South Dakota State University is at the forefront of integrated wellness, an emerging trend in collegiate recreation

The need to create a culture of integrated wellness is emerging on college campuses as both a new concept and a re-imagining of traditional recreation offerings. Leading facilities often encompass preventive as well as reactive services including student health, counseling centers, and programming designed to appeal to historically-underserved populations.

The trend extends beyond facility design and […]

NIRSA is thrilled to partner with FLITE Soccer

The Association is pleased to announce that FLITE Soccer is now a new NIRSA associate member! On top of that, FLITE Soccer has become the official soccer ball for the NIRSA National Championship Series.

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NIRSA Championship Series flag football has kicked off

NIRSA Championship Series flag football has started up once again. Following the regional tournaments, the NIRSA National Flag Football Championships will take place in Pensacola, Florida from January 6–8.

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Check out volunteer opportunities with the NIRSA Championship Series

Whether you’re a student or campus rec professional, the Championship Series offers excellent opportunities for personal and professional growth. There are currently a wide variety of staff positions available with the NIRSA Championship Series.

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Let’s gear up for the Fearsome Four round of the 2016 Fall Frenzy

Tune into the Fall Frenzy from October 25–26 to see who moves forward into the next round and even closer to the Championship title and the legendary Golden Spokes trophy!

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New Members—October

Join us in welcoming our new professional, student, institutional and associate members who are now part of the NIRSA community. The following members joined NIRSA as of October 19, 2016.

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Best practices in risk management—concussion awareness

Concussions can happen just about anywhere. See what SportRisk's Best Practices Program reveals about concussion risk management in campus recreation departments across North America.

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Present at the Career Opportunities Center

Are you knowledgeable in resume building or student development? Have you learned how to navigate a career path stretching from graduate assistant to collegiate recreation director?

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Nominations for the NIRSA Research & Assessment Award are due soon

The NIRSA Research & Assessment Award recognizes members who have made incredible contributions towards advancing collegiate recreation research.

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Nominate an amazing student for a William Wasson Award

Celebrate and recognize the students employed by your campus recreation department who consistently go above and beyond the call of duty.

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Apply for a 2017 NIRSA Creative Excellence Award

Consider submitting a Creative Excellence Awards application detailing your team’s incredible efforts in creating marketing and advertising materials.

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NIRSA lends its support to three new health and wellbeing initiatives

Recently, NIRSA signed its name in support of three new initiatives that align with our values. These include funding support for physical activity, increased focus on preventative health, and protecting the integrity of amateur competitions.

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Nominate someone for the flag football rule book dedication

Help us continue the tradition of dedicating the NIRSA Flag Football Rules Book to a person who has played a pivotal role in the development of flag football.

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The Electric Eight round of the Fall Frenzy is almost here

Last week, students, faculty, and staff from 16 colleges battled for miles on their Expresso Bikes in the Super Sixteen round of the 2016 Fall Frenzy Tournament.

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See which teams were selected in the 2016 NIRSA Soccer drawing

NIRSA used a live-stream lottery drawing to decide which teams would participate in the 2016 NIRSA National Soccer Championships Open Division.

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Longtime NIRSA member Stan Campbell is honored with student advocacy award

Longtime NIRSA member Stan Campbell has been honored with the inaugural Student Affairs Student Advocate Award from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

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Announcing the recipients of the 2016 NIRSA Research Grant Program

The Association is thrilled to announce the three recipients of grants from the NIRSA Research Grant Program. Two of the recipients received $10,000 grants while one received a $2,000 grant.

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October 19 #RecChat: “Social Justice and Campus Recreation”

This month’s #RecChat features a Google Hangout with a number of NIRSA leaders including NIRSA President Stacey Hall, who will serve as moderator.

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Mark your calendar—registration for NIRSA 2017 opens soon

On November 1, log onto to register for the 68th NIRSA Annual Conference & Campus Rec and Wellness Expo.

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NIRSA’s annual Expo has a new name

In 2017, for the very first time, NIRSA 2017 attendees will have the chance to attend the Campus Rec and Wellness Expo!

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