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Sport Club Roundtable

Wednesday, April 1, 2:00pm PT / 5:00pm ET

Facilitated by Laura Thomas with presenters Chad Zimmerman, Laurel Hanna, Wendy Sheppard, and Aaron Elder

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Chat Transcript

00:30:40Laurel Hanna

Look at allll these chickens!!!

00:30:42Tom Giles

Hello everyone!

00:30:48Crystal Durham

hi friends!

00:30:54Jarrode Davis

I'm here - we can now begin.

00:31:17Shana Kessler

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00:31:34Nick White

Hello for Rolla!

00:32:34Tony North Jr

hello from Toledo

00:32:47carson fenwick

hello from sunny las vegas

00:33:04Garrett Larson

Hello from Eau Claire WI

00:33:05katherine geter

Hey ya'll from UH!

00:33:27Anna Bruning

Hi from Oregon State

00:33:38Greg Durham

Cheers from Creighton!

00:33:46Valentyn Potapenko

Hi from UW-Milwaukee!

00:33:50Isaac Hughes

hello from Western Michigan

00:33:58Jaclyn Gidley

Hello from Ball State!

00:34:02Meg Tully

Hello from UC Berkeley - Go Bears!

00:34:03Jerrell Kelly

Checking in from Western Kentucky

00:34:13Ian Bechtel

Hello from Upper Iowa U

00:34:15Sean Gallagher

Hello from Chicago South Suburbs (Lewis University)

00:34:19Dani Rafuse

Hello from Illinois State!

00:34:21Brittany Rejda

Hi from Oregon!

00:34:26Jordan Leslie

Hello from Oakland!

00:34:29Colton Scott

Hi from the University of Illinois!

00:34:30Bailey Finocchio

Hello from Butler!

00:34:41Sarah Hawkins

Hello from Cal Poly!

00:34:42Tina Mascaro

Hello from West Virginia - Fairmont State University!

00:35:01Emily Charnowski

Hello from Boston College!


For those that have budget presentations, Do you all have any other ideas of how to manage missing face to face presentations?

00:39:10Andrea Snead

At UCF Laure my hearings aren't until June

00:39:19Andrea Snead

we will be doing them via zoom if we are not in prson

00:39:25Andrea Snead


00:39:36Jeff Heiser

We are doing presentations via zoom. Had a practice run last night sharing screens between students and it was great.

00:39:47Marissa Canter

We are doing a zoom call and will share screen to show the budget packet that they submitted last month.

00:39:58Jaclyn Gidley

We use an online portal and they submit their presentations/excel sheets through that. We don’t have an Executive Council yet, so right now the plan is myself and other professional staff to review all of the submissions.

00:39:59Tom Giles

At FIU we are holding virtual budget presentation via ZOOM.


That is what we are doing at Alabama as well. We have pushed them to virtual budget meetings.

00:40:27Tony North Jr

We will be hosting virtual presentations via Microsoft Teams at Toledo

00:40:34Laura Shively

Presentation over zoom. Budget form is now online. (UARK)

00:40:46Jordan Leslie

We did ours on Google Meet and they shared their screen with all of us. Worked out great.

00:42:49Chad Zimmerman

For those using ZOOM/Google/others: Do you send separate links out to each club? Do you manage a wait room? How do you run back-to-back presentations?

00:42:55Ben Strunk

At NC State, we created a video tutorial that was sent to clubs on how to complete their budget proposal documents instead of in person officer meeting. This situation has made us rethink in person officer trainings as whole…looking to moving more items to online tutorials.

00:43:23Sean Gallagher

Since club sports are often times very physical and rely on in person meetings, how do you plan to keep participation and club engagement going while most clubs will not be able to meet?

00:43:28Jon Janis

University of Houston, Virtual budget meetings with club officers via Microsoft Teams to share screen and do video call

00:43:29Jeff Heiser

Eligibility question: I know that ACRA (Rowing) has extended eligibility for students by one year. Have other governing bodies made this decision to allow an extra year of competition?

