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NIRSA Institutional Data Set
Supported by the NIRSA Foundation

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The NIRSA Institutional Data Set is a powerful, online benchmarking tool designed to give NIRSA members point-and-click access to current and relevant data on collegiate recreation facilities, programs, and services.

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Supported by the NIRSA Foundation

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The NIRSA Institutional Data Set (IDS), with the generous support of the NIRSA Foundation, offers members a user friendly platform to input and analyze data on collegiate recreation programs, services and facilities, as well as a myriad of ways to filter and compare across institutions. Full access to the NIRSA IDS is an institutional member benefit for both professional and student members. Members at nonmember institutions are able to enter their institutional data but have limited results capabilities in the platform. To update your institution’s membership and access the full potential of the platform’s capabilities, contact NIRSA Membership.


IDS Updates

Open now: The IDS is open for 2015-16 data collection. Login to start entering your institutional data. Data collection will remain open for 2014-15.

Available now: Full results capabilities are now available for both 2014-15 and 2015-16.

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The IDS will be closed for scheduled maintenance from September 6 through October 3. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Please contact NIRSA Research if you have any questions.

Instructional Webinar

This webinar will help you get started entering your data and previewing the results capabilities of this new and improved benchmarking and assessment tool.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have additional questions, please contact us.

The NIRSA Institutional Data Set is a powerful online benchmarking tool that provides NIRSA members access to current and relevant data about collegiate recreation facilities, programs, and services.
There are currently five categories of data collected:

  • Institutional Details
  • Programs & Services
  • Participation
  • Facilities
  • Operations

NIRSA began annually collecting aggregate data as the Institutional Data Set in 2011. The Institutional Data Set transitioned to a new and improved online platform in early 2016. Data entry for the 2014-2015 academic year is now open.  Question by question comparisons are now available and full results capabilities, including personalized dynamic reports, will become available soon.

All professional members can now login to the platform and enter data on their institution directly in the platform. Data is automatically saved within the platform, so different members with different expertise can access and enter data at different times. A minimum 50% of survey questions about an institution must be answered before members from that institution can access results capabilities when they become available.

Most of the content within your institution’s data set will remain in the Institutional Data Set from year to year. Institutions will be asked to review and update their data annually. Additionally, public data on your institution or in your institution’s NIRSA member profile has been be pre-populated, making the collection of complete data sets for each institution a more manageable endeavor.

Full access to the Institutional Data Set, including easy comparisons, filtering, and personalized reporting functions, is a benefit for NIRSA members (professional and student) at member institutions. Members at nonmember institutions are now able to input their institutional data and will be able to try out limited reporting features of the new platform.
It was becoming clear that the quantity and frequency of surveys being conducted by both NIRSA members and the NIRSA Headquarters was creating “survey fatigue” amongst members. Additionally, it was evident that a need to better communicate information in aggregate about all NIRSA member institutions was present. The creation of this data set should serve as a step forward in making data more accessible to all members.
The Institutional Data Set allows you to instantly access data to answer questions about other institutions, or to compare programs similar in size and scope. By having access to this type of information, this tool should help reduce the quantity and length of surveys conducted in the field of campus recreation, while also limiting the frequency of information requests currently experienced by many professionals.

Members are able to set query data on hundreds of institutions, set parameters around the data you want to see and filter out unnecessary information.

The Research and Assessment Committee has established an intentional, strategic schedule of data collection moving forward. Please see the NIRSA Research Schedule for details on project descriptions and timelines.
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For more information, please contact NIRSA Research.