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Outdoor Recreation Roundtable Part 1

Recorded on Tuesday, April 7, 10:00am PT / 1:00pm ET

Facilitated by Josh Norris and Shannon Richardson

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Chat Transcript

00:30:59Chris Nasti


00:34:16erik daly

Hello from Lafayette College in Easton, PA

00:34:25Jacon Mayer - Wellesley College

climbing - because that’s what I wish I was doing right now

00:34:30erik daly

Togetherness, family

00:34:37Jacob Norris East Tennessee State University

Climbing, Because I second Jacon Mayer

00:34:38Andrea Jones- University of Alberta


00:34:38Adam Burke (Wyoming)

Top Middle photo is my life right now with my pups at home!

00:34:41Daniel Perdue UNC-Pembroke

hammock.....almost my current situation

00:34:42Madison Kinder - Eastern Washington Univ.

Reminiscent - Smith Rock is one of my favorite areas to climb. I miss the community and activity!

00:34:42Madison Anderson (Ohio State)

swift water training

00:34:43Alli Hughes- U. of Utah

Hi, Alli from the U of Utah. Dog bed photo- I am constantly interrupted with love by my pups now that I'm home all the time.

00:34:43Eric Simmons

family for sure

00:34:44Zach Cross, Penn State

Miss my dog and wish I was being smooshed by it

00:34:45Jason Darby - Southern Miss

The dog staring pic - cause that is how mine currently stares at me wondering while I’m here all the time now!

00:34:47Chris Muller - UTA

One of the two dog photos. Time of change for our animals too.

00:34:48Tony Dianda, San Jose State University

missing adventure time

00:34:51Sarah Wilkinson-Regis University

the dog, because I am grateful for the time at home with my pup and cat

00:34:51Meg Van De Walle

thumbs up in the rushing water, bc its wild rn but we are good

00:34:52Zachary Hammerle


00:34:52Emily McCune Stanford

Setting safety

00:34:52Anna Champion AUM

Fun & Relaxing! Family and fur babies are the best!

00:34:53Alli Hughes- U. of Utah

Yay dogs!

00:34:53Elizabeth Fricke University of Montana

The dog and hammock one bc my dog just had ACL surgery and is gimpy

00:34:56Chris Nasti (American University)

The river, also because it wold be fun to go kayak

00:35:02Mikaela Sites - University of West Florida

The climbing picture looks like my house right now haha

00:35:03Reed Mathieson. Sonoma State University

Summit of Baker, which I was getting some mountain turns in

00:35:03Kristy Elliott

The dog photos because that is my life at home right now.

00:35:04Donald Schmit, Washington State University

The whitewater photo. We are in a rapid but I'm in a good spot

00:35:05Elizabeth Fricke University of Montana

And climbing!

00:35:11Katie Hecker San Diego State University

Want to be there- In the river!

00:35:14Ben Wygant, Red Rocks Community College


00:35:30Bradley Gasawski - Central Washington University

wonder - the upper left photo where they are looking up to the sky/sun. the joy of being outside.

00:35:33Logan Hoile University of Northern Iowa

Missing backcountry experiences

00:35:51Lance Haynie Univ. of Georgia

Good, wholesome family fun! More time for things like this!

00:36:01Amanda Alpert (Ole Miss)

Dog photos - happy to be home with my pet who is by my side all day while working at home and normally I don't get to spend this much time with her!

00:43:59Madison Kinder - Eastern Washington Univ.

Was OSU able to keep their student staff to run the remote programs or is this done by professional staff?

00:48:28Jason Darby - Southern Miss

I’ve heard some programs doing geocaching. However is anyone running into any issues with their university discouraging that type of activity if your in a shelter-in-place order?

00:48:39Jason Darby - Southern Miss


00:48:59Madison Kinder - Eastern Washington Univ.

Yes - we have a travel ban at our university too so as staff we cannot travel to take these videos

00:49:53Justin Cato - A&M-Commerce

We've been told to even shut down our disc golf course. it's open access, but the police are kicking people out there and in our hammock grove

00:50:18Donald Schmit, Washington State University

We are doing a variety of similar programming to OSU.. We did our regular ShePoops program about women's hygiene in the outdoors. We've got a few remote programs about our adaptive climbing and kayaking programs.

