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NIRSA Policies

Resources for event organizers

Be sure to read these important NIRSA Policies.

NIRSA Corporate Sponsor Policy

The NIRSA Board of Directors passed the amended NIRSA Policy on Corporate Sponsorships for Regional and State/Provincial Conferences and Workshops June 2012. The policy applies to Regional and State/Provincial Conferences and Workshops in order to comply with IRS recommendations for good governance practices. Additionally, the Policy places oversight responsibility for Regional and State/Provincial Conferences and Workshops with the Regional Representatives, State Directors, and Host Committee Chairs.


NIRSA state/provincial/regional workshop hosts are permitted and encouraged to use the NIRSA logo under the following guidelines.

The names “NIRSA,” or “NIRSA: Leaders in Collegiate Recreation” and the NIRSA logos are the property of NIRSA: Leaders in Collegiate Recreation. The name and logo may be used by program planners who are NIRSA Members and who have prior approval to use the NIRSA name and/or logo from NIRSA. NIRSA Regional Representatives and State/Provincial Directors are permitted to use the NIRSA name and/or logo within their newsletters according to the guidelines outlined on this page. However, the use of the name, the acronym, or the logo by any person or entity who has not first gained approval from NIRSA is not permitted. NIRSA will exercise its legal right to protect its name and logo in the event either the name or the logo is used without prior approval.

NIRSA Alcohol Policy

At the June 2000 Summer Board of Directors Meeting, the following resolution was passed:

No NIRSA funds will be used to provide alcohol at NIRSA sponsored/endorsed activities. It is strongly recommended that no free alcohol be provided at any NIRSA sponsored/endorsed event; this includes state/provincial and regional workshops. If alcohol is available, the event host accepts all liability. If alcohol is available either free or on a cash basis, strict enforcement of local liquor laws should always be followed. NIRSA promotes and endorses healthy lifestyle choices.

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Compliance

Include a section on your registration form concerning special requirements for persons with disabilities. Follow-up with those indicating a need to ensure required accommodations are met.

Information and technical assistance on the Americans with Disabilities Act can be found on the Americans with Disabilities Act website.

NIRSA Endorsement Definitions

Because there are both real and implied meanings associated with common terms used to designate the affiliation of two or more parties involved in a single venture, the following definitions were determined and approved by the Board of Directors.

Endorsed by NIRSA

Designates approval of the program’s purpose, organization, and goals by NIRSA (no further participation or involvement should be expected of NIRSA as an association unless otherwise arranged and approved in advance by NIRSA Headquarters).

NIRSA Sponsored

A NIRSA Sponsor is typically an Associate Member that has agreed to pay a fee or donate essential goods to support a specific event. Examples are a meal, a specific activity scheduled for the event, etc. Sponsorships generally provide substantial financial support.  More information can be found in theNIRSA Policy on Corporate Sponsorships.

Offered in Cooperation with NIRSA

Represents a willingness by all parties to combine efforts from initiation to conclusion for the mutual benefit of all participants.

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