00:43:30Jordan Leslie

I just emailed each club a link at their designated time. We had one video call with the committee that we stayed in all day.

00:43:52Amy Rask

We are now hosting an allocation packet tutorial on zoom that is optional. I will walk them through the entire packet and also record the zoom call for those who miss it.

00:44:06Tom Giles

Chad we use a separate meeting for each club and utilize the wait-room and "join before owner" feature

00:44:18Jeff Logsdon

We do our allocation hearing in February, however, we are a co-op institution so we had virtual presentations via Teams at the University of Cincinnati.

00:45:25Jaclyn Gidley

Yes to partial refunds, as long as it’s fiscally responsible.

00:45:28Andrea Snead

After speaking with our Executive Board last week they wanted to connect with the students and we will be having our elections this evening with our students. We are finding that they want to see each other and connect as an officer group

00:45:52Meg Tully

At Cal, we record the Sport Club Officer meetings via Zoom, and then send it out to the entire officer list serve as well. We also have PDF quick reference guides that we send out with our Projected Budget Excel workbook that each team must complete. Funding (very limited) is attached to Tier. We are leaving it up to each team's leadership if they would like to process refunds. As long as they have the funds, we will process the requests

00:45:54Travis Lankford

at UTA we have 23 clubs and we are trying to avoid issuing refunds since they had a half semester and most were just about finished

00:45:57Sarah Hawkins

Each club can decide on their own if they want to refund partial dues (we are on quarters so our whole spring quarter is canceled)

00:46:30Laura Shively

Arkansas- 27 clubs; Not refunding unless dues were collected for cancelled travel (i.e. dues to go to nationals)

00:46:59Samantha Wary

Central Washington refunds are decided by the officers of each team. A majority decided to credit the dues towards the Fall. We only have one team refund the dues since a majority of the members are graduating.

00:47:13Jeff Logsdon

Cincinnati-- processing any payment for service or refund that was part of travel or competition before closure

00:47:27Jeff Heiser

UC Davis, 39 Clubs. Each club is making their own decision based on their current finances if they are going to refund, pro-rate or credit next year’s dues.

00:47:28Amy Rask

Univ of Denver - 29 clubs, 1000 members. Once budgets fully close, we will look into refunding partial dues for clubs who were significantly impacted and have the funds to allow us to safely do it. Will likely only impact 15-20% of clubs. Examples of clubs likely impacted would be Baseball, Rowing, Women's Lax, etc.

00:47:39Brie Krug

28 teams at Montclair State, refunding (for seniors, rolling into next year for returners) or just wiping spring dues for some teams. While others are responsible for lower amounts based on what they've spent so far, others overspent in the fall and owe their spring dues still.

00:47:47Caitlin Sommers

Western Washington University:25 Clubs Quarter School refunding based on officers requests mostly for clubs who had members already pay spring dues

00:47:49Adam Shanley

Drexel University, 34 teams, 1300 participants- We are doing refunds on a Club by Club basis. We have online dues, so working with our IT department to refund for Clubs that request it. If they paid their dues in cash we are not allowing refunds right now

00:47:49Andrea Snead

UCF - We have suspended all requirements for our tiers, however we are not holding clubs accountable for mot completing them but those who have completed them they will be rewarded because in actuality they've had since September to complete requirements.

00:47:49Merrissa Vault

At the University of Miami we have 45 club and about 1,200 athletes. We are are allowing the club officers to make the decision if they plan to refund dues. Baseball is currently our only club deciding on refunding partial dues.

00:48:16Chad Zimmerman

UT Austin: Authorized Representatives determine refunds. We work with IT for online payments and Accounting for cash/check.


Banquet Question: What are you all doing to celebrate teams and athletes at the end of the year, since we most likely will not be able to gather together in person?

00:49:32Jason Moran

At USC, 50 clubs, we are leaving it up to clubs if they wish to refund dues to members. We have encouraged them to discuss potentially rolling over this semester's dues to next fall to club members that are planning on returning to reduce the number of reimbursements that the clubs need to process.