00:50:43Donald Schmit, Washington State University

We are still operating our bike share program though. It was considered critical transportation infrastructure

00:50:49Trey Knight, Univ of Miami (FL)

We can encourage people to get out for walks, runs, etc. but need to do it from their home to what is hyper local

00:50:54Bradley Gasawski - Central Washington University

CWU - educational videos posted to social media/website. Some live feeds & pre-recorded content. Outdoor hiking & cycling challenges with incentive prizes. Weekly highlights of local places to get outside. Earthweek virtual cleanup in your favorite local outdoor destinations. Our facility is closed and we are not allowed to go there. We are in a travel ban so we can't travel to showcase different activities locations to get outside and recreate.

00:51:10Christina Spohn (VCU)

At VCU, we are posting some Instagram challenges for outdoor social distancing and mailing out prizes to folk who participate

00:51:24Jacob Norris East Tennessee State University

We will be hosting a webinar for East Tennessee with local recreation leaders to give an update to our region on outdoor recreation practices on Earth Day - gives enough time for the local policies to solidify

00:51:38Bradley Gasawski - Central Washington University

We are trying to navigate the "stay at home" order in Washington state.

00:51:50Devon Dorn (Grand Canyon University)

We are doing knot tying clinics on instagram

00:51:52Kristy Elliott, Georgia Southern University

We have told our students that they do not have to return their bike share bikes to us unless they don't need it. So there are still a handful of students using their bikes to get out to exercise and get around our town.

00:52:12Reed Mathieson. Sonoma State University

We are also continuing our bike rental program for the same reason and are putting some SOPs in for receiving the bikes at the end of the semester for cleaning an protecting students

00:52:18Meg Van De Walle

how are prizes/rewards being distributed for these challenges?

00:52:22Michael Willett

Old Dominion has a Strava group going to encourage physical activity while maintaining appropriate distance from others. It's fun to compare miles and activities. Weekly challenge winners get prizes.

00:52:38Trey Knight, Univ of Miami (FL)

We have posted Google Earth Explore links and are posting tech videos about knots, cooking, gear, etc.

00:53:07Jerrell Kelly - WKU

At WKU, we've set up a Strava Club for folks to take part in and put together resources for folks to get out on their own

00:53:26Christina Spohn (VCU)

Hello! We are distributing our prizes by ordering them directly from vendors (we picked 4 vendors and contacted them beforehand so we wouldn't violate any pro discount agreements) and shipping straight to winners.

00:53:32erik daly

VR 5k

00:54:04Marci Iverson, Viterbo University

Wisconsin state schools are collaborating to offer a virtual run/walk the week of April 19-26. Here is the link:

00:55:34Zachary Hammerle - Western Oregon University

Online content workshops; using QR codes for challenges trying to blend fitness and outdoor together as much as we can. Most of the same

00:57:38Trey Knight, Univ of Miami (FL)

We are planning on updating climbing wall cleaning for when a re-open happens

00:58:25Bradley Gasawski - Central Washington University

We have been creating new OP's for how to deal with a transition back to "normalcy" as it relates to renting gear and trips programming.

00:58:42Zachary Hammerle - Western Oregon University

Training videos for staff now to speed up re intro

00:59:13Zachary Hammerle - Western Oregon University

Same with other trainings doing as much as we can online now, hands on later.

00:59:14Trey Knight, Univ of Miami (FL)

Developing videos to help with staff training in prep for fall as well

00:59:31Donald Schmit, Washington State University

We are looking at more defined cleaning policies for when our rental shop reopens. I've also been building a list of youtube videos on using the equipment we rent so that I can keep my staff trained as we get closer to reopening.

01:00:06Chris Muller - UTA

Would love to hear people's plans for cleaning their climbing wall before reopening.

01:00:17Cynthia Rabbers, Penn State University

One of the things we are trying to figure out is what happens with boat rentals? By the time we reopen our boat rentals would theoretically be open except the boats are all in winter storage which for some means they are up the hill in the maintenance shop while others are sort of stacked in the rental shed.

