

temple university we don’t plan on opening locker rooms

00:49:37Blake Simpfenderfer

@Courtney we currently use Bio readers with REcTrac as well.

Moving towards RFID (prior to this).

Bio readers are on the chopping block but a sense on letting people self select and then having a disinfectant procedure.

00:50:15T.J. Kelly

We have a motorized gate for accessible entry. Once Fusion verifies a membership opens gate automatically. We then have two turnstiles that unlock when verified by Fusion with card reader, but you have to physically move the turnstiles. Traditional turnstile

00:50:15Melissa Ortiz

We've briefly discussed closing the locker rooms completely, keeping only the restrooms open, or even staffing our locker rooms but I don't really see that happening

00:50:28Brian Mills

we have discussed closing locker rooms and not allowing acces to showers or changing areas will impact patrons who need those if they are working and going to work after their workout.

00:50:54Max, Swarthmore College

Putting up a barrier for the shower

00:51:01andy miller

Andy at UBC, we are considering opening locker rooms in a phase two of opening.

The pools are the main reason for going to the Aquatic Centre,

00:51:10Erin Wells

Barriers, signage and staffing

00:51:19Luke Day

turn the water off to the showers

00:51:19Joe Hoff

We’re in the same boat, only bathrooms are in the locker rooms so we would have to create a barrier.

00:51:20Schafaris Turner- SJSU

At SJSU, we've dicussed phases so 1) locker rooms closed, 2) only toilets and sinks but no showers and no longers, 3) only rental lockers but no day use, 4) back to normal. We're also discusing a cap on how many people can be in the locker room at one time and how to manage that

00:51:28Kathy Obuszewski

if you aren’t allowing people to shower, are you not letting people use the pool? Most pools require rinsing?

00:51:31Schafaris Turner- SJSU

no lockers*

00:52:18Rebecca Copeland

Use of unisex single person locker rooms can be used for showering before using the pool, but would need to be cleaned after each use

00:52:30Ian Brown

@Erin, did Gov. Abbott's Strike Force put out language about gyms/fitness centers yet? I checked this am, but haven't seen anything yet.

00:52:32Melissa Ortiz

At some point can we discuss what everyone else is doing regarding towel service and equipment checkout (such as daily use lockers, weight belts, etc)?

00:52:53Scott Vaculik

so far no equipment checkout

00:52:59Thomas Vitucci

is everyone defaulting to governmental guidelines?

is anyone thinking of not allowing things governments say are ok??

00:53:00Brian Mills

@ian I have not seen anything yet. I found Alaska and North Dakota guidlines

00:53:05Max, Swarthmore College

Hi all - If anyone has questions for how a small college is going to be returning to operations, eventually, feel free to email me at

00:53:08Erin Wells

@Ian, i don’t think so.

i think he has only released stuff for phase 1

00:53:09T.J. Kelly

Not permitting lendable equipment

00:53:13Max, Swarthmore College

I’m heading to a department meeting. Be well!

00:53:34Dustin Soderman - ASU

Combo of both but wipes are cleaner

00:53:35Amanda Simmons

Does anyone have gym wipes that are effective against COVID-19? Ours currently do not

00:53:40Stephanie Fung UC Davis

thoughts on patrons bringing in their own equipment (weight belts, bands, etc), since they would contact on communal spaces? it's a similar thought as stores here that won't allow reusable bags in the stores

00:53:48Ross Rod - UT Austin

Texas is moving away from communal cardio towels

00:54:06Dustin Soderman - ASU

Sourcing wipes is very difficult

00:54:12Bruce Maelzer

Zogics Anti-Bacterial wipes have shown to be effective against Coronaviruses but they are sold out of everything

00:54:20Glen Kemper

At Logan University in St. Louis, we were thinking of patrons using Virex II and paper towels while our staff used a bleach solution. Anyone else considering bleach?