00:49:50Mario Rios

Texas State 35 clubs: Each club is deciding their own refunds of clubs.

00:49:52Jeffrey Hares

We are still doing our awards, but instead of a physical banquet, we’re posting on our social media honoring the award winners!

00:50:07Jacob Crawford

At High Point University we have 34 clubs 650 athletes. The university is currently looking at partial refunds for underclassmen and potentially full refunds for Seniors.

00:50:30Andrea Snead

UCF - 44 clubs, 3,000 students; each club handles their own membership/league dues for their members.

00:50:31Jacob Crawford

Also looking at crediting the students that come back and play the next year.

00:50:53Andrea Snead

UCF - the Executive Board would like to move forward with awards and putting together the banquet video

00:51:32Emily Charnowski

At Boston College we have 27 teams and are also leaving it up to each club to determine refunds for dues. Most teams are choosing not to process refunds and instead let remaining funds rollover to be used next year

00:51:44Garrett Larson

UWEC - 29 clubs - clubs handle their own dues. Some clubs are reimbursing dues to members on a prorated basis and if they still have funds within their allocation they can utilize that - otherwise they need to utilize their personal club bank funds

00:52:02Bailey Finocchio

Butler (26 clubs)- reimbursing spring dues if requested by club exec boards. So far only lacrosse and golf have requested spring refunds due to their entire spring seasons being cancelled.

00:52:27Jeff Logsdon

Cincinnati-- 44 clubs, 1500 athletes. University does not collect dues, the orgs do. Some are issuing refunds, some are not but are being made to follow constitution/bylaws

00:53:20Erin Sanders

App State is looking into offering budget points for administrative organization

00:53:37carson fenwick

UNLV: We started an Esports league with all the sports clubs (including our esports club)

00:53:44Greg Durham

I am at the point where we don't know what kind of budget we will be getting next year (allocated funds are given to us by student government to allocate out to clubs) how is anyone dealing with the uncertainty of how much you will have to allocate after all this is over

00:53:50Tom Giles

We have offered additional "Panther Points" for clubs that can donate masks to local hospitals and food to local food banks

00:55:20Austin Sanderson

AT WSU I give them an idea of wha they will be allocated but, % may change based on what budget we are given to allocate


Are there other topics you all would like us to prioritize at this time?

00:55:32Matt Kutz

I am in the same boat as Greg Durham where we do not know our allocation. If you are not sure of what your allocation will be for next year to pass out, how are you relaying that to your clubs and how are you planning for the Fall semester?

00:56:00Jaclyn Gidley

Ball State 29 clubs, officer elections need to follow their constitution. I’ll be reaching out to those clubs who are specifically going through a whole new board and set up virtual meetings to review what needs to be done right away. We were going to be switching to more online learning for our fall workshop as well.

00:56:00Samantha Gill

University of Illinois at Chicago - we have 23 clubs and we’re leaving it up to each team to determine refunds of dues. As of now, no team has decided to refund their club dues but instead roll that over to the fall semester. Additionally, we’re looking at moving their spring banquet to the fall semester as a welcome back celebration and combine it with our officer orientation that we already had planned. We will invite the officers that are graduating this spring to come back and attend as well

00:56:30Austin Sanderson

What kinds of officer/leader training are you all doing? We normally have training in the Spring but, that will not be option. Virtual or Fall trainings?

00:56:54Adam Shanley

Drexel we prepared a transition timeline that was sent out on Monday. They are required to have elections in the next two weeks if they have not already. We are allowing them to use google forms or zoom/skype. Scheduled finance and transition meetings during April which will be administered through zoom. We moved to online officer trainings last year through video quizzes and are looking to expand and improve those for the Summer.


What everyone is doing with regards to end of the year celebrations/awards.

00:57:38Shari Landmark

At SDstate we are just emphasizing to our clubs that the amount we have been previously allocated may take a substantial hit. On the admin side we are preparing a budget for 100% of last years allocation and 80% of our previous allocation.