01:00:53Christina Spohn (VCU)

Yeah I am curious as to how folks are using this to refine policies and procedures for the future

01:00:57Alex Hauer- UNCG

Eldorado has a Covid-19 page with cleaning information

01:01:17Katie Hecker San Diego State University

How are other universities in stay at home areas with park closures (facilities and parking areas, trails still open) encouraging students to go outside? We are experiencing barriers to getting to local trails in San Diego County

01:01:50Katie Hecker San Diego State University

01:01:53Donald Schmit, Washington State University

Not a great answer on climbing walls but I've heard various reports of the longest COVID lasts is 3-9 days when on surfaces. A 2 week closures would serve as a sort of quarantine from any infections on the wall

01:03:31Adam Burke (Wyoming)

How are folks facilitating getting their rental equipment return that was checked out prior to COVID Closures?

01:04:00Zachary Hammerle - Western Oregon University

We are not renting gear for the term

01:04:02Madison Anderson (Ohio State)

dropping through our boat yard gate... pro staff collect

01:04:30Michael Willett

Same as Madison.

01:04:42Kristy Elliott, Georgia Southern University

Same as Madison too.

01:05:13Shannon Richardson, University of Mississippi

Ole Miss is not renting gear currently

01:05:23Donald Schmit, Washington State University

For rental returns that were already out, we reopened for a single day after spring break only for returns. We got about 50% of equipment back. The rest are allowed to keep their equipment until we are open again. No late fees will be incurred.

01:05:46Hannah Doss

@adam - settin up appointments with no late fees, collecting with gloves and putting in a space to let sit for a few weeks before it's checked back in

01:06:09Madison Kinder - Eastern Washington Univ.

EWU Facilities are all closed which means we cannot rent gear as well. At least until May 30th by our term ends mid June.

01:06:17Cathy Stedman, UGA

Rentals currently out will not be returned until we open again. Communication about rental returns includes care and storage for items.

01:06:17Hannah Doss

side note, LNT is offering a remote version of their LNT Instructor course - great thing to offer via social media

01:07:28Reed Mathieson. Sonoma State University

We have a possibly unique situation where the county is taking over our facility as an overflow cover-19 hospital. One of our biggest concerns besides cleaning, is student perception and being scared to reengage with the rec center

01:09:23Zachary Hammerle - Western Oregon University

Are other schools asking for lost rev. For insurance?

01:09:47Ronald Markowitz

I know we are all doing our best at getting online programs/clinics/ content out there. Anyone have any insight as to if students are watching / responding to these?

01:09:58Lance Haynie Univ. of Georgia

I think a school from New Hampshire said something to this effect on another webinar

01:10:07Lance Haynie Univ. of Georgia

overflow hospital space

01:10:23Hannah Doss

We are tracking social media engagment with views and shares, comments, etc.

01:10:51Hannah Doss

Instead of our regular numbers that we track like rentals, trips run, etc.

01:11:01Bradley Gasawski - Central Washington University

we are coming back from an extended spring break, so we'll find out in the next couple weeks how engaged students will be.

01:11:50Justin Stout

With our staff we are encouraging the power of positive summit and are also doing trainings that students can get paid for participating in.

01:11:56Madison Anderson (Ohio State)

Students are working remotely through the Office 365 platform on shared documents, taking this time to update manuals, create training videos

01:14:55Eric Simmons

we are having the same problem at Tennessee Martin too, we can't pay them either. We are just waiting to see what happens

01:15:16Steve Thompson

HI folks. Something to consider: If you are investing the time to make things virtual/recorded/video based, it may be worth keeping a portion of your programming in that format after this crisis subsides. Might be a great way to justify work and fees, as well as possibly serve as an engagement tool to those who otherwise wouldn't be participating in your programs.

01:15:53Alli Hughes- U. of Utah

That is a very good point/idea.

01:15:55Kourtney Woracek - Texas A&M at Galveston

Students are allowed to work remotely. Student Affairs is allowing students to call other students and checkup on them. Make sure they are being helped as needed. Additionally, LInkedIn Learn for students to get some hours.

