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Reopening Considerations for Campus Recreation

Recorded on Tuesday, June 30, 11:00am PT / 2:00pm ET

Facilitated by Greta Giese and members of the Reopening Framework Work Team

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Chat Transcript

00:30:11Teri Bladen

Hi Everyone! Nice to "Z" you!


Hi all!

00:31:16Ross Rodriguez - UT Austin

Happy belated birthday, Mary O!

00:31:37Mario Rios

Mary O!


Thanks Ross!

00:41:42Linda Gundrum

We appreciate that!

00:44:00Kyle Belback

What are people doing about shareable items? Yoga mats, basketballs, volleyballs, cornhole, etc


Given the surge in cases around the country, the state of Arizona closing gyms for 30 days and the case of a patron who tested positive in a commercial setting in West Virginia, has any higher education facility that has reopened experienced a “tested positive person” or had to re-close? What was the mitigation if there is a yes answer?

00:44:24Clint Jones

What are some of your universities doing with your rec facilities once a covid positive tested participant has been confirmed in the facility?

00:44:55Tricia Klassen UWinnipeg

UWinnipeg is removing those kinds of items as well

00:44:57Jason Darby

@Kyle - All equipment issue is suspended with the exception of towel checkout. Basketball/volleyball and informal recreation is suspended currently

00:45:17Kurt Schooley

@Kyle- Same here. No equipment checkout upon re-open.

00:45:53Willy Leparulo

In the programs part under club sports, can someone address the travel area? Club sports travel quite extensively and many Club sport NGB's require travel of their club programs. I represent the NCTTA (National Collegiate Table Tennis Association) as well as working in a University (FSU) and am curious on how Campus Rec is going to treat travel. Most Club sport NGB's that I have spoken with are VERY eager to know what Universities will do on this.

00:46:17Janira Calderon

For facilities that have opened, did you and your staff undergo a mandatory training that upon completion a certificate was given that can be provided to Department of Health?

00:46:22Kathryn Dunn

Does anyone have a portable on-deck shower for their pool? We are trying to find an option so that we can open the pool but not the entire locker room

00:46:25Andy Darling

Anyone who is using a reservation system for users to schedule workout time, how has it been to implement and how has it been received?

00:46:29Deirdre Reich

Are you requiring masks while doing cardio? Esp if you can space cardio at least 10' apart?

00:47:42Jason Darby

@Deirdre we have been back and forth with administration on that. We are stating it is mandatory in the facility for patrons to wear them and they are expected to wear them through the facility. If they are actively working out and pull it down during the activity we are allowing them to do so but not promoting it.

00:49:02Allie Bogard

@Deirdre we are open at Montana State. Only masks required through ‘screening area’ prior to controlled access/swipe in and then they are able to remove their masks.

00:49:03Michael Keyser - Chapman U

For facilities that have reopened - Are you requiring masks while doing cardio?

00:50:07Chad Flanagan

What is your plan or Universities plan if a participants/staff test positive to Covid? Is there a number of positive test in your facility that will force you to close?

00:52:43Cynthia Lally

Are any schools coordinating with intercollegiate athletics in order to figure out specific travel policies with Club Sports? Or is everyone considering them to be separate entitites?

00:53:11Kurt Schooley

Not planning to require masks (considering requiring masks for lifter and spotter when used)

00:54:06Greta Giese

We are highly encouraging masks but it is not required. Some are wearing them upon entry, but most are not wearing them to work out.

00:54:56Deirdre Reich

We are hoping to use Fusion for reservations and for capacity. We will have some limited hours but all that becomes more difficult when classes resume and have academic classes in our facility.

00:55:07Tricia Klassen UWinnipeg

We are using Fusion software for workout reservations as well

00:55:23Teri Bladen

Utah recently mandated masks required in state facilities, and we are requiring them. We are encouraging participants to monitor their exertion and staff are monitoring participants more closely for fatigue. This just happened, so we may have to adjust based on what happens.

00:55:27Ross Rodriguez - UT Austin

I’ve heard a reservation system is also an option through IMLeagues for those who use that system.

00:55:53Jeremy C - KU

KU has demo calls set up with Fusion and IM Leagues to explore these options for reservations. We're considering more so for group exercise classes and our climbing wall, and not currently for open recreation/independent exercise.

00:57:05Brittany Rejda

@Ross the RT earlier today people listed Fusion, RecTrac, IM Leagues, and Office 365 forms as reservation systems folks were using or considering using

00:57:07Clint Jones

I know that TAMU-College Station has used IMLeagues for their reservations. They stopped using it for the majority of the day as they weren’t meeting capacity and only use during peak hours now. 12pm and 5pm.

00:57:26Janira Calderon

For facilities that share their fitness center, weight room, gymnasium, multi-purpose room with academic classes, has your custodial staff been responsible for cleaning the facility before and after class/recreation sessions?

00:57:49Robert Simels

We are using Atleto for reservations

00:58:08Jeremy Chance - KU

60-minutes, I believe.

00:58:22Robb Bolton

We use Do Sports Easy (DSE) and they just added a reservation feature

00:58:33Willy Leparulo

Under club sports again, is there a master list that NIRSA members/Campus Rec looks at to decide which sport is more "dangerous" in the COVID era vs others? Of course I am biased, I am asking for my sport (Table Tennis) but am curious if there is a list. It says in the document Team sports vs individual sports. Will you be taking into consideration the NGB's information about COVID? Thanks again for the information.


We plan to use a reservation system through Fusion Go if/when we are able to open. The thing that is going to work for us in being allowed to re-open is that we will be able to participate in contact tracing. So we would know who what in the facility, when, and who else was there should a case be identified on campus.

