Abuzz with conference excitement

Join NIRSA President Stacey Hall for a few minutes as she shares what she is looking forward to most ahead of this year’s NIRSA Annual Conference & Campus Rec and Wellness Expo; and another installment of Humans of NIRSA.

Help lay the groundwork for another great year with NIRSA

Spend a few minutes with NIRSA President Stacey Hall to learn more about recent local NIRSA events and about upcoming opportunities to get involved with the Association in the weeks, months, and year ahead.

Members on the Move – December 2016

Congratulations to the movers and shakers within NIRSA who have recently changed jobs within the collegiate recreation profession!

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I’ve been everywhere

Maybe I’ve only been to four states in thirty days for the NIRSA Championship Series, but sometimes it sure felt like I’d traveled every road in this here land.

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Humans of NIRSA: Canada in motion

After spending 15 minutes with NIRSA members Chris Dawe, Heather Foster, and Jordan Bishop, I can assure you that Canada is most certainly in motion.

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What’s your professional development plan? And a double feature of Humans of NIRSA

Spend a few minutes with NIRSA President Stacey Hall to learn more about fall professional development opportunities and 2017 NIRSA elections. Plus a double feature of Stacey's Humans of NIRSA series.

Humans of NIRSA: Drew Loso and Madison Lewis

"I am very excited to share the story of two NIRSA members whose current working relationship at the University of North Carolina at Wilmington was formed through their roots 384 miles north in Harrisonburg, Virginia."

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Time to move on

"It requires wisdom to influence a person who controls a situation we would like to see changed. And it takes humility to accept when things don’t go our way."

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