Coming to you from the newly expanded Hamel Recreation Center on the beautiful University of New Hampshire campus, I spend a few minutes this month talking about the online and local professional development opportunities that I’ve been able to take advantage of this fall. What have you been doing this fall to strengthen your core competencies? You can send me your professional development selfies on Twitter @NIRSAPresident.

I also take a couple of minutes to introduce and discuss the bylaws amendment proposal that will come up for member vote in NIRSA’s upcoming 2017 elections. Check out this month’s President’s Notes video blog:

Humans of NIRSA

Also, my Humans of NIRSA series returns with a double feature this month, stemming from my participation in the Western Canadian Campus Recreation Conference. Check out my recent interviews with Peter Mumford, Associate Director for Campus Recreation at York University and Tanya Angus, Director of Recreation Services at the University of Manitoba.

Thanks for watching, and I invite you all to share your thoughts with me throughout the year by email or on Twitter—you can follow me on the @NIRSAPresident handle.

Campus Recreation Director at University of New Hampshire | NIRSA Profile

Stacey Hall, Ph.D., RCRSP, CRSS, is Campus Recreation Director at the University of New Hampshire and is a NIRSA Past President.