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NIRSA Assembly

The think-tank for the future of collegiate recreation

The NIRSA Assembly is a forward-thinking leadership group focused on the future of collegiate recreation in “big picture” terms, rather than the daily operations of NIRSA as an organization.

NIRSA Assembly

Made up of NIRSA professional and student members, as well as non-NIRSA members, the Assembly is an important mechanism for germinating new ideas and shaping the future of collegiate recreation—on NIRSA member institution campuses and beyond.

Whether they are examining how to articulate the value of Campus Recreation or they are exploring collaborative relationships within higher education and the recreation industry, Assembly members enjoy vetting ideas in highly participatory idea exchanges and desire to be catalysts for action and results.

Below you will find a number of resources and ongoing discussions through which you can learn about the NIRSA Assembly’s recent and upcoming projects and share your thoughts.

How to Get Involved

The Assembly is comprised of individuals who enjoy vetting ideas in a highly participatory think tank and desire to be a catalyst for action and results. Energetic people with a broad working knowledge of the profession, a capacity to contribute to current and relevant topics, and/or strategic expertise who are committed to advancing the profession are encouraged to consider serving on the Assembly. Terms run from July 1 to June 30.

Assembly applications are currently closed. The application process will reopen again in the spring of 2018.

If you would like to suggest a topic related to the profession of collegiate recreation for discussion by your colleagues in the Assembly, please email it to

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The framework for the Assembly was developed and refined by the Assembly Work Team and Governance Transition Team, and approved by the NIRSA Board of Directors. The Assembly can expand up to a maximum of 30 people if additional individuals would bring specific knowledge regarding special topics or tasks.

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The Assembly continues to work to provide resources that will help advance collegiate recreation.