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Project Description

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Government Affairs Committee

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PositionTermFirst NameLast NameCompanyEmail
Chair3rd Year MemberYvetteKellCenters, LLC at University of Missouri - St.
In-Coming Chair2nd Year MemberTBD
Member3rd Year Member (2018-2019)KatherineBirdsallIllinois State
Member3rd Year Member (2018-2019)
Member2nd Year Member (2018-2020)BillCrockettUniversity of Maryland
Member2nd Year Member (2018-2020)KoreyLaneNortheastern
Member2nd Year Member (2018-2020)MarkRitterUniversity of South Carolina –
Member1st Year Member (2018-2021)AlexAccettaPortland State
Member1st Year Member (2018-2021)RobPatchettColorado State University – Fort
Member1st Year Member (2018-2021)JacobTingleTrinity
Student Member(2018-2019)ChanceRyonBelmont
NIRSA Headquarters LiaisonNIRSA Headquarters MemberErinO'SullivanNIRSA

2018-2019 NIRSA Board Appointed Committee Charges

Government Affairs Committee

  1. Actively scan for and surface relevant issues related to public policy/legislation that impact collegiate recreation and our expanding role in higher education.
    1. Create a policy agenda – in accordance with Active Policy Solutions (APS)’s broader policy agenda for SAHEC.
    2. Create procedures for active scanning that can guide future committees. This can include where to monitor, what to look for, how to communicate local/state/regional needs, etc.
  2. Prioritize communication – to members and back to the Association. Educate members about these issues and on any appropriate resources or avenues of action they may take in response or preparation.
    1. Determine effective procedures for including information in the NIRSA Know
    2. Determine effective procedures for communicating at the regional/state levels including regional newsletters and regional presentations
    3. Generate and evaluate additional opportunities and pathways for communication – to include, but not limited to, formalizing a process of working with state representatives to communicate local issues to the committee and to help disseminate communications from the committee to local members
  3. Make recommendations to the Board on appropriate action to be taken on issues of more pressing and/or immediate concern and formulate the Association’s response or position as directed by the Board.
    1. Create procedures for what this process should look like, allowing for time-sensitive contingencies
  4. Utilize and keep active the discussion forum and resource library within the Policy & Legislation Community of Practice on the NIRSA website as a means of sharing information, resources, and updates to help members stay on top of public policy/legislative issues; encourage members to share resources from their own campuses and experiences.
    1. If this library is not the best place for these things, suggest outlets/methods that could be better, begin implementation, and evaluate outcomes
  5. Submit presentation proposals for the NIRSA Annual Conference (and any other NIRSA events the committee sees fit) on ways in which members can become more educated and stay current on policy and legislative issues on their own campuses and in their local states and communities.
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