00:57:40Jeff Logsdon

Our Club Sports Board is creating a Transitioning Leadership webinar that will be the required leadership event for April

00:57:44Jaclyn Gidley

For clubs who didn’t use all of their allocation dollars, are you rolling those funds over to the fall semester or next spring?

00:57:48Andrea Snead

UCF - Our trainings are the first week of the Fall and Spring semesters; prior to this we were already exploring what items we would do via a webcourse and what would be in person so luckily we were not impacted (at the moment) for trainings

00:58:12Wendy Sheppard

If anyone is transitioning to virtual officer training, are you using any specific training software to help ensure students are watching/listening to content?

00:58:13Marissa Canter

Austin: At Longwood we have done a Fall half day workshop for all club officers so we will continue that. For this semester we are encouraging officers to transition virtually and providing them a recourse packet.

00:58:16Michael Potter

at VCU we do not determine their allocation amount in the spring since we also do not know how much we are given until we return in the fall semester. What the council does is review their requests to see if a club justifies their total request and plugs that number into a spreadsheet. That spreadsheet spits out a number based on % of total requests based on how much we are awarded

00:58:17Mitch Wiltbank

At Oregon State, we are continuing all our club meetings and trainings via zoom. And looking at additional trainings to help club officers/members with transitioning to the new reality

00:58:44Merrissa Vault

At the U we are encouraging our students to utilize google docs, zoom, or Engage (university platform) for officer elections. For transitions we plan on uploading specific video trainings on blackboard (how to request money, documents needed to travel, etc). The Fall we typically have a huge officer training, however we will look to do smaller and more intimate in-person trainings for each topic.

00:58:52Erin Sanders

Has anyone's campus talked about cutting the funding to the Club Sports program due to having to reallocate money across campus?

00:59:19Laura Shively

UARK has moved our three big trainings (Travel, fundraising, purchasing online). This allows for easier trainsitions throughout the school year. The trainings are available all year. We will offer a fall officers training.

00:59:52Andrea Snead

UCF - Our clubs are moving forward with their own elections via Zoom. Once this all happened I met with via zoom with all 44 clubs for a 1/2 hour each to check in and answer any questions they had. I encouraged them to have regular zoom meetings with their members to include officer transitions for those clubs that complete them in spring

01:00:15Chris Delaune


01:01:10Anna Bruning (Oregon State)

We have some required fall officer training modules on Canvas

01:01:30Adam Shanley

At Drexel we do blended trainings, there is an online component and an in-person training

01:01:52Chris Delaune

At UW, we are seeing funds reallocated within our department, that may impact our clubs, even for the rest of this year. And certainly it may be implemented as well for next year's budget depending on the percentage of our normal club allocation that we get.

01:01:53Austin Sanderson

Adam: what training do you do in person?

01:02:22Ben Strunk

Erin - At NC State, we are not “cutting” funding necessarily, but we normally have a pot of money that builds up for National Contingency funding from unspent allocated funding that we are not awarding this year to offset budget deficits in the department due to the situation

01:02:32Jarrode Davis

Ohio state: Returning Coaches may opt to do a virtual voiced over PPT with a quiz they must pass with >85%.

01:02:39Adam Shanley

We do more leadership development, ethics in Club Sports and practical training. It is a great opportunity to have them come prepared with questions or things they do not understand.

01:03:37Jeff Logsdon

We do 2 big trainings (fall and winter) and then leadership events each month

01:04:05Michael Potter

VCU records a video of our officer training and posts them to our youtube channel for officers to access throughout the year or for those students who are unable to attend the training because of not being on campus, have another job, etc. Officers are incentivized to attend as they earn tier points for coming in person.

01:04:09Thomas Verrico

Does anyone do virtual coaching trainings??

01:04:19Gabby Sokol

University of Mississippi does blended trainings for Safety Officers and are moving to do this with transition training (in works before COVID-19)

01:04:54Brandon Corley

Florida State - We moved to online training for all of our hard skills this past year but continue to meet once a month to check in with clubs on an individual level then twice a semester as a program.

