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Project Description

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Conference Program Committee

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PositionFirst NameLast NameDesignationCompanyEmail
ChairBeckyToddUniversity of Arkansas
Chair-electWalterKolisGeorgia Institute of Technology
ConsultantDemondPryorUniversity of Toledo
MemberJustinAndersonUniversity of Virginia
MemberJamesArchibaldValdosta State University
MemberCynthiaBarnettMissouri State University- Springfield
MemberRyanBradshawGeorge Mason University
MemberMarkCragerUniversity of Southern Mississippi
MemberKostiEfstathiouSonoma State University
MemberMarcFalkensteinUniversity of the Pacific
MemberHeatherFosterColorado State University-Fort Collins
MemberJillianHarperEast Stroudsburg University of Pennsylvania
MemberAshleyLaxUniversity of Wisconsin- Madison
MemberA'NajaNewsomeUniversity of South Florida
MemberKathleenObuszewskiCase Western Reserve University
MemberKimRottetCENTERS, LLC At Cleveland State University
MemberKurtSchooleyThe Ohio State University
MemberWilliamSingletonOakland University
NIRSA Headquarters MemberKristenGleasonNIRSA HQ


2017-2018 NIRSA Board Appointed Committee Charges

2018 Annual Conference Program Committee

NIRSA Annual Conference & Campus Rec and Wellness Expo


Based on an agreed upon plan and process with the NIRSA consultant, the committee contributes to the development of all educational components of the event.  It is expected that members of this committee attend the Annual Conference with institutional or other financial support.


NIRSA strives to be the primary resource of continuing education for collegiate recreation professionals throughout their careers.  The Association’s goal is to offer learning opportunities that are designed to support professionals’ growth in NIRSA Core Competencies and to help connect collegiate recreation professionals world-wide.

NIRSA Annual Conference & Campus Rec and Wellness Expo is one of several learning events within the Association’s portfolio. To plan and execute relevant and transformational educational experiences for members, NIRSA relies on the engagement of our members to serve as subject matter experts and to provide event planning support. Members of the Annual Conference Program Committee specifically serve to support the development and execution of the Annual Conference’s education plan.

Strategic Goal & Objective(s)

Goal I, Objective 1: Increase opportunities for communication and networking among members.

Goal III, Objective 2: Increase the professional competencies of members to be leaders and/or catalysts within higher education.

Goal III, Objective 3: Analyze, adjust and/or expand educational offerings to meet the professional development needs of collegiate recreation professionals at all levels.

The committee is expected to work across the Association to complete these charges.  Many committees may have some overlap with other committees and are encouraged to reach out to other groups to connect the work.  Additional charges may be presented to the committee, or by the committee, during the year as new initiatives arise.

Overview of Charges


  1. Chair will attend appropriate face to face and teleconference meetings to exchange information at various stages in the process and as needed based on issues.
  2. Committee members will attend a committee orientation videoconference (April), as well as any meetings called by the Chair.
  3. Assess needs for 2018 Annual Conference Program by reviewing conference evaluations and getting feedback from 2017 chair team and committee members.
  4. Establish working protocol and distribution of work interest areas for operations of the program committee.
  5. Based on direction from the NIRSA Board, implement any recommended topic or competency areas based on the Association’s education priorities, strategic value areas, or emerging issues.


  1. Based on the Association’s education priorities, Assembly recommendations and 2017 program, determine needs for pre-conference workshops.
  2. Define process for recruitment of preconference workshops via the proposal process or solicitation.
  3. Work with NIRSA HQ to establish time and space needs for each of the preconference workshops.
  4. Work with NIRSA HQ to ensure preconference workshops have completed and submitted program forms within the established deadlines.
  5. Work with preconference coordinators to assist in securing any invited speakers.


  1. Committee members will serve as reviewers during the peer review process.
  2. Liaise with NIRSA HQ staff regarding content of online proposal form for education sessions and poster presentations.
  3. Ask Communities of Practice (COP) Conveners to encourage through their discussion groups, submissions of proposals. Work with NIRSA HQ and convener of COPs to identify active discussion contributors to assist in reviewing proposals in their COP area.
  4. Recruit quality presenters across all competency and topic areas through personal contact.
  5. Recruit, through the Communities of Practice and other appropriate NIRSA stakeholder/leadership groups, teams to serve as peer reviewers. Peer reviewers are expected to provide constructive critique of and rank the presentation proposals.
  6. Review all recruited and submitted proposals and their rankings from the review teams and select those to be included in the conference program. Forward the accepted and declined lists in accordance with established deadlines.
  7. Recruit additional presenters for areas that may be in need of more content after educational session proposal deadline.
  8. Work with NIRSA HQ staff regarding the overall conference schedule; serve in a consultant role as NIRSA HQ slots sessions into the daily presentation “grid” of rooms/times.
  9. Determine which sessions have a need for a session monitor; design and execute session monitor recruitment plan; schedule and confirm monitor schedule; manage all communication with session monitor team prior to the event and on-site.
  10. Review responsibilities of session monitors and update annually.
  11. 2018 Chair to travel to and participate in June site planning meetings with NIRSA HQ staff. 


  1. Review possible presenter materials and conduct research regarding potential keynote and other invited speakers.
  2. Make recommendations to NIRSA HQ staff within budget parameters for keynote and other invited speakers.
  3. Remain in communication with NIRSA HQ staff relative to securing invited speakers and budget status in accordance with established deadlines and logistical paperwork.
  4. Engage with paid speakers for the purpose of educating them on campus recreation departments and professional/student staff so they can tailor their presentations to our audience.


  1. Liaise with NIRSA HQ staff regarding content of poster presentation proposal form.
  2. Liaise with COP Conveners and colleagues to recruit proposal submissions.
  3. Review submitted proposals and select those to be included in the program; forward accepted and declined lists to NIRSA HQ staff. This may be done with a review team selected by the Program Committee Chair or Committee.
  4. Assign a committee member to work with the poster presenters at the Annual Conference during set-up and take-down.


The Program Committee is responsible for recruiting, coordinating, and serving as on -site contact for volunteers serving in the roles below. Program Committee Chair will appoint 1-2 committee members to oversee the execution of following charges:

  1. Session Monitors-Program Committee will recruit and assign sufficient number of volunteers to serve as session monitors.
  2. NIRSA Education Table –Members of the Program Committee will serve as volunteers at the NIRSA Education table.


Engage in a debrief meeting to review evaluation, providing feedback to the Chair to include in their debrief document.


What have you experienced at other conferences that you have liked?  What could we do to make NIRSA learning events more engaging/efficient/transformational?

During their term of service, members of the Conference Program Committee are encouraged to explore and share new ideas with the group to consider. While it may not always be possible to fully take action on new ideas during the current event year of one’s service, your thoughts and proposals could spark long term innovation.

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