00:55:02Bruce Maelzer

Oklahoma is attempting to get a Clorox 360 system for bleach use as a room wide disinfectant

00:55:08Nick Lampert - CU Boulder

Re-Juv-a-nal disinfects against COVID but it takes 10 minutes to do the work. We have spray bottles but are looking to get wipes (if possible).

00:55:19Brian Mills

we ordered before we closed and were told 6-8 weeks for delivery but got eight cases about 10 days after order. Haven't checked in with delay for new orders.

00:55:25Julie Weber

ERC Wipes out of North Dakota but might not have any for right now

00:55:33Pam Hightower

Is anyone considering requiring to people bring their own spray bottle, and providing a dispenser of cleaning solution.. like water bottle filling stations but for spray cleaner?

00:55:45T.J. Kelly

McMaster used a Dynaspray mister and Ultralyte disinfectant for large area disinfecting

00:56:17Erin Wells

@Bruce you are breaking up really bad.

00:56:41Kurt Schooley

cant make out

00:56:47Kurt Schooley

what youre saying

00:56:49Michelle Jones

Can’t understand

00:57:08Kurt Schooley

still not working

00:57:24Bruce Maelzer

I'll talk in chat

00:57:25Erin Wells

@Bruce, can you put it in the comments?

00:57:36Bruce Maelzer

Virex II 256

00:57:37Amy Lanham

Oklahoma has been using Virex II 256 for a while

00:57:44Kristyn Watts

Has anyone used Wysiwash for large-scale aquatic center disinfection?

00:58:00Bruce Maelzer

We are using washcloths from from Grainger so it's a greener option than paper towels

00:58:10Janet Branch

We are assigning student workers their own spray bottle for cleaning and Zogics wipes for patrons.

00:58:25Shea McMurray

Sounds fun!

00:58:42Kurt Schooley

use it all the time

00:58:47Ken - Cal State Fullerton

WE are looking at purchasing

00:58:58Joe Hoff

Yes, we ordered a Clorox 360 today. Probably be about 60 days before we get one though.

00:59:01Janet Branch

$7000 was the price tag I was told on that one

00:59:03Stephanie Fung UC Davis

we are using protexus 360

sprayer guns and backpack sprayers to clean our facility and disinfect equipments

00:59:07Brian Mills

Its like using a backyard fogger

00:59:10Kurt Schooley


00:59:14Stephanie Fung UC Davis

we ordered them before the closure happened

00:59:16Erin Matthews

Yes! the Clorox 360 sounds great! They are back order several months for any vendor and knock offs I have researched right now.

00:59:17Rebecca Copeland

clorox 360 is used at CWRU but it is currently on a 5 month wait, cost is about $4-5,000 per unit

00:59:34Kurt Schooley

we have been using them for over a them

00:59:38Amy Lanham

we are planning to use Vital Oxide mister

00:59:41Brandon MacCallum

will those Clorox sprayers be okay with electronic consoles on cardio machines?

00:59:53Devon Wilde

Seems worth the cost, but the wait might be an issue right now..

01:00:06andy miller - UBC

While Chlorine is a great disinfectant make sure your bare metal parts are well oiled or you could end up with corrosion problems

01:00:11Bob Weeks

Looks like Wysiwash is an anti-bacterial/anti-viral cleaner that is marketed for animal kennels, according to their website, which is why most of us haven't heard of it.

01:00:15Bruce Maelzer

Yes, the Clorox 360 is safe if sprayed from outside a certain distance of electronics. I think it's like 2 feet or so

01:00:17Glen Kemper

AS we were closing our facilities folks used Protexus another hydrostatic mister.

01:00:19Stephanie Fung UC Davis

01:01:00Kurt Schooley

that's true

01:01:06Stephanie Fung UC Davis

01:01:15Joe Hoff

If it kills in 4 minutes could you then wipe down to speed up the process potentially?

