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Project Description

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Career Services Center Committee

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PositionFirst NameLast NameDesignationCompanyEmail
ChairOwenMcFaddenFurman University
ConsultantJonRandleUniversity of Kansas
MemberToddBowyerRoanoke College
MemberAlenaColbornVanderbilt University
MemberSarahDaughertyEastern Illinois University
MemberGregoryDurhamCreighton University
MemberBerkleyHenshawUniversity of Virginia
MemberDanielLawrenceUtah State University
MemberKaitlynRichardsUniversity of Southern Mississippi
MemberLisaWilliamsonUniversity of Georgia
MemberEmilyDavidsonUniversity of Missouri-St Louis
NIRSA Headquarters MemberMeganGranholmNIRSA HQ

2017-2018 NIRSA Headquarters Appointed Committee Charges 

Career Services Center Committee

Description: The Career Services Committee works with NIRSA Headquarters to plan and facilitate NIRSA’s Career Services Center (CSC). Open at each year’s Annual Conference, the CSC is a resource center which provides advice and opportunities to professional and student members looking to jumpstart their careers. To ensure the success of the CSC, this committee reviews past evaluations and makes recommendations for improvements in the coming year. Committee members also serve as a volunteer staff for the center during the Annual Conference.

Strategic Goal & Objective(s)

Goal I, Objective 1: Increase opportunities for communication and networking among members.

Goal I, Objective 2:  Increase opportunities for engagement with other relevant organizations.

Goal III, Objective 1: Increase participation in training and professional development programs.

Goal III, Objective 3: Analyze, adjust and/or expand educational offerings to meet the professional development needs of collegiate recreation professionals at all levels.

Committees are expected to work across the Association to complete their charges.  Many committees may have some overlap with other committees and are encouraged to reach out to other groups to connect the work.

Additional charges may be presented to the committee, or by the committee, during the year as new initiatives arise.

2017-2018 Charges:

  1. Evaluate the current and future state of the COC and recommend strategic revisions as appropriate.
  2. Review evaluations from the 2016 COC; recommend changes for the 2017 COC based on feedback.
    1. Any changes to the current structure of the COC that would have budgetary implications will be proposed to the NIRSA HQ committee member by June 30, 2016 so that budget proposals can be incorporated into the 2017 budget process.
  3. Attend the 2017 Annual Conference and commit to volunteering in the COC.
  4. Recruit COC volunteers prior to the conference. Conduct training session for COC volunteers at the start of each shift at the Annual conference.
  5. Enhance and revise the COC and student/professional development resources on the NIRSA website:
  6. How to use the COC tutorial for candidates, employers, and institutions reserving presentation rooms.
  7. How to use tutorial for candidates and employers
  8. Re-develop the career enrichment information
  9. Re-develop the resume, interview & letter of application tips information
  10. Increase COC education sessions and extend member networking opportunities (e.g. meet & greets and organized mock interviews) to the regional and state levels.
  11. If a COC Committee member is unable to attend regional and/or state level conferences, he/she will appoint a representative to act in their place.
  12. Collaborate with the Student Professional Development Committee to assist with the Student Professional Development Pre-Conference Workshop as well as with career enrichment initiatives (e.g. conduct mock interviews, resume and cover letter reviews, and provide ‘How To’ resources and feedback to candidates and employers) at national, regional, and state levels.
  13. Assist with promoting and implementing NIRSA’s sustainability initiatives in COC operations
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