Resources for Event Organizers

Scheduling a Speaker

Schedule a keynote or invited speaker for local NIRSA events

When scheduling speakers for NIRSA events, be sure to complete the following guidelines.

Send relavant information to potential speakers

Be sure to communicate with potential speakers at your local NIRSA event about the following:

  • Presentation topic ideas
  • Dates and times of presentations
  • Presentation length
  • Estimate of attendance
  • Request for honorarium/expenses information

In addition to your own networking and speaker searches, you can post calls for expert speakers through the various NIRSA Communities of Practice.

Confirm information with speaker

Your signed contract with invited or keynote speakers should detail:

  • Session title
  • Session date and time
  • Length of presentation
  • Detailed listing of responsibilities
  • Honorarium (if any) with due date
  • Expenses to be paid
  • SSN/Tax ID #
  • Comp details (hotel, etc)
  • Deadline for glossy black and white digital photo and bio
  • Communication deadline for AV needs
  • Date and location of on-site meeting with speaker (optional)
  • Deadline for outline of presentation
  • Deadline for copy of complete presentation
  • Written request for permission for session to be recorded

Materials to be provided to the speaker by the event planner

Before the event, be sure to provide your keynote or invited speaker with the following:

  • Online or printed promotional materials
  • Advance registration materials (if appropriate)
  • On-site contact list of staff (make introductions at the beginning of the event)
  • Room set-up information
  • Invitation to other sessions, receptions and meals (if appropriate)

Follow Up

After the event, remember to send a thank-you letter.