01:01:31Kurt Schooley

its fine...just don't get super close

01:01:35Brad Wilson

we’ve used 360 for better part of 2 years...and yes we use it on all touch points, screens, dumbbells, barbells etc

01:02:01Kurt Schooley

no Joe- need to let dry on its own

01:02:12Erin Matthews

Yes 2-4 months wait time now

01:02:31Brad Wilson

we received an order of solution today, they told us not to expect another shipment until June 30

01:02:39sylvana cicero

For LEED Certified Facilities, are there any good Green Disinfectants?

That is the problem we are having, since we can't use bleach and may others

01:02:40Gabor Jerkovits

are facilities going to allow patrons to use the spray bottles themselves, or only permit staff to use?

01:02:58Glen Kemper

The Protexus gun our folks used was very misty vapor. My uninformed guess is that it should be fine on cardio consoles.

01:03:18Janet Branch

FIU has used the Victory machines (hand held and backpack for the past year) with 3m C-diff.

They are also out of stock.

01:03:38Brad Wilson

if you have access to Ecolab products, their A456 is a suitable replacement for the 360 solution

01:04:30Erin Matthews

How are people planning to keep spaces like dance/wood floors clean?

01:04:38Ross Rod - UT Austin

01:06:50Jessica Dehn

if anyone has equipment check out... how are you planning to disinfect basketballs between use? or are you eliminating this option?

01:06:53Devon Wilde

There was some conversation yesterday of having staggered open hours with deep cleaning in between those open hours, but that can be difficult for some recs.

01:07:10Jimmy Heiner

When it comes to using Clorox 360 or other units we need to consider the PPE for staff as well as Campus Health Safety recommendations following the SDS

01:07:21Courtney Copp-University of Arizona

@Jessica we are eliminating Equipment Check Out initially

01:07:21Ross Rod - UT Austin

Here’s another portable option for all:

01:07:22Ross Rod - UT Austin

01:07:31Brandon MacCallum

we are thinking of removing equipment checkout until we enter phase 2

01:08:26Scott Vaculik

Correct, No gyms for us either. WR with every other machine only for us up to this point in time.

01:09:24Ashley Dent

my opinion is no outside equipment but easier said than done

01:09:33Ross Rod - UT Austin

01:09:43Brad Wilson

01:09:46Erin Matthews

UCLA Rec- we are considering to sell personal equipment so people can bring in their own personal items (yoga straps, blocks, bands) We also hope to make a little revenue.

01:09:52Glen Kemper

Any concerns about people using the facility's stability balls, slam balls and mats?

01:09:56Michael Montgomery

we already have a no outside equipment policy. that part that is difficult is user straps, belts, and other weight lifting equipment.

01:09:59Erin Matthews

We also understand there will be a lot of people still wanting to workout at home.

01:10:33Chris Wermie

@Michael, no outside equipment policy, is that specific to fitness centre or even in gymnasiums?

01:10:38Kelley Hungerford

This is Kelley from NIRSA HQ. It's great to hear so many recommendations from the NIRSA fam! Here are some NIRSA associate members who offer cleaning-related products to consider:

01:10:40Kurt Schooley

we talked about that this morning- TBD on own equipment. But if what they're bringing in equipment that is "not clean or infected" they probably are too

01:10:53Courtney Copp-University of Arizona

Yes, we are looking at a couple of hours to clean during the day, but nothing finalized.

01:11:13Erin Wells

No closure in the middle of the day.

01:11:17Christian Miller

Texas A&M will close mid-day to do a cleaning shift

01:11:19Chelsea Randolph - Texas A&M

I believe we are looking to do a mid-day close to clean and sanitize

01:11:24Joe Hoff

Since we’re facing budget cuts on top of needing to staff up more than usual for cleaning, we’re looking at doing a morning, midday, and evening hours type setup.

01:11:26Ian Brown

6 am to noon, cleaning,

and 1:15 pm to 7:30 pm

01:11:34Scott Vaculik

Our reduced hours with be with budget cuts at least for now..