01:05:43Travis Lankford

we are using Microsoft Teams to connect with each group

01:06:04Garrett Larson

Connecting w/ clubs:

01:06:23Jeff Logsdon

Using Microsoft Teams as well for our Club Sports board liaisons to connect

01:06:26carson fenwick

Taekwondo did a demonstration for our instagram live for a fun workout

01:06:30Domonique Dunn

We've been reaching out via Zoom to clubs to help them brainstorm ways to maintain their community from afar

01:06:45Jeff Logsdon

trying to do a social media challenge where clubs can when funding for apparel

01:07:22Garrett Larson

Connecting with clubs via individual zoom meetings, allowing them to submit social media challenges (tick shot, etc.) to submit to our points system, as well as sport showcase videos

01:09:28Jay McKendall

Has anyone heard about spring dues refunds from National Governing Bodies?

01:09:36Greg Durham

Great question, @Jay!

01:09:48Samantha Wary

NCCGA refunded our golf team dues.

01:10:08Jeff Logsdon

All the students have told me the governing bodies are "working on it"


NCVA refunded volleyball dues


*entry for national tournament

01:11:06Jeff Logsdon

That is good to know, Laura. I was worried because of the amount that was paid.

01:11:21Mario Rios

CWPA is still working on getting refunds to teams from last I heard.

01:11:23Sarah Hawkins

CWPA mentioned refunds, didn’t they?

01:11:25Jaclyn Gidley

Any idea about NCBA?

01:11:28Bailey Finocchio

Butler: Flight refunds- Airlines gave a credit to the individual on the ticket. Those members need to pay back the club for their ticket or if they are returning members they can save their credit and use for a fall event if possible.

01:11:34LAURA Whiteley

Thanks! I was waiting to hear on volleyball as well

01:11:49Caitlin Sommers

Last I heard from NCBA they were hopeful they could push back season - so no decision was made yet...

01:11:58Laurel Hanna

I believe NCBA/NCSA still thinks they’re going to hold their world series - has anyone heard that it has been actually canceled?

01:12:30Greg Durham

@Laurel - Creighton is a host for an NCBA Regional. They're still planning on having it in Omaha.

01:12:42Jerrell Kelly

Not sure about NCBA. I know for NCBBA they didn't make their cancel decision until today for National Championships

01:12:42Chris Gormley

I was going to speak up about flights, but we have had flight issues previously. Our current policy is that flights have to be funded by students individually for each trip. In this circumstance, their flight credit staying attached to them works out perfectly for us.

01:12:43Matt Kutz

I would not hold your breath on a decision to refund from NCBA. We have reached out to them and keep getting blown off.

01:12:44Adam Shanley

NCBBA- Their basketball association cancelled their National Championships today. I would assume they are waiting to cancel baseball and softball

01:12:52Jay McKendall

Wyoming: We were instructed to create a business account with the airline and have been working with them to get the credits to our account and not the individual students/club


end of the year celebrations?

01:13:47Andrea Snead

Matt - the NCBA is definitely dodging me as well

01:14:54Amy Rask

How are others getting team-owned apparel/equipment back from students? The shutdown was during exams/spring break, so no way to connect with them in person to get stuff back.

01:14:56Megan Guilfoyle

UCI - we’re doing a logo contest to design next year’s club t-shirt, then doing an Instagram vote so everyone can get involved

01:15:10Tom Giles

I 2nd Amy's question!

01:15:12Jordan Grindeland

@Amy ^^^

01:15:38Tom Giles

Students are not even allowed on our campus until May

01:16:49Jaclyn Gidley

1 of our clubs shipped their apparel to them if they delivered them to their apartment, and then reimbursed whoever paid for the shipping

01:16:59carson fenwick

YOUTUBE LIVE and then everyone sends a social media post of their premier (red carpet) outfit while we watch a highlight video for the year

01:17:05Daniel Gardner

W&M is running an end of year award show via Zoom

01:17:23LAURA Whiteley

University of the Pacific- we were able to get some things back, when students were moving out, for some of those that couldn't return uniforms we plan on instructing them to mail it back and if they ask we will just cover the postage. we are a small school so that won't be too big of an expense

01:17:49Jacob Crawford

@Amy what we are doing at HPU is having them mail it back to us and providing labels for them through our schools mail office. If they don't return it then we put a hold on their account until we do. Obviously we may lose some items but this is what we do for pretty much all of our gear that is purchased from the schools budget.

