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Outdoor Recreation Roundtable Part 2

Wednesday, April 15, 9:00am PT / 12:00pm ET

Facilitated by David Knobbe and Shannon Richardson

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Chat Transcript

00:30:55Jacob Norris


00:31:16Shannon Richardson, Univ. of Mississippi

Good morning everyone!

00:31:17erik daly

Good morning from Lafayette College in Easton, PA

00:32:00Thomas Peters

Good morning

00:32:24Caroline Dotts

Good morning from Atlanta!!!

00:33:15Trey Knight - Univ Miami

Enter the Send Portal! Get Senddy!

00:33:31Jacob Rasmussen

ground dwellers

00:33:31Jacob Norris - East Tennessee State University

All Aboard The SendTrain

00:33:36Donald Schmit

Shreddicles of Gnarnia

00:33:42Zachary Hammerle

So Pitted

00:33:46Danny Williams-Penn State

Boof everything

00:33:46Riley Cox

Pebble wrestling

00:33:51Dave Rector - University of Georgia

Chasin’ freshies

00:33:55Madison Kinder - Eastern Washington University

Double dyno to a micro crimp… Hope you all get it!

00:34:01Alli Hughes- U of Utah

I'll second Pebble Wrastling

00:34:04alex sperling

trash pandas (for aggressive raccoons)

00:34:14Alex Hileman - LSU

Trad Dad!

00:34:17Trevor Lynch

bomber broseph!

00:34:18Lance Haynie-Univ of Georgia

I'm starting to smell manky

00:34:19Nicholas Chell University of Northern Iowa

Second on the trash pandas!

00:34:20Devon Dorn


00:34:20Spenser Herkelman

No slang really, just miss being out there!

00:34:20Tony Dianda

drop bears

00:34:30David Rogers UNC Chapel Hill

Chasin' the wind

00:34:33Marci Iverson, Viterbo University

I second Chasing Freshies

00:34:47Wayne Terryberry

Nailed it

00:51:56Alyssa Smith

I may have missed this - Do your students pay for their WFR certification or does your program cover that for volunteer leaders?

00:52:42Shannon Richardson, Univ. of Mississippi

Alyssa, thank you for the question, I'll ask David in a moment.

00:54:01Caroline Dotts

We (the CRC) covers the cost of WFR at Georgia Tech

00:54:23Caroline Dotts

a portion of our budget is funded through student fees (SGA)

00:55:31Tyler Cox

Are students who get certifications paid for required to lead a certain amount of trips?

01:00:08Bill Sparks - Miami University of Ohio

I love the idea of the professional language shift and the picture, we are struggling with paid student trip leaders vs. volunteers and all the questions that come with qualifying volunteers.

01:00:20Daniel Perdue

I think that not knowing what budget cuts/allowances will be because of Covid kinda keeps us from being able to revaluate

01:03:47Mary Ellen Milam - TCU

Are any paid staff required to be on any specific trips or are all trips led by volunteers?

01:04:18Daniel Perdue

our director mentioned he has prepared for “worst case” scenarios

01:09:24Chad Schlundt

Ultimately with all the unknown circumstances of COVID-19, what philosophical changes is your program going to make, with the hope of still staying true to your original Outdoor Program philosophy

01:12:58Ed Baltes

To what extent have you all entertained Virtual programming? For example here at Kennesaw State we have been working on Virtual Team Building offerings. What kind of ideas have you all come up with?

01:13:26Bill Sparks - Miami University of Ohio

I curious to hear more about that Ed!

01:13:53Shannon Richardson, Univ. of Mississippi

Thanks Ed, I'll ask in a moment

01:15:31RJ Markowitz

Has anyone heard of any guidance/tips/strategies on sanitizing holds, mats, rope, and devices both upon return and once patrons return.

01:15:49Cathy Stedman, UGA

Michelle Cummings with Training Wheels has 2 great zoom recordings about virtual teambuilding

01:15:52Shannon Richardson, Univ. of Mississippi

Michelle Cummings with Training Wheels

01:17:15Lance Haynie-Univ of Georgia

Just want to plug the ongoing and recorded webinars from AORE (adding more depth to outdoor rec issues):

01:17:29Chad Schlundt- Grand Canyon University

Just curious: Are any other institution's talking about students not returning to their campuses in the Fall Semester of 2020. If so how is that impacted your Outdoor Program, and how are you justifying the need for the program in the event that our traditional program changes...

01:17:37Lance Haynie-Univ of Georgia

must have current membership to participate/view

01:19:16Riley Cox

01:19:34Shannon Richardson, Univ. of Mississippi

CWA and AORE and Eldorado have guidelines on cleaning/sanitation

01:19:48RJ Markowitz

Thank you!

01:20:19Sam Steiger-MN State Univ, Mankato

TruBlue/Headwall did just put out a white paper on sanitizing and cleaning.

01:20:27Sam Steiger-MN State Univ, Mankato

*Headrush sorry

01:20:54Lance Haynie-Univ of Georgia

@Trey...we are eagerly awaiting that guidance

01:21:13Lance Haynie-Univ of Georgia

That is probably my biggest challenge right now

01:23:02Donald Schmit, Washington State University

I haven’t heard much of anything about required PPE yet from our university. I’ve been lucky enough to already have some masks and respirators on hand for myself since I’m still working to keep our bike share going. I don’t have enough to cover our staff though when they come back.

01:23:49erik daly lafayette college

Running to another meeting! Thank you for the time and info...Be safe all!

01:24:02Sam Steiger-MN State Univ, Mankato

Headrush/Trublue White paper on protecting and disinfecting:

01:26:18Mary Ellen Milam - TCU

From a really selfish perspective....We currently have a vacancy in our full time position of Asst. Director of OP, and hope to fill it but given uncertain budget future and possible hiring freeze, if anyone has any tips on how to train student staff and put together a program with no expert on the pro staff, please email me your ideas! No returning student staff that are qualified as trips leaders so really starting with basics.

01:27:13Caroline Dotts

great job!!!

01:27:14Wayne Terryberry

Yes please

01:27:22Lance Haynie-Univ of Georgia

thank you

01:27:22Trey Knight - Univ Miami

Thanks everyone

01:27:26Alyssa Smith

Thank you!

01:27:36Ed Baltes

Thank you!

01:27:37Megan Ridley


01:27:47Tyler Young - The Ohio State University

THank you very informative

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