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NIRSA Elections
NIRSA Elections

Candidate for Region VI Student Leader

Rachel Horras
Washington State University

Biography/Summary Resume

Rachel Horras began her journey in campus recreation at Arizona State University, where she obtained her Bachelors of Science in Parks and Recreation Management. At Arizona State, she worked as the Program Assistant for Special Events and the Student Coordinator of Facility Operations. Rachel became actively involved in NIRSA through attending and presenting at conferences and serving on numerous NIRSA Championship Series tournament committees. Through her four years working for Sun Devil Fitness, and her participation in various NIRSA events and leadership roles, she found her home was working in campus recreation. Upon graduation Rachel moved to Pullman, Washington where she currently serves as the Graduate Assistant for Facility Operations while pursuing a master’s degree in sport management.

Please provide a statement of your personal views on the role and contributions of collegiate recreation in higher education and the impact it has had on your personal development.

Collegiate recreation creates an environment that provides a place for students and faculty to build their best selves. The nature of collegiate recreation is focused on improvement, inclusion, and wellbeing. While attending, college students have the ability to create themselves and define who they are moving forward into their professional careers and adult lives. Collegiate recreation not only provides its patrons with a place to work out and be active, it provides them with a safe space to escape the pressure of higher education. It allows patrons the opportunity to explore new passions and become a successful individual. For me, and many other students, colligate recreation has become my comfort zone. The place where I am able to take risks and grow. This field has molded me into a strong leader with the confidence to conquer any challenge set in front of me. Collegiate recreation enhances higher education through providing opportunities outside of the classroom for students to grow mentally, physically, and professionally.

In describing your contributions to the Member Network, NIRSA, and the students, identify how your involvement and experiences meet the position criteria and qualify you to serve NIRSA in this role.

Being an active NIRSA member for almost four years, I have been involved in many opportunities offered by the Association. While at Arizona State I served as the Arizona State Student Leader, where I was able to engage with the Member Network to help plan the Region VI Student Lead-On. I was also able to engage with the student members within the State of Arizona to build the level of engagement amongst the student members. I have also served on several Region VI flag football tournament committees along with one Region VI basketball tournament committee. On top of my involvement with the NIRSA Championship Series, I have also attended multiple conferences, two regional conferences, one national conference, and one state conference where I had to opportunity to present on “Student-Led Student Development.” My wide variety of experience has helped me build a strong network and has made me qualified to serve NIRSA in this role. I have been able see many aspects of the opportunities that the Member Network provides to the members. I believe that my past experiences and involvement as a NIRSA student member provides me with an understanding of how the NIRSA Member Network operates, and I will be able to use this understanding as the Region VI Student Leader to enhance the opportunities and experiences for other members.

As a Student Leader of NIRSA, you have the opportunity to leave a lasting impact on the field of collegiate recreation. What skills, talents, and perspectives would you bring to the Student Leadership Team?

I have considerable and valuable knowledge in the field of collegiate recreation. Through my experiences and involvement on committees and various positions of employment, I have gained substantial leadership and management skills. I have actively led and participated on various student development committees at both Washington State and Arizona State. My passion for the field motivates me to stay educated in current trends relating to recreation programming. I believe that I would bring an excitement to collaborate and grow the NIRSA Student Member Network. My self-motivation and determination to succeed enables me to quickly learn new skills and adapt to new environment and challenges. I have personally witnessed how this association can mold great leaders and I want to use my voice to impact the field of collegiate recreation.

NIRSA Elections: Rachel Horras