01:18:19Jerrell Kelly

I'm trying to coordinate with as many of our clubs as possible and trying to set up with them a way to essentially drop them off if they can at our Complex, but that's the biggest challenge we're facing

01:19:38Valentyn Potapenko

UW-Milwaukee will wait to see when the facility will open back up and will schedule equipment check in times every day. Those hours will be staffed by our Program Assistants.

01:19:53Bailey Finocchio

Butler-we are waiting on res life to make the decision on a move out date and hope to have a club sports equipment/uniform drop off on that day. If not, we are placing the responsibility on returners to bring it back in the fall and if they don’t they are responsible for paying replacement costs. Those not returning, we are asking to mail it in.

01:20:04Juliana Frigerio

How are Outdoor Program Areas tackling this issue, maybe?

01:21:37Bob Gough

Coordinate with Res Life.. when students are allowed back to get their stuff, they need to drop the club stuff back at the Rec.

01:21:39Greg Durham

Man, I don't want to bother res life right now. It's a tough time to be a res life pro right now

01:22:20Bob Gough

All you need is the date from Res Life. It's not another burden on that staff.

01:24:22Andrea Snead

Great work Laura thank you for facilitating!

01:24:22Laura Shively

Spending allocated Club Sport funds before the end of the fiscal year (doesn't roll over)

01:24:47Randall Ford

Chad Z!!!

01:24:55Jessica Coleman

Same question as Laura. Innovative ideas to spend down funding.

01:24:57LAURA Whiteley

2nd that from laura Shively

01:25:14Tom Giles

3rd that

01:25:41Laurel Hanna

Who told Randall about this???

01:25:58Adam Shanley

I am looking into paying for graduation stolls for seniors, Drexel is postponing graduation to the fall so hopefully they will come back to campus to walk

01:26:28Michael Potter

Thanks for hosting Laura!

01:26:32Colton Scott

Thank you!

01:26:35Adam Shanley

Thanks Laura!

01:26:38Travis Lankford

thank you!

01:26:39Crystal Dooley

thank you!

01:26:39Merrissa Vault

Thanks Laura and team!

01:26:40Amy Rask

Thank you!

01:26:40Crystal Durham

thank you, Laura!


Thanks for sharing. Take care!

01:26:41Trevor Brunet

Thank you

01:26:41Laura Shively


01:26:42Matthew Nuesell

Great job, thanks for doing this!

01:26:43Bob Gough

Thank you Laura!!!

01:26:43Samantha O'Brien

Thank you from Oregon State!

01:26:43Juliana Frigerio

Thanks Content Experts, nice job!!

01:26:43Anna Bruning (Oregon State)

Thank you :)

01:26:45Jacob Walker


01:26:47Bailey Finocchio

Thank you!

01:26:47Mario Rios

Thanks to all!

01:26:49Sarah Hawkins


01:26:50Jeffrey Hares

Thanks y'all!

01:26:52Nicole Jackson

Thanks y'all!! Great call

01:26:52Roger Watson

Thank you!

01:26:53Merrissa Vault

See y’all at 8pm for Quarantine Trivia!

01:26:54Emma Kirker

Thanks from UC Irvine!


thank you for hosting! I hope everyone is able to say safe and healthy

01:26:58Bailey Kenney



thank you for hosting! I hope everyone is able to say safe and healthy

01:26:58Bailey Kenney


01:26:53Merrissa Vault

See y’all at 8pm for Quarantine Trivia!

01:26:54Emma Kirker

Thanks from UC Irvine!


thank you for hosting! I hope everyone is able to say safe and healthy

01:26:58Bailey Kenney


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