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NIRSA Assembly’s Guide to Health & Wellbeing Resources

Campus Collaborations & Partnerships

Last Updated: July 6, 2018

Developing collaborative initiatives with partners is imperative to the successful integration of health and wellbeing promotion on a college campus.

This section focuses on providing examples of successful campus collaborations and partnerships.

The use of peer health educators and student-lead wellness programs have been broadly popular avenues to reach students and create pathways to wellbeing, but we’ve also included other examples of programs and services that focus on health and wellbeing.

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Suggested Resources

Skill development for difficult conversations

Moderating and guiding difficult conversations

Hot topics of today that often result in difficult conversations

Activities that can be applied to controversial/current topics to explore empathy, dialogue, and civil debate

For each activity it is suggested that you use the topic to run the activity and then end with the video. Using techniques to guide and create safe spaces for these activities is recommended.

  • TOPIC: According to results from a 2015 Gallup Poll centered around Religion and News, To be “truly American” eighty-nine percent polled think speaking English is critical to being “truly” American. Sixty-nine percent of people said belief in a higher being is a quality that makes you truly American. Fifty-eight percent of people polled believe you also have to be born in the United States to be “truly” American.

  • TOPIC: Our privileges (white, hetersexual, socieconomic, US Citizen, able body, male, body size) influence our ability to succeed in life?

  • TOPIC: It is impossible not to label people. Labeling people is normal. Labeling people is never acceptable. Labels are a natural result of our culture, identity, and self expression.

  • TOPIC: Has society lost the patience and skill to have a true face to face conversation without technology, abbreviation, or 140 characters?

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