01:12:42Christian Miller

A&M will close 2-5pm - cleaning handrails, counters, furniture, door handles, strength and conditioning equipment, etc

01:13:00Erin Wells

Yes, ian!!!!!!!

01:13:05Jeffrey Schmitt

reduced hours probably with some cleaning breaks but nothing official yet

01:13:06Nick Lampert - CU Boulder

We ran few scenarios on short hours with no break to clean and a break in the day for a cleaning with all hands on deck. No final decision made at the moment.

Reflecting what T.J. stated

01:13:09Kurt Schooley

on topic of hours- we are also considering using one satellite facility for senior/retiree/immunocompromised individuals only use

01:14:59Janet Branch

masks for patrons and cardio spacing

01:15:01Amanda Simmons

How does everyone expect that their staffing models will change for the hours you are open? For example, facilities are cutting hours and really have to for budget purposes. But are you staffing more employees while you are open than previously you did before?

01:15:42Mary Rose McGinn

my grocery store has been using painters tape making arrows and such

01:15:43Ross Rod - UT Austin


01:15:44Grace Grindstaff

blue tape arrows

01:16:01andy miller - UBC

put an arrow on their phones

01:16:02sylvana cicero

01:16:05Michael Montgomery

we are going to use combination of markings and stanchions

01:16:09Jeffrey Schmitt

We are anticipating needing more staff during the hours we are open

01:16:15Ross Rod - UT Austin

01:16:50Cynthia Rabbers

People aren't paying attention to the aisle directions in the stores here but they seem to pay attention at the marks at the cash registers.

01:16:57Matt Collum

Does anyone have an issue with people wearing masks and doing cardio, preventing airflow??

01:17:02andy miller - UBC

that's what they starre at

01:17:09Thomas Vitucci

Floor tape and arrows are what is being used all over south florida

01:17:10Jess Pellerin

Are people working off the 6' recommendation or are increasing it due to droplets potentially traveling farther when working out?

01:17:12Nyssa Owen

It's unenforceable, however, it is a best effort for all the stores

01:17:13Ross Rod - UT Austin

01:17:41andy miller - UBC

I have seen lots of floor markings, stickers, or tape.

Most see and adhere to that

01:17:49Nick Lampert - CU Boulder

^^Ross thanks this is great

01:17:54Matt Collum

I've heard that a mask is not efficient if you can blow out a candle with it, so I feel like that would limit airflow and breathing

01:18:12Ross Rod - UT Austin

If you are closing off equipment, how do you plan to “close” down your equipment? Are you doing covers? Moving them? Caution Tape?

01:18:38Deb Howard

We are putting signs on our equipment

01:19:10Staci Snyder

What are people doing about open recreation play, specifically outdoor play spaces (basketball courts, tennis, ect)?

01:19:22Karen Howell

I was on a call this morning Arkansas is 12 feet

01:19:40Glen Kemper

CDC has a 12 to 20 for exercising but I think they were looking at outdoor,

01:20:26Devon Wilde

That's awesome!

01:20:30Stuart MacIntyre - Brock University

We at Brock University have been dealing with an expansion of our Weight Room since last May. We have had to use signage and such for detour with closures. At the beginning we used extra staff to educate and assist at the beginning and found it useful. Something I would suggest when re opening and having signs to have extra staff and just educate about social distance when people enter and remind them to watch for signage

01:21:10Michael Montgomery

we are thinking cloth masks. My concern if we rely on purchased one time masks, is that if we spike or have a second outbreak, those will quickly be unavailable

01:21:31Jess Gentry

@Ross…we’ve talked about spreading equipment out into racquetball courts, gyms, etc. so we don’t have to worry about someone having to avoid a specific piece

01:21:48Janet Branch

This brings up the topic of increasing distancing for cardio participants

01:21:49Ross Rod - UT Austin

THanks, @Jess

01:22:05Jess Gentry

@Ross…we figured it’d be too difficult to close specific pieces and our staff would just be fighting the battle of getting people off those pieces

01:22:27Mark Garneau

Ole Miss uses them for CPR courses - yes there are plenty out their.