01:16:09Ben Wygant, Red Rocks Community College

At RRCC, we created a public blog where we can provide content for the campus community. Student employees and alums contribute trip reports, photography, cooking demos, gear recommendations, etc. Solid engagement thus far.

01:17:03Bradley Gasawski - Central Washington University

That's great Elizabeth! I like it.

01:17:08Kathy Obuszewski

With my lifeguards, I am not pushing any trainings at this time. However I am having office hours open for lifeguards. That way I am still reaching out and they know I am still there to support them.

01:18:03Adam Burke (Wyoming)

Wyoming has made the decision to pay student staff for all future missed shifts for the remainder of the semester whether they work or not. It’s a great service and commitment to student staff, but it also removes some motivation for students to do work since they are paid if they do it or not.

01:18:04Katie Hecker San Diego State University

We use Blackboard to track leader training progress. We have checklists and videos for everything from belay training, equipment repair, group facilitation, etc. Once students are allowed to work remotely or come back they will be able to log in and start training before returning in August. No required training without pay.

01:19:14Zachary Hammerle - Western Oregon University

Good point!!

01:19:15Bradley Gasawski - Central Washington University

At CWU, we are not allowed to offer training at this time. Last word was no on paying students, but we are hearing now that we might be able to pay students as long as we are actively engaging the student population. All training has been pushed back to late summer.

01:23:58Alli Hughes- U. of Utah

Thanks for hosting!

01:24:01erik daly

Thank you! Great Stuff!

01:24:05Zachary Hammerle - Western Oregon University

Thank you both!!

01:24:08Elizabeth Fricke University of Montana


01:24:16Emily McCune Stanford

Pre- orientation programs would be interesting to chat about next time

01:24:16Davis Preston University of Mississippi


01:24:19Madison Anderson (Ohio State)


01:24:25Donald Schmit, Washington State University

Thank you for putting this on!

01:24:33Davis Preston University of Mississippi

Sad but happy to see innovation

01:24:33Tony Dianda, San Jose State University

My student staff have really appreciated phone call check ins. They are getting a hundred emails a day from the university, their professors, the news...etc. so they have appreciated hearing the news from a voice that they trust (our professional staff) who can help them decipher what pertains to their specific situations and what doesn't.

01:24:50Luke Bartlett- Northern Iowa

Cheers from Northern Iowa!

01:24:51Laurie Braden - LSU

Thanks all - look forward to transcript

01:25:05Eric Simmons

thanks for everything

01:25:18Jason Darby - Southern Miss

Thanks everyone!

01:25:18Brandi Bates- Loyola Chicago

Thanks so much! Looking forward to the next one.

01:25:18Ben Wygant, Red Rocks Community College

Thanks y’all

01:25:18Meg Van De Walle

thank you!

01:25:19Michael Willett

Thanks all! Sorry we won't be catching up in AZ

01:25:19Jacob Norris East Tennessee State University

Thank you all for hosting this

01:25:23Bradley Gasawski - Central Washington University

Thanks everyone. Great content. Stay safe & be well!

01:25:24Chris Muller - UTA

Thanks Josh and Shannon!

01:25:38Alex Hintz - UTRGV

Thank you!

01:25:39Emily McCune Stanford

Thanks josh and Shannon!

01:25:49Jacob Norris East Tennessee State University

Risk and Uncertainty

01:26:11Meg Van De Walle

YES, Josh!!

01:26:17Michael Willett

Preach it Josh!

01:26:37Shannon Richardson, University of Mississippi

Hiking presentation:

Hiking presentation notes:

01:26:42Bradley Gasawski - Central Washington University

Well said Josh. Thanks!

01:26:44Chris Muller - UTA

Well said Josh!

01:26:50Emily McCune Stanford

Need access

01:26:54Adam Burke (Wyoming)

Thanks All!

01:27:04Andrea Jones- University of Alberta

Thank you :)

01:27:12Madison Kinder - Eastern Washington Univ.

Thank you!

01:27:13Alex Sperling - Montclair State

Thank you very much.

01:27:17Trey Knight, Univ of Miami (FL)

Thanks !!!

01:27:20Katie Hecker San Diego State University

Thank you!

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