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NIRSA Research & Assessment Salary Census Reports

Since 1987, NIRSA has surveyed its member base biennially to track and summarize salaries across professions in the field of collegiate recreation. With the support of the NIRSA Foundation, participation and results access is easier than ever. Members can now participate by simply using their NIRSA member log-in information to access the survey platform and answering a few key questions.

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Participate in the 2017 Salary Census – Informed Consent

By participating in the salary census, participants grant NIRSA permission to use their data to update NIRSA member profiles, to produce reports and/or for other purposes not yet identified. Personal, identifiable information will not be shared or presented in any format. All data will be reported in the aggregate and no data will be shared with third party vendors.

Results will be made available when a sufficient participation level has been reached. Access to data filtering is a benefit of institutional membership. To become an institutional member and gain access to the platform’s filters, click here to learn more about NIRSA institutional membership.

The Salary Census is currently down. Our benchmarking vendor is working to address the outage. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. For immediate assistance, please contact NIRSA Research Coordinator, Ruben Guzman.

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Previous Salary Census Reports

NIRSA Salary Survey 2015: A Survey of Salaries in Collegiate Recreation

NIRSA Salary Survey 2015: A Survey of Salaries in Collegiate Recreation

May 2015

The 2015 Salary report contains salary data for 20 job titles and is currently the most comprehensive collection of salary data for the collegiate recreation industry. Utilize our history of salary reports to evaluate the changes in salaries over time or review current salaries in NIRSA’s 2015 Salary Survey.

Download the MEMBERS-ONLY 2015 NIRSA Salary Survey