Get connected with a NIRSA Professional Member in your area of interest

Learn what it takes to be successful in collegiate recreation. As students, most of us have outstanding mentors with challenge, nurture, and encourage our career paths. In short, they help us push our boundaries. Why not converse with a mentor outside of your inner circle? Connecting with someone who has different experiences and a different perspective can be a valuable advantage in growing as a professional? Individuals in collegiate recreation often make the most of opportunities to be a graduate assistant or professional far away from where they went to college. That’s part of what makes our community so great.

As our profession’s members experience different places, cultures, and backgrounds, it’s important to start connecting with our larger community, beyond our own campuses.

shingles_stan-115“Mentoring is about building authentic relationships. The ability to connect on both a professional and personal level enhances this overall experience”.

-Stan Shingles, Mentor.

Kimmi Sterner“Without consistent, effective, genuine, and overall fun mentorship, I wouldn’t know what path would lead me to my ultimate goal and overall happiness on this crazy road map of life.”

-Kimmi Sterner, Mentee.

Here’s how the NIRSA Mentor Program works:

  1. Feel free to contact the NIRSA Student Leader for more information.
  2. Both parties will be notified once they are paired. The short biography included in your application will be sent to your mentor/mentee.
  3. The pair will receive a list of activities they can choose from.
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Spread the word! Please help us notify student members and nonmembers about this professional development opportunity. Know a professional who would make a great mentor? We want to know about them, too.

Grah_Jessica-115“Our weekly facetime discussions have been filled with so much passion for campus recreation and fitness! We will go into each discussion with a topic or even an agenda, but our love for what we do takes us on tangents through sharing personal inspirational stories, difficult conversations and talking through career paths. I’m always impressed by Angie’s enthusiasm to learn and also grateful for what she has taught me! I feel very fortunate to have been paired up through NIRSA’s Mentor Program.”

-Jessica Grah, Mentor.

Isernio-Angie-115“Each week I look forward to skyping with my mentor. We both are excited about sharing our experiences with each other and continue to learn from one another each time we talk. Having a mentor who has experienced the world of campus recreation and shares her great insight in a wide range of expertise has inspired me to pursue further goals with greater confidence. I am so thankful for her support and highly recommend becoming apart of the NIRSA Mentor Program.”

-Angie Isernio, Mentee.

The Student Leadership Team’s objectives with this program are to:

  • Provide professional development opportunities with individuals from different institutions
  • Increase participants’ confidence when interacting with people of different ages
  • Encourage participants to challenge, explore, and achieve new goals