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NIRSA supports research conducted among its membership.

Endorsement and administrative support for surveys and other research projects involving the Association’s membership is guided by the NIRSA Research & Assessment Committee. Members may request access to NIRSA’s member database for research purposes via the following process:

  • Refer to the Research Request Requirements Policy, as well as the NIRSA Database Research Policy prior to crafting your formal request to access the member database.

  • Submit your formal request to the NIRSA research coordinator. The research coordinator will confirm the receipt of your request within 3 calendar days.

  • The research coordinator will forward your formal request documents to the NIRSA Research & Assessment Committee for review.

  • The committee will review the proposal, and submit their recommendations to the NIRSA research coordinator within 21 calendar days from the date of the submission.

  • The NIRSA research coordinator will submit the committee’s recommendations to the researcher within 30 calendar days of the formal submission.

Note: Researchers are required to provide an executive report, white paper, or slide presentation at the conclusion of their research that will be posted on NIRSA website.

Past NIRSA Sponsored Peer-to-Peer Research Projects

Dr. Deborah Shapiro
Georgia State University

Project: A Multi-Institutional Comparison of Barriers and Facilitators of Campus Adapted and Inclusive Intramural Sports Programming.

Mr. Jason Incorvati
University of Massachusetts Amherst

Project: Collegiate Recreation Professionals: The Relationship of Educational Pathways with Knowledge and Perceived Usefulness of Student Development Theory

Mr. Sean Basso
University of Tennessee, Knoxville

Project: The Final Rule of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA): An Exploratory Study into Compliance Strategies for Collegiate Recreation

Dr. Jill Sturts
Virginia Wesleyan College

Project: Professional Development Utilizing the NIRSA Core Competencies

Mr. Ryan Fetzer
San Francisco State University

Project: How Collegiate Recreation Programs Incorporate NIRSA’s Six Strategic Values Across the United States

Mr. Ken Baldwin
National Posture Institute

Project: Academic Degree Programs in Exercise Science

Mr. Mark Hoying
University of Dayton

Project: Intentional Design of Graduate Assistantships as Learning Experiences for Competency Development: A Content Analysis of Graduate Assistantship Postings in the Field of Collegiate Recreation

Dr. Brent Beggs
Illinois State University

Project: Perceived competencies of Entry- Level NIRSA Campus Recreation Professionals

Dr. Jill Sturts
Virginia Wesleyan College

Project: Perceived Importance and performance of NIRSA Core Competencies by Professionals in Collegiate Recreation Sports

Dr. Bob Brookover
Clemson University

Project: Exploring Campus Wellness Partnerships: An Importance-Performance Study

Mr. Adrian Shepard
Madison Area Technical College

Project: A Five-Year Comparison of High-Risk Behaviors in Collegiate Recreation: Overtraining and Eating Disorders
Recreational Sports Journal article

Ms. Michelle Wong
University of California – Los Angeles

Project: Non-Traditional Aquatic Programming at U.S. Institutions of Higher Education

Dr. Lance Kaltenberg
Ashland University

Project: Institutional Type and Campus Recreation Department Staff as a Mediating Factor for Diversity/Multicultural Training
Recreational Sports Journal article

Mrs. Erin Patchett
Colorado State University – Fort Collins

Project: Inclusive Recreation: The State of Campus Policies, Facilities, Trainings, and Programs for Transgender Participants
Recreational Sports Journal article

Dr. Nancy White
California State University – East Bay

Project: Profiles, Career Paths and Perceived Job Competencies of Female Recreation Directors in Higher Education

Mr. Aaron Kroth
University of Wisconsin-Madison

Project: New Professionals, New Desires: What Millennials Want in Their Work
Recreational Sports Journal article

Dr. Brad Stinnet
Western Kentucky University

Project: Sustainability and Recreational Sports Facilities: An Exploratory Study Regarding Levels of Institutional Adoption
Recreational Sports Journal article

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