01:23:25Amanda Simmons

Repost: How does everyone expect that their staffing models will change for the hours you are open? For example, facilities are cutting hours and really have to for budget purposes. But are you staffing more employees while you are open than previously you did before?

01:23:28Erin Matthews

How are you all planning to keep your wood floors clean? Dance, racquet, squash?

01:23:32Ryan Fitzpatrick

Hi Everyone, in addition to dorms, our Recreation Center at Sonoma State U. in Northern California, has entered in an agreement to be host facility for Covid positive patients for at least 90 days and we will be closed until further notice.

If there is anyone on the call who may be going through a similar situation, I'd love to connect to share thoughts and support.

Be safe everyone.

01:23:39Rebecca Harper

Face Coverings?

01:23:41Glen Kemper

concerns about responding to emergencies?

01:23:46Meaghan McCrane

at UC Berkeley they are currently using our Fieldhouse for DSP study space since it is the largest space on campus

01:25:22Glen Kemper

That is actually great for us. We teach the BVM and have several of them.

01:25:48Mark Garneau

Ole Miss student staff has the one way valve masks in all our staff fanny paks

01:26:37Matt Collum

Remember that CPR for Professional Rescuer also has blended learning, which can help get a lot more training and information out, limiting doing full CPR courses

01:26:55Mark Ritter

Has anyone had to rework their membership waivers?

01:27:11Ian Brown

^ Good question @Mark

01:27:16Jeff Bricker

For future discussion:

allowing events on any scale? various types?

01:27:22Ian Brown

Maybe covered in risk call the other day?

01:27:30Glen Kemper

Anyone looking to ADD on waivers to include the risk of Covid -19?

01:27:47Amanda Simmons

I watched a Facebook Live post yesterday by Star Guard Elite- their medical director recommends temperature screenings before entrance into the facility & as long as there are no elevations in temperature and can be admitted into the facility, the care we provide should not change (assuming you are using masks with 1 way valves at a minimum), but would recommend use of BVM if available.

01:28:07Schafaris Turner- SJSU

We're looking at adding COVID-19 to our waivers but I'm not sure about the wording of it yet.

01:28:15Devon Wilde

I've got to run to a meeting with our lifeguards. Thank y'all for hosting, and if possible, I would like to continue these discussions in the future! Stay safe, all!!

01:29:24Luke Day

UMN checked in with

our General Counsel and our current waiver is still adequate

01:29:53Brian Mills

all patrons need to be part of the process and part of this entire re-opening means they are assuming a cettain level of risk if they choose to come and use the facility. THat cannot be understated

01:30:22Dujuan Wiley

Thanks for hosting Jess!!

01:30:25Courtney Copp-University of Arizona

Thank you all! This was great!

01:30:27Danielle Anderson

Thank you!

01:30:34Erin Wells

Thank you all!!!

01:30:41Morgan Munoz

Thank you all!

01:30:44Rebecca Copeland

Very informative, thank you!

01:30:47Joe Hoff

Thanks everyone!

01:30:50Stephanie Stewart

Thank you! Very helpful information

01:30:50Matt Collum

Gracias, amigos!

01:30:51Glen Kemper

thanks everyone!

01:30:52Chris Policastro

Thank You!

01:30:53Josh Lightfoot

Thank you!

01:30:54Rebecca Harper


01:30:54Nick Lampert - CU Boulder

THank you

01:30:55Sabrina Martinez UTRGV

Thanks everyone, great info to take back to my director! Stay safe :)

01:30:57Brandi Bates

Thanks so much!

01:30:57Timber Hines

Thank you!

01:30:58Staci Snyder

Thanks everyone!

01:30:58Kelly Shorter

thanks everyone!

01:30:58T.J. Kelly

Thanks everyone, good feedback and lots to consider!

01:30:59Gabor Jerkovits


01:31:00Danielle JImenez

thanks everyone! have a good weekend.

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