“Work is love made visible.” –Kahlil Gibran

Man, it’s a hot one. Like seven inches from the midday sun. However, despite some record-breaking heat, if I could describe how summer is going overall, I would answer “smooth.” I’ve been able to spend more time with my family, accomplish some off-work goals, and, frankly, I’ve been able to sleep just a little longer than I normally do. I hope you’ve been taking advantage of the longer days, the warmer nights, and the vitality summer brings after such a long winter.

Work teams are heating up!

Much like the summer sun, our Championship Series crew is keeping the heat on its charges and goals for the year. The work team chairs have already begun meeting with their teams and working on improving some aspects of the Series—along with implementing new ideas and innovations that will advance the Series, reduce inconsistencies, and capitalize efficiency. Everyone has been upbeat and excited to move forward—and why wouldn’t they be? There are a multitude of opportunities to expand what we do for our participants and volunteers, and we have the teams to take advantage of these opportunities.

Speaking of our work teams, did you know that our Championship Series has ten of them that help oversee its operations? Maybe you want to know more about what they’ve been planning for the upcoming academic year. Well, say no more. Series Talk is back, and NIRSA’s favorite talking heads—Marty Dempsey and Dave Peters—have returned to continue bringing you updates on the hottest topics within the Series. You may have already seen the episode concerning our Club Basketball League. Now, you can learn about our Summer Summit in Columbus with the newest broadcast. I highly recommend you take the opportunity to watch the Series Outlook 2019-2020 broadcast and learn more about what we endeavor to do for the upcoming year. And, frankly, to marvel at the dedication these members have in making sure it all comes to fruition.

Burning with desire to volunteer

In the book Serve to Lead, James Strock presents the Four Questions of 21st Century Leadership:

  • Who are you serving?
  • How can you best serve?
  • Are you making your unique contribution?
  • Are you getting better every day?

Volunteerism and the ability to create and contribute to something greater than yourself provides opportunities for personal and professional growth. I’m proud that the Championship Series has a deep-rooted basis in this aspect. We have so many talented individuals within our membership, and each one brings something positive to the table. We’ve been fortunate to have so many of those people lend their time and energy to help grow the Series at all levels—and, in turn, be able to develop their talents further and bring their newly-acquired skills and confidence back to their departments and programs. Thanks to these tireless efforts, our labor of love has been commented on time and time again by our athletes and officials. The gratitude is there, and our work has been deeply appreciated.

This year, the Championship Series has opportunities abound once again as our volunteer positions will open up at the regional and national level for our soccer and flag football tournaments—as will a number of workshops and clinics designed to improve the quality of officiating for student officials. I want to reach out and personally invite you to apply for a volunteer position, regardless of what department you work in within your campus recreation program.

There is a misnomer that only competitive sports professionals can benefit and contribute to these tournaments. Anyone can apply their talents and be a part of the Series. I also want to reach out to our veteran volunteers, the ones who have worked for years at these fantastic events. Let these newcomers have an opportunity to lead through service. There are leaders-to-be waiting in the wings, wanting that chance to develop. Let’s give them that chance, and let a tournament take off. Sometimes, the best way to lead is to let others lead. I’m certainly not saying to disappear, just call it a vacation.

We want to thank you all in advance for supporting the Championship Series with your efforts and volunteerism. Serving our participants and seeing the results of the love put into our programs is truly rewarding. We recognize that accomplishments and progress occur when we all come together, and it is humbling to experience.

“If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.” –Henry Ford


Director of Intramural Sports at Cornell University | NIRSA Profile

Scott Flickinger is currently the Director of Intramural Sports at Cornell University.