00:59:23Michael Keyser - Chapman U

are any facilities adding ultraviolet light, air scrubbers or other technology to improve air quality indoors?

01:00:04Dean Bowen

Anyone looking at expanding hours to dedensify their facilities?, during the academic year...

01:00:13David Gaskins

At George Mason all staff and students will have to complete a university training for "safe return to campus"

01:00:18Chad Flanagan

It seems like the 25% capacity limits is common throughout NIRSA. Do you feel that number is appropriate? For the facilities that are open, have you had any issues with staying under the capacity limits? Have you had to turn many away?

01:00:29Robb Bolton

We purchased UV wands for the front desk at our fitness center to allow patrons to clean their cell phones upon entering the facility

01:01:12Teri Bladen

We don't have academic classes yet, but Facilities Management will be responsible for cleaning classrooms after classes.

01:01:52Deirdre Reich

We will have wipes at each classroom for students to wipe desk, chair etc.

01:02:07Dean Bowen

Our facilities team is responsible for the areas turned over for academics. However they will be dedicated as classrooms for the semester duration. This way there are reduced touch points and consistency in case of the need for contact tracing

01:02:15Amber Kavehkar

What is the planned reduction of hours of operation if in Phase 1, if any? For example, we are planning to reduce by an hour at closing and half hour at opening

01:02:27Teri Bladen

If someone on hrly staff presents with symptoms, they are taken off the schedule for 2 weeks or until they can present a negative test.

01:02:29Gillian McDonald

Is there any CDC guidance(or perhaps guidance from your state) on capacity for indoor spaces per square foot? (I.E fitness center, bball courts)- spaces where there is heavy breathing and maximum aerosols released. Or is the recommendation to keep 10 feet apart

01:05:37Robb Bolton

CA and Los Angeles County Public had recommended a minimum of 6 ft between patrons and 8 ft if they are doing group fitness or high exertion activity. We are erring on the side of caution and going with 10 ft so in our facility we are accounting for 100 sq/ft per user to calculate our capacity

01:05:42Andy Darling

State of WV stipulates 40% of the Fire Marshall occupancy limits. If we had that number at any one time, it would set records. We're planning to limit it much more.

01:06:17Kenny Coppedge

Are any programs planning on opening climbing walls? What are some of the specific protocols being adopted? Climbing shoe rental? Roped climbing?

01:07:08Andy Darling

Morgantown is in WEST Virginia by the way. That was Planet Fitness that had a positive case. There case is helping us to argue for purchase of and installation of exit scanners.

01:08:09David Gaskins

Here is the article I just talked about

01:08:12Tricia Klassen UWinnipeg

Hi Greta I was wondering in your locker rooms are in the facility and what are others planning?

01:08:21David Podschun

@Andy I was about to ask a question about that, has anyone else been asked to use or is using exit scanning for capacity and/or contact tracing?

01:08:32Deirdre Reich

If staff are wearing masks and washing hands it really should minimize exposure

01:09:32Kathryn Dunn

Does anyone have a portable on-deck shower for their pool? We are trying to find an option so that we can open the pool but not the entire locker room

01:10:09Dean Bowen

@David we are planning to utilize exit scans with our Fusion system. This will give us real time numbers for capacity that we can share with our campus community. We will be able to manually do this as well through the management program

01:10:52Deirdre Reich

Are patrons using restrooms to change clothes bc locker rooms are closed?

01:10:52Julie Gentry

The State of AR Dept. of Health specifies 12 ft between actively exercising patrons in indoor fitness facilities/gyms. No indoor basketball.

01:12:15Deirdre Reich

May be a dumb question but why are showers such a big risk?

01:12:29Laura Hall

I am also interested in how folks are handling climbing/bouldering - upon initial opening? secondary phases?

01:14:04Robb Bolton

park of the issue with locker rooms and showers is the inability to maintain physical distancing and people are not wearing masks in those areas

01:15:18Teri Bladen

Here's a link to some Climbing Wall info:


has an.,y

01:15:59Kenny Coppedge

How are you cleaning the wall? Foam spray? UV light?


has anyone had to re-close for any reason after reopening ?

01:17:16Stephanie Hoffman

We are purchasing an electrostatic sprayer to clean our wall. between reservation times

01:17:21Greta Giese

Not yet @Greg! Keeping our fingers crossed while following our policies

01:19:16Kenny Coppedge


01:20:04Manica Pierrette

For those doing temperature checks, but not requiring masks have you been discouraged from doing so since the staff will have to get close to the patron to scan them.

01:20:05Jeremy Chance - KU

@David - KU is very similar! Our University is developing an app, and if no symptoms/no contact with a positive test, it generates a barcode that will then have to be shown to a building monitor on campus. We may have our access control student position confirm those bar codes. I.e., show the "all-clear" barcode, then swipe through Fusion.

01:20:06Dean Bowen

Who is taking the temperatures for screenings? Pro staff? Health Services Staff?

01:22:33Andy Darling

CDC has training guidelines for staff to take temperatures. It's not very onerous to complete (not that I'm arguing that it's an effective measure but it's a state requirement for us).

01:23:21Kathryn Dunn

Andy Darling can you post the link to that?


thanks panel for leading the way! very useful and relevant info! stay healthy and safe all!

01:24:43Teri Bladen

Thanks everyone, this has been helpful.

01:24:46Ross Rodriguez - UT Austin

Good luck everyone! Thanks for organizing this, NIRSA!

01:24:49Deirdre Reich

Thank you!

01:24:50Bob Gough W&M

Thank you!

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